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TC Global Education has pioneered international education in India for the last two decades. Today, as the world stands on the cusp of change, we want to not only be at the forefront of global education—we want to define it, through partnerships and community.

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We offer infinite aisles of global education opportunities backed by a comprehensive decision support system and a rich recommendation engine to find courses that you are passionate about, specializations you can build on, faculty that engage you and peers that challenge you.

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We are committed to making global mobility faster, more informed and an integrated experience. Our business model is being shaped to put you at the world stage through transparency, control, and an extensive services ecosystem.

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Community Insights

Here is a step by step walkthrough of the application process and documentation Step 1 Application Form Visa application can be done both on paper and online. Our team will help you fill the forms and file your visa. Step 2 Academic Documents As mentioned, the documents needed for visas differ from one country to the other and your course/qualification. We will give you a country-based checklist for you to start collecting the paperwork for your visa. Step 3 Evidence of Financial Capacity This depends on the country of your University. Some countries may ask for proof of financial capacity needed for completion of your course over the stipulated time or a scholarship offer in place. Some other countries may ask for proof of financial capacity to cover all the expenses of studying and living in the country annually. Some countries offer multiple options for evidence of financial capacity with the student choosing the option that works best for them. Step 4 Misc Documents A lot of miscellaneous documents such as Passport Photo, relationship proof, Notary Certificate for name, Offer, Accommodation proof, Letter of Intent (Some countries require you to give a letter of intent for choosing that country as your study destination. We will share points that you need to mention in this letter) etc. can be asked for and thus needs to be readily prepared beforehand. Step 5 Medicals Some countries might require you to do medical tests before you file your visa. This often includes a review of your medical history, physical examination, chest X-ray, and blood tests. We will share with you a list of hospitals / medical institutions that are accepted by the high commissions. Step 6 Health Insurance Most countries now make it mandatory for you to have student health insurance before you file your visa. The amounts vary from country to country. Step 7 Visa Appointment Once all your documents have been submitted to us, we will make a visa appointment for you to file your visa. Step 8 Visa Fees Visa fees vary from country to country. Step 9 Visa Documents Verification Visa rejections can be due to the tiniest or smallest discrepancies in your application. Our visa team will verify all the documents that you will be submitting for your student visa. If there are discrepancies we will contact you to have them resolved. Step 10 Visa Filing On the day of your appointment, we will file your visa or in some cases you will have to file your own visa but we will be there to guide you. Step 11 Visa Result Yay! This truly means the end to all the anxieties and stresses. You’re almost on your way to starting your new journey! When your visa is granted all you need to do is pack your bags and be ready to go! Leave the hassle of documentation and application of your student visa to us and let us get your ticket to your Global Ed destination. Connect with our Visa Team to get guidelines, checklists, and insights on your documents for visa today!
It is a personal statement that is required during the application so that the admissions committee will understand who you are, your learning and work experiences and your future career aspirations.
Nevertheless, there might be circumstances beyond a student’s control when university accommodations may be full. In such cases, TC Global extends its services to ensure that students have a place to live when they reach the desired university to study. <br> In most universities, if you are an undergraduate student, the university will guarantee your first-year accommodation on campus. For postgraduate students, this varies from university to university. However, most universities give international students preferences for on-campus accommodations for the first year of study.

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GMAT (The Graduate Management Admission Test), was created in 1953 with the aim of developing a testing method for MBA candidates to predict their level of performance in areas of business and management courses. Today GMAT has become an integral part of business school applications, often needed for admission to graduate business programs worldwide. To elaborate, GMAT consists of standardized multiple-choice, computer-based and computer-adaptive exams. The exams are created and administered by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) to provide business schools with common measures to gauge the preparedness of applicants for graduate-level academic work.
Studying abroad for your Masters is a time-consuming decision when it comes to finding the right course and university. There are numerous standardized tests that offer international students opportunities to get into reputed universities and secure their future with a prestigious degree. GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is one such standardized test that measures students on their verbal and quantitative skills while also opening up a world of opportunities for them. GRE is a standardized test that is used to assess a prospective candidate’s abilities for graduate programmes like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and management programmes at universities in the United States and around the world.
The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test, which was formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test is a US-originated test. The test is designed to gauge a student’s ability to seek admissions at colleges and universities at the undergraduate level. The SAT was administered and created by the College Board and is a multiple-choice test that requires candidates to answer using only pencil and paper. The SAT assesses students who have completed or are in the process of completing their 10+2, to see if they are ready for a higher education at a college or a university. This standardised test enables colleges and universities to compare all applicants using predefined parameters which include the SAT scores, scores in Class XII, personal statements, recommendation letters from teachers and extracurricular activities.
The IELTS, PTE and TOEFL are English Proficiency Tests designed to gauge and evaluate non-native speakers on the four basic skill sets of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. While the nature of the questions may vary, all three examinations are conducted with a view to testing the candidate’s overall linguistic prowess.

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The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is an investment-driven migration program for the United States of America, which was started by the U.S. Government back in the year 1990. EB-5 enables the investors and their families to obtain permanent residency in the U.S.A. by virtue of making a qualifying investment in projects defined by the U.S. