Top 8 MBA Colleges in Canada For Indian Students in 2022

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A professional degree such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can improve one’s potential to become a successful entrepreneur or an impactful leader. An MBA degree can create opportunities, help one to change career paths, develop entrepreneurial skills, and improve one’s connections within the industry.

But where one pursues the degree is even more important since different institutions have something unique to offer. It is essential to research various universities and the costs they can incur before an international student chooses to study abroad.

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What we cover in this article

What are the benefits of doing MBA in Canada for an Indian Student

An MBA is one of the most popular professional degrees globally for the sheer number of opportunities it manages to create for its graduates. It is one of the most inclusive graduate programs since anyone with a bachelor’s degree can pursue an MBA.

Canada is one of the most popular educational destinations globally as of 2022. Studying MBA from an international institution is an incredible investment for an Indian student due to the plethora of job opportunities. Although most MBA aspirants’ first choice for quality education would be the USA, the UK, or Australia, Canada has a better work culture, lower living costs, and top-class MBA universities when compared to the rest.

Top Sectors the hire MBA graduates from Canada

Canadian B-schools produce some of the best management professionals in the world and are, therefore, in huge demand. Indian students who have an MBA from Canada can find themselves working in various sectors, including –

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Business development
  • Supply chain management
  • Business operations

Top roles for MBA graduates from Canada

MBA graduates from Canada have some of the most diverse prospective career opportunities. Due to their skills and expertise, these students are in very high demand in Canada and internationally. Some of the most popular roles for MBA graduates from Canadian business schools are –

  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Data analysts
  • Private equity experts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Team leaders
  • Investment analysts
  • Marketing managers
  • HR managers
  • Management executives

Canada is home to some of the best higher educational institutions in the world, and is popular for providing education of the highest quality at an affordable cost. Moreover, Canada offers quality education which, combined with the country’s hospitality, is something that most international students look forward to experiencing.

Best Cities in Canada to Study MBA

  • Edmonton
  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Montréal
  • Kingston
  • Quebec City

The USA has many universities that offer quality MBA programs, but most of these programs are quite expensive, and the scope for work in the country for international students is on the lower end. However, Canada also hosts some of the best MBA programs in the world, which are also affordable to most students looking for global exposure.

Availing of a post-graduation work permit in Canada is also relatively easy compared to other developed countries. This means that most students who graduate from Canadian universities can easily find employment within the country!

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Top MBA Colleges for Indian Students in 2022

  • University of Toronto, Toronto

    The University of Toronto is the most prestigious institution in Canada and one of the top universities in the world due to its research-intensive culture. Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto has had a long history of imparting world-class education to Canadian and international students.

    The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is considered one of Canada’s best business schools. It is consistently among the top members of the global MBA rankings list. The Rotman School of Management offers several types of MBA courses, including a full-time MBA, morning and evening MBA, global Executive MBA for healthcare and the life sciences, Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA, and the one-year Executive MBA.

    About the full-time MBA program at Rotman

    The full-time two-year MBA program (16 months of academic study with a 4-month opportunity for paid internships) is offered by the Rotman School of Management. The program offers over 90 elective courses to develop specific skills to help get industry-ready.


    • The total academic fees for a full-time MBA at the Rotman School of Management for an international student is about CAD 133,740 (USD $104,639).
    • The living expenses for international students cost around CAD 19,656 – 27,556 annually.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • One must have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent from a recognized university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the final year.
    • Once accepted, official transcripts must be submitted directly by the institution one graduated from.
    • A GMAT or GRE is required for admission with the average GMAT score of most applicants being 678. If one’s undergraduate scores do not reflect one’s academic prowess very well, one must focus on getting better GMAT or GRE scores.
    • A TOEFL or IELTS is required to showcase English language proficiency. However, if a student from India has graduated from an English-language university, they do not have to submit further proof.
    • Work experience and a letter of recommendation can go a long way, especially if one is applying for joint and combined degrees.
    • Admission interviews, including essay and video interviews and interviews by invitation, are the other requirements to get admitted to the Rotman School of Management.

    Career prospects

    According to official statistics from 2020, 89% of full-time MBA graduates were placed by the end of the year with an average total salary of CAD 112, 897! An MBA from the Rotman School of Management would help those who are curious to learn more about management and possess keen business acumen.

