Web3 and Blockchain: Courses and Careers

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It is natural that jobs go where the money is. Right now, money is in crypto and blockchain management. So it comes as no surprise that the current class of business students is choosing Web3 careers over the more traditional Wall Street and other finance jobs. So, in this article, we will be looking at:

An overview of Web3:

So, the version of the internet that we are used to is Web 2.0. It gave you the scope to create content, interact with it and generate data on a much larger scale. However, most of this data is controlled by Big Tech: Google, Amazon, Meta, Apple, and Microsoft. Web3’s goal is to decentralise the nodes in technology and provide a more robust user experience. With blockchain tech at its centre, Web3 will enable collaboration over competition. Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and NFTs with the latest AI systems will decentralise and democratise the internet as we know it. Read more about Web3 and how it will change the world in our previous article.

Courses on Crypto

Up until a few years ago, students who signed up for courses on cryptocurrency did so purely out of curiosity or even a healthy dose of skepticism. But since the explosion of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the number of students who choose to study cryptocurrency specifically or blockchain tech, in general, has skyrocketed. And this is not happening just out of academic curiosity but also because more career opportunities are opening up in the industry.

Typically, young learners find their passion for crypto on their own. Blockchain clubs, online portals, and YouTube videos seem to be the biggest source of information. And, for the most part, the blockchain world does not seem to care where you are from, as long as you know what you are doing. However, with more career opportunities opening up, more schools are offering courses. CoinDesk, a website devoted to crypto news published a list of universities that offer courses on Blockchain. Here are the top ten.

  • National University of Singapore
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Zurich
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • UCL, London
  • Tsinghua University
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • ETH, Zurich

You can check out the entire list, here.

Careers in Crypto

There are over 12,000 crypto jobs that are open across top startups, unicorns and big tech companies. While some of them are from crypto-specific companies, other tech companies are looking for NFT experts and Web3 enthusiasts. The traditional banking and finance guys like JP Morgan and others are expanding operations to include blockchain transactions. The sheer excitement of new technology will keep this domain flourishing for the next few years. By then, cryptocurrency would have filtered into everyday life.

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Here are some careers we expect to boom in 2022:

  • Blockchain Engineer: The architects of the blockchain universe, blockchain engineers are responsible for building digital solutions depending on the need of a client. You will need to know the various blockchain technologies and programming languages like Java, C+, APL, Python, and others.
  • Crypto Analyst: For any nascent field, the role of a research analyst is integral. As a research analyst, you will be needed to keep up to date with the latest developments in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Your research will also be used to educate people about crypto investments and blockchain functionality. You can also specialize in analysing pricing, demands, and the trading of cryptocurrencies by studying the entire digital currencies market.
  • Project Manager: With more blockchain tech opportunities, it is natural that there is a need for blockchain project managers with technical expertise.
  • Blockchain web developers: True to the goals of Web3, as a blockchain web developer, you will write codes that will allow users to make transactions without third-party interventions.
  • Security Architects: New technology needs new security measures. Cybersecurity in the new AI and crypto-world will be needed by all organisations using this technology.
  • Legal Consultants: New technology comes with new legal issues and regulations that need to be followed. Combining law and technology, this will also be a niche field that will be heavily in demand.

With crypto taking over the world by storm, we will soon get to a point where the fundamentals will soon become absolutely essential. So, if this is an area of interest to you, you might as well jump in ahead of the crowd.

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