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About Denmark

Denmark is a nation in northern Europe. It comprises the Jutland Peninsula and more than 400 islands in the North Sea. Multiple times the size of Massachusetts, Denmark is a part of the Scandinavian countries. Its territory is, for the most part, level with tenderly moving slopes. Denmark has a long coastline with numerous tidal ponds, bays, and gulfs. No part of Denmark is in excess of 32 miles (67 kilometers) from the ocean.

In spite of the fact that Denmark is in northern Europe, the warm waters of the Gulf Stream make the atmosphere gentle. The people of Denmark are known as Danes. They are Nordic Scandinavians, a significant number of whom are blue-eyed and tall. In the southern part of the country, a few people have German parentage, as it borders with Germany in the south.

Danes have perhaps the second best quality of living on the planet. Every single Danish family gets over $1,500 every year for every child under 18 years of age. The capital city of Copenhagen is home to more than 1 million people. Danes frequently ride bikes as a type of transportation.

Open sandwiches called smørrebrød are a run-of-the-mill Danish lunch. These sandwiches are made of cold cuts and cheddar, which is spread on a bit of dul and rye bread.

Denmark’s geographical location makes it an easy entry to other Scandinavian nations and the remainder of Europe. Berlin is only an hour’s flight away. London and Paris can be reached in under two hours. What’s more, Barcelona, Rome, Vienna and Prague are only a couple of hours’ flight away.

Christianity has formed Denmark’s way of life. Most Danish urban areas offer many holy places that incorporate the Lutheran Evangelical state church just as Catholic and Pentecostal gatherings.

It is recommended that students aspiring to study abroad take a deep dive into the entire journey, from the preparation, the courses and the admission process, to the paperwork and the visas.

Why study in Denmark?

  • A world class education infrastructure with universities boasting high exchange rates
  • A scholarship fund providing financial assistance to a host of international students from various origins
  • An English-speaking country with most courses taught entirely in English
  • Affordable cost of higher education as compared to other European countries
  • Students are involved in a host of social and cultural activities
  • Affordable living costs for international students
  • Voted the 2nd happiest country in the world
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Top Courses in Denmark

    Computer Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 75000-120,000
    Data Analytics 90,000 – 100,000
    Business Administration 65000-95000
    Environmental Sciences 110,000 – 119,000
    Legal Studies 50000-110000

Denmark : Industry and Economic Outlook

In Demand sectors

  • Building
  • Education
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Radiographer
  • IT consultant
  • Primary and secondary school teachers
  • Psychologist
  • Civil, energy & electrical engineering
  • Doctors/Medical Practices

Skill Shortages

  • Dentists
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • IT and Technological Applications
  • Medicine & Healthcare

Quick facts


Avg Living costs / per year

DKK85,000- DKK100,000


Avg Tuition Fee/Year

DKK45000 to DKK140,000


Indian students

2000+ annually


International students

48000+ annually


Avg graduate
incomes / Per month

DKK30,000 to DKK50,000


Migration possibility




February (Spring) and September (Autumn)


Scholarships Available


Global Ed Process

Denmark FAQ

Denmark is a place that is known for old lords and old customs going back to the early Vikings, who controlled the terrains for quite a while in the past. Many still follow some old Nordic traditions. Undergrad studies in Denmark propel students to greater heights since the country is known for both its academic framework as well as a high social lifestyle allowing students to network and expand their horizons on a holistic level.

These are only a couple of the numerous reasons why you should concentrate in Denmark.

1. You will be a part of an excellent educational ecosystem

An exceptional thing about Danish educational system is that they are universally situated and consolidate education with research. Moreover, students are allowed to explore the possibilities to associate themselves with research organizations to increase their knowledge and experience which could further convert into full-time employment prospects.

What's more, probably the best projects you can consider for your Bachelor's are:

  • Bachelors in Business
  • Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Bachelors in Engineering
  • Bachelors in Social Sciences
  • Bachelors in Arts and Architecture

Colleges utilize an amigo framework, allocating another understudy to welcome you and assist you with settling at your college, meet different understudies and give you practical and helpful tips.

2. You'll have a 'social' student life

Danish colleges truly believe in advancing social connections. If you do go to Denmark, you can expect social gatherings loaded up with social exercises. Add to that the Friday Bars which are themed parties organized by the colleges themselves.

3. Quality of life!

Denmark has a one-of-a-kind food culture, including some American and Italian influence. Picking a Danish college for your advanced education could be the beginning of your most energizing excursion yet. Danish is the national language, however English and German are also broadly spoken. The nation is additionally positioned as one of the best five most secure nations on the planet and flaunts a highly efficient and pocket friendly transportation system.

4. You'll realize what fulfills you!

The Danes came second as indicated by the World Happiness Report. Be that as it may, being the second most joyful nation in our reality really sounds extraordinary. In addition, this little change in positioning comes after years wherein Denmark leads this top. What will make your days more splendid in Denmark? It is social help, not hesitating to settle on your own life decisions and a culture of offering back to other people which makes it hard not to like Denmark.