  • University of Alberta, Edmonton

    The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s top institutions that is also one of the best research-oriented universities in the world. It is a public university that was established in 1908 in Edmonton and has since produced scores of prodigious students.

    The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta is one of the world’s leading B-schools that has been consistently ranked among the top 10 business programs in Canada. The school offers several MBA courses, including full-MBA, part-time MBA, online MBA, FastTrack MBA, and Executive MBA.

    About the full-time MBA program at AlbertaThe full-time two-year MBA program at the Alberta School of Business is a 20 (60-credit) course program. After the first year, students have the option to complete a summer internship to gain first-hand experience about how organizations work. The program offers students the opportunity to customize their programs by selecting career tracks, including energy finance, public sector, healthcare, strategy and consulting, innovation and entrepreneurship, and operations and business analytics.


    • The total program fees at the Alberta School of Business for international students are around CAD 60,000.
    • Living expenses for international students can come up to CAD 21,000-28,640 annually.
    • The school provides scholarships in various capacities to academically brilliant international students that require financial assistance.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • To get admitted into the Alberta School of Business for its full-time MBA program, students must have completed their undergraduate degree from a recognized university with a GPA of 3.0. The average GPA of most students in the full-time MBA program is 3.35.
    • Good GRE or GMAT scores are also essential.
    • For non-native English-speaking international students, an English language proficiency test, including TOEFL or IELTS is necessary.
    • Professional work experience, two letters of reference, admission interviews, a statement of purpose (SOP) letter, and a statement of intent letter form the criteria for admission.

    Career prospects

    The Alberta School of Business looks to admit students who are academically exceptional and demonstrate great leadership qualities.

    Over 94% of MBA graduates from the Alberta School of Business have been successfully employed within 3 months of graduation. The average salary of an MBA graduate from the Alberta School of business is CAD 79,000.

    With ample exposure to different industries and the way businesses work through various internship opportunities and collaborations, the international students of the Alberta School of Business can expect to land their dream jobs in Canada or in other economically powerful countries.

  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver

    Established in 1915, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is a world-renowned university known for excellence in teaching, learning, and research. UBC has been ranked number two in Canada among higher education and research institutions.UBC is one of three Canadian institutions featured in the top 50 world university rankings curated by the Time Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.

    Over 20% of students studying at UBC’s Kelowna campus and over 27% of the students from the Vancouver campus are from outside Canada, indicating the university’s openness to accepting international students.

    The Robert H.Lee Graduate School at the Sauder School of Business was established in 2006 to deliver various graduate programs.

    About the full-time MBA program at SauderThe full-time two-year MBA program offered by the Sauder School of Business,’ Robert H. Lee Graduate School spans over 16 months. With 4 different career tracks to personalize one’s graduate experience, the school offers a platform for students to grow through experiential learning and develop leadership skills. The mandatory 2-week Global Immersion Experience that allows full-time MBA students to spend time abroad makes the program unique in the world of business and management. The Sauder School of Business is also part of an elite partnership known as the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) that the Yale School of Management heads. It is worth noting that Sauder is the only Canadian institution to participate in this network.


    • For international students, the first-year fee for the full-time MBA program is CAD 67, 541. The total program fee for international students is CAD 90,055.
    • Students will also have to pay CAD 1057 a year in student fees and CAD 264 for the extended health plan.
    • If admitted, students will have to deposit CAD 5,000 to accept the offer.
    • Living expenses for international students can come up to CAD 17, 366 annually.
    • Applicants will have a variety of options for funding, including program funding packages, employer support, scholarships, and financial aid, among others.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • International students who are looking to study at the Sauder School of Business will need to have an undergraduate degree with a B+ average from a recognized university.
    • Academic requirements include mail transcripts, degree certificates, and translations.
    • Applicants who have already completed an MBA program are not eligible to apply to the school.
    • Students must also have the minimum required GRE or GMAT scores of 155 or 550, respectively (320 or 650 on the GRE or GMAT scores have been recommended).
    • Applicants are also required to clear an English proficiency test, including TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, or PTE.
    • A minimum of two years of full-time professional experience.

    Career prospects

    The school looks to admit students who demonstrate vision and leadership qualities and have industry experience. Over 79% of MBA students from the school were employed within 90 days of graduating, with a mean salary of CAD 89,681!

    Some of the most popular organizations to have hired graduates from the Sauder School of Business include Lululemon, Amazon, Telus, CIBC, and Nestle, among others.

