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About Malaysia

Malaysia is a politically sound and geographically safe country, free from natural disasters. With its modern infrastructure and efficient transportation system, Malaysia makes a safe and comfortable place to live and study.

The quality of educational institutions in Malaysia is monitored by the Malaysian government enforcement of legislation such as The Education Act, 1996, the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act, 1996 and The Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007. The Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) provides guidelines and constant monitoring to ensure colleges and universities meet the highest standards in education and are internationally recognized.

Study in Malaysia

Institutions of higher learning in Malaysia provide professional, career-focused education offering courses that are up-to-date and market relevant. Graduates from Malaysia have no problems finding employment back in their home country. International students can also get an accredited degree from many choices of world-renowned universities from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand through their twinning programs or branch campuses in Malaysia.

Added to this is the fact that, thanks to the country’s strategic location, there are many great-travel places within your reach while studying in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s law allows holders of student pass or permit to work while studying. This enables students to supplement their living and earn extra pocket money for travelling and leisure activities. Students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

International students should not have any problems studying in Malaysia, as English is the primary medium of instruction for all courses and study programs conducted at the private higher educational institutions. For those less proficient in the language, there are numerous schools and institutions offering basic English courses.

Students studying in Malaysia will get to experience living in a plural and multicultural society. The ethnic diversities of Malaysia expose students to a value-added life, global outlook and better understanding of different cultures, ethnic groups and traditions throughout the world. There are three major races in Malaysia namely the Malays, Chinese and Indians together with other ethnic minorities. Apart from mixing with Malaysian students, international students are also exposed to other students from different nationalities.

Malaysia is an increasingly popular place to get tertiary education with more than 95,000 international students from over 100 countries studying in Malaysia. It is the center of academic and higher education excellence in the region.

It is recommended that students aspiring to study abroad take a deep dive into the entire journey, from the preparation, the courses and the admission process, to the paperwork and the visas.

Check out also the main reasons to study abroad.

Why study in Malaysia?

Here are some reasons, why study in Malaysia:
  • Courses ranked among the top 100 in the world for Computer Science & Engineering
  • Ranked 16th among the world’s Safest Countries
  • Modern Campuses with Agile Infrastructure and Strong Digital Infrastructure
  • Recognizes Chinese Education, Tamil Education, Methodist Education, English education and Islamic Education as part of mainstream education.
  • 20 hours per week Part-time Work permitted.
  • Asia-Pacific Headquarters of Companies such as CIMB Holdings, Maybank, Genting Group, Petronas
  • Part-time Work Opportunities during Studies

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Top Courses in Malaysia

    Top Courses in Malaysia Price Range
    Information Technology RM30,000-RM60,000
    Business Management RM29,000- RM54,000
    Financial Services 14,000 - 42,000
    Engineering RM30,000-RM75,000
    Accounting RM20,000- RM50,000
    Communications 18,000 - 45,000

Malaysia : Industry and Economic Outlook


Malaysia is considered an Asian Powerhouse for the export of hi-tech products. In Demand Job Sectors(IT& software development, business development and sales executives)

In Demand Job Sectors

Skill Shortages (Information Technology, Medical professionals, educators)

Market Status

One of Asia’s advanced economies with one of the most developed infrastructure, Malaysia is a large exporter and a regional leader in manufacturing high tech products, Petroleum & natural gases.

Quick facts


Avg Living costs / per year

21,000 per year


Avg Tuition fee per year

10,000 to 35,000 per year


Indian Students (annually)



International students (annually)



Average graduate incomes/ year

RM18000 to RM43000 OR INR3,00,000 to INR7,50,000 per year


Migration possibility ( yes or no )

YES (moderate)



April, June and November


Scholarships available (yes or no)


Global Ed Process

Malaysia FAQ

Let us now find the top 5 reasons why it has become students' favorite place.
  • It is Asia's developing Higher Education Hub.
  • There are many great Malaysian universities, which prove they are the best in the world.
  • There is no language barrier. People living there easily understand and speak English.
  • No need of spending a higher amount for a high quality of life.
The country always welcomes socializing and gives an example of good culture. Malaysia is an increasingly popular place to get tertiary education with more than 95,000 international students from over 100 countries studying in Malaysia. It is the center of academic and higher education excellence in the region. The cost of living is also very low. International students should not have any problems studying in Malaysia as English is the primary medium of Instruction for all courses and study programs conducted at the private higher educational institutions. International students studying in Malaysia will get to experience living in a plural and multicultural society.
International Student life in Malaysia can be an amazing experience due to many advantages that students get to enjoy, including the low-cost living, diversity in culture and food, and even the weather. Other advantages would also include the ease of travelling to nearby countries and experiencing South Asia and convenience of language as English is widely spoken. As an international student, the application process can often be lengthy and exhausting. However, the process to enter Malaysia as an international student is surprisingly straightforward and simple. Once you’re an international student in Malaysia, you’ll be sharing your student experience with 122,000 other international students from over 160 countries. As for your student application, Excel Education can help you through the process and give you the best options for your academic decisions. Some of the other advantages of studying in Malaysia include the relatively affordable cost of living that allows international students to gain ample time to enjoy, travel and experience a great side of independent life. In Malaysia, students can enjoy a meal at under $4 which really helps save costs. For individuals residing in cold countries, Malaysia is the best place to study. In this tropical climate, the weather in Malaysia is the same all year round so the sun shines bright everyday. This allows students to always be on the move and travel whenever they want to. The English literacy rate is relatively very commendable in Malaysia as the majority of the public is able to speak English and communicate efficiently with tourists and international students. As a tourist destination, English is also focused on during the course of your education and can actually help enhance international students English fluency.   Malaysian universities are internationally recognised. Universiti Malaya (UM) is placed at number 65 in 2022 QS World University Rankings. Another three local private universities that they represent are UCSI University, Taylor’s University and Multimedia University (MMU) are also ranked in the system.
As the jobs landscape evolves, keeping track of the latest trends and demands in the workplace is essential to ensure you earn a spot in the working world when you graduate. With technology continuously improving in Malaysia, some of the in-demand engineering jobs include civil engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, electrical / electronics engineer, mechatronics engineer, mining engineer and research and development manager. The information and communication technology (ICT) sector is growing in Malaysia, which spells opportunity for skilled graduates in this field with jobs, including systems analyst, software developer, applications programmer, database administrator and network engineer. Despite a large number of graduates in this field, companies are reporting a shortage of business professionals with relevant working experience. Some of the top occupations in the field are sales and marketing manager, purchasing manager, policy and planning manager, production manager, financial analyst and business development manager. While Malaysia has many medical graduates, we are still facing a shortage of specialist doctors. There are some 13,000 specialist doctors in the country to meet our population of over 32 million, which is not enough to meet the country’s medical needs. Specialists are needed in areas including adolescent medicine, paediatric rheumatology, intensive care medicine, urogynaecology and forensic psychiatry. More accountants are needed for Malaysia’s economic expansion activities — in fact, an estimated 60,000 professional accountants are needed by 2020. Additionally, businesses are seeking accountancy graduates to fulfill the various functions in different departments, opting for candidates who are versatile and adept in other areas of businesses in addition to finance and accountancy.

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