5. Astonishing natural life and scenes

Not at all like numerous European nations where natural life is contracting to make space for a greater amount of us, in Denmark you can find the opportunity to see elks, hogs, wolves, and earthy colored bears, hares, hedgehogs and foxes.

In case you’re not a fan of wildlife, you get a chance to appreciate some of the astonishing scenes on this planet from the coastlines to forests, mountains and islands. The experience of looking at the Black Sun is one of a kind.

Underneath, we have separated the main five colleges in Denmark, as indicated by the QS World University Rankings 2021, to enable you to choose where in Denmark you should contemplate.

You can discover more insights concerning the system behind the world college rankings here.

1.University of Copenhagen

Rising seven spots to 76th in 2021, and by ending up as the winner in Denmark, is the University of Copenhagen. The University of Copenhagen gains an ideal score in the faculty undergrad proportion marker, and nine Nobel Prizes have been granted to specialists at the college.

Built in 1479 by King Christian the first, the University of Copenhagen utilized research-based education to set up its 39,000 understudies. Moreover, the college is home to one of the world's greenest grounds.

2. Specialized University of Denmark

In runner up we have the Technical University of Denmark, rising nine spots to 103rd place in the current year's positioning. The college performs well in the vast majority of the pointers, especially the faculty undergrad proportion marker (positioning 25th on the planet) and worldwide faculty (62nd). This mirrors the college's capacity to pull in and hold great employees.

The Technical University of Denmark courses in general, specialized and environmental sciences find themselves positioned 45th in global rankings and have worldwide acceptance.

3. Aarhus University

Aarhus University is positioned at 147th in the world. The college acquired a high score in the worldwide faculty score this year and around 12 percent of the college's 40,000 understudies are global, belonging to more than 120 nationalities.

Aarhus University centers around research-based learning, with the college's examination yield famous around the globe. The school performs well over a scope of subjects in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020, especially Archeology, where it is ranked 27th in the world.

4. Aalborg University

In fourth spot we have Aalborg University, climbing 19 spots on the global college positioning this year to arrive at a joint 305th. One of the college's most elevated scores this year is for the worldwide faculties score. Also, 15 percent of the college's understudy populace are global understudies.

Despite the fact that its primary grounds is situated in Aalborg, Aalborg University has grounds over a few Danish urban communities, including Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen. The college offers understudies a genuine way to deal with learning, upheld with world-class research.

5. College of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark is at a joint 353rd this year, subsequent to rising four spots in global rankings. The college gains its most elevated score in the universal understudies marker, with one out of five of its understudies originating from outside Denmark. The University of Southern Denmark assists understudies with transferable skills which can be of great assistance in their professional aspirations

The college has grounds in a few urban areas across Denmark, including Odense, Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg, Sønderborg and Copenhagen.

As a rule you can take advanced education courses in case you're 18 or older. They are widely instructed in universities where students can aspire to develop a wide scope of skills in the form of certificates, degrees and post-advanced studies

Denmark's advanced education gets accentuation on a specialized advanced education through college learning. The greater part of the Danish colleges likewise offers quality universal courses.

Denmark is one of the nations in the EU that spends the most on advanced education. Regardless of whether in the city of Aarhus, Copenhagen, Flensburg, Køge, Roskilde or Sønderborg, colleges in Denmark offer an assorted scope of coursework to enhance the impact of learning. Bachelor programs in Denmark have something to offer for each sort of understudy.

Danish advanced education foundations cater to all kinds of interests and purposes a wide range of subjects that an understudy may be keen on. Some of the advanced courses available to international students include economic and business studies, humanities, life and health sciences and engineering. Denmark receives a large number of applications for their business programs.

Denmark allows free entry to citizens of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden to study and work. They don't require visas, residence or work permits.

Citizens from EU/EEA/Swiss can work in Denmark without a work permit. As per the EU regulations, they are protected under free movement and services. However, they are required to obtain a registration certificate for stays extending past 3 months and the application must be done within three months of entry.

Citizens from Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Nations require a work permit in Denmark. Students can enjoy the validity of their residential permit for six additional months post completion of their program. Students can use this time to seek employment opportunities. The extension of a student permit for six months is subject to application.

A decent work-life balance is critical to the Danes so it's nothing unexpected that the nation is routinely named as one of the best and most joyful places to live. Denmark’s casual working society is one of the reasons why it's the second happiest nation on Earth, as per the World Happiness Report 2019. It's additionally the place to go in case you're looking for 'hygge', the particularly Danish idea of comfort and harmony.

Denmark due to its geographical location has proven to be a major distribution and logistics player for Europe in recent years. It has been the source of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, iron and steel, apparel and materials of technological significance.