  • McGill University, Montréal

    McGill University is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education and research in Canada and a leading university globally. Founded in 1821, the public university is known for its teaching excellence and research facilities.

    With an international student population of over 31%, McGill University is one of Canada’s most welcoming universities for non-Canadian students.

    The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is consistently ranked amongst the world’s top business schools. McGill offers several MBA courses full-time MBA, Executive MBA, and joint MBA law.

    About the full-time MBA program at Desautels

    The full-time MBA at the Desautels Faculty of Management has two offerings in terms of program duration. The one-year program, known as the MBA general, is designed to include 48 credits and it can be completed in 12 months. The two-year program, known as the MBA Internship, has 54 credits, and it can be completed in 20 months.

    The two-year program also includes a summer internship that students can complete any time after the core. A one-week workshop known as the base camp is organized for all applicants to ensure that everyone starts on the same level of competency where they are taught business math and financial accounting. Students can also choose from over 50 electives to customize their MBA program to suit their requirements and skills better. Students may also pursue an independent research project with a faculty member.


    • The tuition fee for international students is around CAD 99,500.
    • International students’ living expenses annually are estimated to be around CAD 22, 695.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Applicants are required to have at least two years of professional experience.
    • They are also expected to complete and submit either GRE or GMAT scores.
    • Applicants from universities where English was not the language of instruction need to complete IELTS or TOEFL.
    • Essays, statements of intent, and letters of reference are also required and are carefully assessed by the admissions committee.
    • Qualified applicants must sit for an interview (by invitation only) with panel members from the Desautels Faculty of Management.

    Career prospects

    The Desautels Faculty of Management assigns students to full-time career coaches upon commencement of the MBA program to help the former to understand where their strengths lie and to begin working towards a particular career path from the beginning.

    Over 91% of students found employment within 90 days of graduation with an average salary of CAD 93,389. Some of the most popular organizations to have hired graduates from the school include ABB, Google, KPMG, PwC, Facebook, and Ubisoft, among others.

  • York University, Toronto

    York University is one of the largest universities in Canada and has been recognized as the global leader in terms of research and development. Recently, York University reached the world’s top 35 in Times Higher Education rankings for meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals.

    York University’s Schulich School of Business has been ranked as the best B-School in Canada by Corporate Knights, Forbes & CNN Expansion. The school offers MBA courses such as
    full-time MBA, part-time MBA, accelerated MBA, International MBA, MBA India, MBA/Juris Doctor, MBA/MFA/MA, and Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA.

    About the full-time MBA program at SchulichThe full-time MBA program at the Schulich School of Business spans over 20 months and has 33 core courses credit and 27 elective credits. The program offers 17 specializations so that students can gain expertise in the area that they are interested in pursuing. Students can switch between part-time and full-time based on their needs during the program.


    • The graduate tuition fee for the Schulich School of Business’s MBA program costs about CAD 28,057 per term for international students.
    • The total supplementary fees per term for international students is CAD 476.
    • Living expenses for international students for a period of 4 months in Toronto have been estimated to be CAD 8,669.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • An undergraduate degree from a recognized university with a minimum B+ average in the last two full years of academic work.
    • Relevant professional experience is required.
    • Students are also expected to complete and submit their GRE or GMAT scores.
    • Applicants from universities where English was not the language of instruction need to complete IELTS or TOEFL.
    • The online application that needs to be submitted includes essays, a resume, two letters of reference, and unofficial copies of transcripts from previously attended universities.

    Career prospects

    The Schulich School of Business has an in-house team of career coaches who provide individual mentoring and coaching to help students. The program produces graduates who possess great communication, analytical, leadership, and interpersonal skills that recruiters highly value.

    The MBA program can also help students prepare for CFA. 88% of students were hired within 90 days of graduation with an average salary of CAD 94,200. Popular organizations that have hired MBA graduates from the Schulich School of Business include Amazon, Deloitte, IBM, P&G, and CIBC, among others.

  • Queen’s University, Kingston

    Established in 1841, Queen’s University is one of Canada’s oldest institutions and one of its best. It has been ranked 7th on the Times Higher Education Impact rankings list. The university is home to students from across 125 countries, keeping up with the hospitable spirit of Canada.

