Top STEM Undergraduate Programs in 2022

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Science, Technology, Maths, Engineering. The core of our everyday lives, today’s technological advancements are the results of STEM graduates. With technology developing by leaps and bounds, STEM courses continue to be on demand, right from the undergraduate level.

If you are sure about your pursuit of the sciences but are not sure what to specialise in, this article is for you.

Top STEM Programs in 2022

  • Energy/ Petroleum EngineeringOne of the highest paid engineering disciplines, the field looks at the production and use of hydrocarbons. The goal is to extract maximum oil and gas and explore new ways of going so. While the world is moving towards renewable sources of energy, the demand for natural gas and petroleum continues to be at an all time high. Moreover, the discipline is also evolving to include alternative sources of energy to reduce the use of crude oil and is therefore at the threshold of innovation. Besides, as a career, it involves a lot fo travel, so you get to see the world.
  • Data SciencesToday’s market is governed by gigantic amounts of data. As a data scientist, you will be using cutting edge technology and principles of statistics to find patterns and draw insights from all kinds of data. You will learn the principles of data extraction, wrangling, processing, analysis and interpretation. The massive data explosion has resulted in the culmination of new technologies, smarter products and easier decision making processes.
  • Computer Networks and CybersecurityThe Internet is changing with Web3 and Blockchain, which means the world is in need of new professionals who specialise in the latest technology. Moreover, with the amount of transactions that take place online and the transfer of sensitive data, the demand for technologically sound cybersecurity experts is on the rise.
  • Robotics and AIWe are still a way away from building Terminator-esque robots that can take over the world. However, specialised robots are playing vital roles in manufacturing, healthcare, automation and so on. The field remains on the cusp of innovation, bringing together the finer points of engineering, physics and electronics. We are also at a time where AI is becoming all-pervasive. It is most likely that your skill and innovation will be snatched by prospective employers.
  • Actuarial Sciences Actuarial Science brings together the worlds of finance and technology. you get to assess financial risks using technology, maths and statistics. Used primarily in fields of Insurance and other markets with heavy volatility, you will be diving into the world of probability analyses to define, analyse and prepare for the financial impact of uncertain future events.
  • Material SciencesThe scope of a material science degree is immense for everything in the world is made of matter. An interdisciplinary field, you will learn the properties and the application of matter and its real life implications in different aspects of life and technology.
  • Biomedical EngineeringIn this domain, you learn to incorporate the principles of engineering and design to solve medical/ biological issues. A very application-heavy course, it integrates electrical, mechanical, chemical and life science principles to develop new healthcare tech. Recently, it also includes knowledge and the incorporation of AI to create specialised tech.
  • Climate Studies and Environmental Sciences If you are fashioning yourself as a green warrior, fighting to save our world from all the destruction that we have caused, then this is the option for you. While all of us do little things for the environment, this is the course you need to pursue if you intend to implement changes at the policy level. Integrating technology, international relations, economics and innovation, environmental sciences can be used in architecture, law, geology, manufacturing and so on.
  • Aerospace EngineeringConcerned with the design and development of aircrafts and spacecrafts, this a field that will never go out of fashion, in man’s quest to dominate the skies. Be it private research, government agencies or defence sectors, the demand of aerospace specialists is expected to increase this decade.
  • Software design and developmentAnother stream that will not go out of fashion is software design and development. With every industry becoming more automated, software developers are at the frontlines, making life as we know it digital. However you need to ensure that the course stays at the top of its game, updating its syllabus to include the latest developments in the field.

Top 10 Universities for STEM Courses, 2022

World Ranking University
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
2 University of Cambridge, U.K.
3 University of Oxford, U.K.
4 Nanyang Institute of Technology, Singapore
5 Stanford University, U.S.A.
6 ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
7 National University of Singapore (N.U.S.)
8 Imperial College, London
9 University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
10 Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Source: QS Rankings, 2022.

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