The Danish work power is at present facing a skills shortage in specific areas, like - construction, IT, medication and human services divisions. Occupations sought after incorporate structure, vitality and electrical architects, clinical specialists, emergency clinic specialists, dental specialists and drug specialists. The administration keeps up a Positive List of deficiency occupations - in the event that you have the correct capabilities to fill any of the jobs that show up on this rundown, you should get making sure about a line of work moderately basic.

You may at first battle to discover work in Denmark - there are typically a high number of uses per opening and managers in the nation organize Danish candidates over those from abroad. Notwithstanding, there are various things you can do as a worldwide specialist to reinforce your application.

You may profit by expanding your perspectives. In case you're willing to drive, or utilize your aptitudes in positions you haven't recently thought of, you'll free yourself up to more openings for work. For instance, going after a position in a division that is encountering aptitudes deficiencies can improve your odds of making sure about work.

At long last, note that online networking instruments, especially LinkedIn, are large in Denmark. You can utilize them to construct associations and hotshot your most important abilities and experience, and you're bound to get a new line of work if your online nearness is cleaned. See work chasing and web based life for more data.

There are a lot of chances for occasional work in Denmark's traveler segment in the bars, lodgings and clubs of Copenhagen and different urban areas. There's no official application process for these sorts of jobs, so have a go at moving toward foundations legitimately to find openings.

On the other hand, in case you're ready to monetarily bolster yourself you could participate in some type of volunteer work/internships. English residents can apply for chipping in arrangements with Concordia, a plan giving open doors in various territories including celebration and ecological work, remodel and working with older and impaired individuals from the network.

Most of Danish temporary jobs are situated in Copenhagen, which is home to numerous enormous organizations. You can look for paid entry level positions in Denmark at:

  • GoAbroad
  • iAgora

On the off chance that you are a non-EU resident who requires a visa to enter Denmark, it is conceivable to acquire a living arrangement and permits so as to take up a temporary job of as long as a year and a half, subject to specific conditions and relying upon the activity area you are keen on.

Entry prerequisites shift contingent upon university and program. There are a couple of constants which can be identified: Undergrad programs

For admission to an undergraduate program, you will require declarations of earlier academic capabilities, complete with unique stamps and marks. Academic qualifications from different nations are normally accepted. To improve your application you should evaluate how your capabilities compare to Danish ones. You may likewise have the option to advise how your early education analyzes to the Danish framework by doing an exchange on credits. Non-EU understudies might be required to take a placement test.

Postgraduate programs

To set out on a Master's program in Denmark, a Bachelor's that is pertinent to your picked topic is required. For admission to a PhD, you ordinarily need to have a perceived Master's. Now and again, a more drawn out four-year PhD program is offered to students who have a Bachelor's qualification in addition to one year of postgraduate studies.

Confirmation of language capability

Since Denmark is a nation with a moderately modest number of local speakers, numerous projects in Danish colleges are educated in English. Entry onto these courses requires confirmation of a significant level of English. Candidates to undergrad and postgraduate programs must demonstrate capability practically identical to 'English B' in the Danish auxiliary educational system as a base. Capability is controlled by worldwide language tests TOEFL and IELTS. In the event that you wish to attempt your degree in Danish, you should demonstrate your capability in Danish by taking the 'Danish as a Foreign Language' test (Studieprøven I dansk som andetsprog) or 'Danish Test 2' (Danskprøve 2).

The most effective method to apply:


For those applying to contemplate a Bachelor's qualification beginning toward the start of the scholarly year (August/September), the cutoff time for affirmations is March. A number of foundations have the alternative for students to initiate their course part- way during that time toward the beginning of the spring semester (January/February), in which case the cutoff time for applications is September. Applications are submitted to the national acceptance site as opposed to singular establishments. Cutoff times for applications to postgraduate investigation may fluctuate as programs are controlled by singular organizations.

Denmark is an incredible decision for international students. They get SU, 5500–6000 DKK, every month for working 10 hours per week, and educational cost is borne by the legislature. There are networking opportunities that are exceptionally useful to students with lodging and employment. Schools in Denmark are exceptional and you might find that the teaching pedagogy is alluring. Further, Denmark was chosen the second happiest place to live in April 2019.

It has a one of a kind food culture including some American and Italian impacts. Aside from this, it has remarkable untamed life and different topography. From a planned economy to revived littler urban areas, Denmark is the perfect spot for a student looking for academics, culture, food and history. Picking a Danish college for your advanced education could be the beginning of your most energizing excursion yet.

Danish is the national language, however English and German are likewise broadly spoken. All things considered, you can hope to get by in English. Krone is Denmark's currency. The nation is additionally positioned as one of the best five most secure nations on the planet and flaunts a profoundly proficient open transportation system.

In case you're studying in Copenhagen, for instance, you'll realize that the capital is separated into zones. International students will discover studying in Denmark alluring the same number of their courses are universally perceived and of high caliber. Denmark has more than 600 projects that are instructed in English.

A portion of the nation's top universities are the University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, which are positioned individually in the QS World University Rankings 2021.

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