    The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is world-renowned for its excellence and leadership in business education and research. The school also has exchange partnerships with over 100 business schools worldwide. The Smith School of Business offers MBA courses, including
    full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Executive MBA Americas, and accelerated MBA for business graduates. About the full-time MBA program at SmithThe full-time MBA program at the Smith School of Business has been recognized as the best global program by various agencies. The program has 6 specializations students can choose from to personalize their degree.

    Students can choose from 5 double degree programs to gain expertise beyond a conventional MBA degree. An integrated team project that students will be a part of in the first year will allow students to work with small-to-medium enterprises.


    • An international student at the Smith School of Business will have to pay CAD 104,100 as fees for the MBA program.
    • It is also estimated that the cost of living for an international student might hover around CAD 18,000-20,000.
    • The school offers several financing options and scholarships for students who require it.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • One will need to have relevant full-time professional experience.
    • Applicants are required to submit their application forms, resumes, official transcripts, GRE or GMAT scores, TOEFL or IELTS scores, cover letters, two professional references, video questions, and written responses, and attend an interview (by invitation only).
    • International students will also need to apply for a Canadian study permit (student visa) to study in Canada.

    Career prospects

    Over 98% of students found employment opportunities within 90 days of graduating from the Smith School of Business’s MBA program with an average compensation of CAD 120,852.

    Students may begin working in professional roles, including CFA, project management professional, and certified management consultant, while enrolled in the program. Top recruiters include PwC, Kearney, Gartner, Deloitte, and Cisco, among others.

  • Université de Montréal, Montréal

    The Université de Montréal is ranked 4th among the best universities in Canada and is one of the world’s leading research universities. The university is part of the U15 group, a group of Canadian research-intensive universities.

    The university is Canada’s third most international university due to the many international students studying on campus.HEC Montréal offers internationally acclaimed management education and research programs. The school offers over 60 programs, including courses such as full-time MBA and Executive MBA.

    About the full-time MBA program at HEC Montréal. The full-time MBA course at HEC Montréal offers 54 credits that cover cutting-edge management tools and practices. Students can also choose from 9 courses to customize the program according to their requirements. An MBA+ is also available for those students who would like to learn French to improve their chances of landing a job in Montréal.


    • International students will have to pay CAD 54,000 until summer 2022 and CAD 59,000 from fall 2022.
    • HEC Montréal offers scholarships and financial assistance to international students.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Undergraduate degree from a recognized university.
    • Professional experience of at least 3 years.
    • Applicants must have cleared GRE, GATE, or TAGE MAGE.
    • Applicants must produce proof of English language proficiency (list of language requirements given here, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, SAT, or CAMBRIDGE English language assessment test).
    • Submit supporting documents, including official transcripts, photocopies of diplomas, resume, four video essays, letters of recommendation, and proof of compliance.

    Career prospects

    90% of HEC Montréal MBA graduates were employed within 90 days of graduation with an average salary of CAD 90, 754.

    The MBA program provides the necessary skills and training to those looking for career advancements. It can also improve one’s connections in the industry and help one to prepare for real-world challenges.

  • University of Western Ontario, London

    Western University is one of Canada’s top-ranking research-intensive universities and is ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide. The university hosts students from over 128 countries worldwide, bringing together various cultures and perspectives.

    Western University’s Ivey Business School is Canada’s leading case-based business education provider. Students develop relevant skills and acquire global perspectives about the world of business.. Applicants who seek MBA admissions at The Ivey Business School are offered a variety of choices, including full-time MBA, accelerated MBA, Executive MBA, and MBA for direct HBAs.

    About the full-time MBA program at Ivey Business School. Ivey’s full-time MBA is a 12-month program that follows a case-study method to train its students. The program even includes international study trips and exchange programs. The program also encourages students to work on real-world projects and to choose electives across 5 focused areas that can sharpen specific skills required for their careers.


    • The tuition fee for international students is CAD 123,500 annually.
    • Living expenses may come up to CAD 2900 a month.
    • MBA application fee of CAD 150.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • A minimum of 2 years of full-time professional experience.
    • An undergraduate degree with a “B” average in the last two years.
    • Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.
    • GMAT or GRE scores, resume, two professional references, duly-filled online application, and TOEFL or IELTS score.

    Career prospects

    96% of all students from the Ivey Business School received job offers within 90 days of graduation, with an average salary of CAD 108,000! Candidates with exceptional leadership skills, noteworthy personal achievements, and a passion for business management may apply to the school.

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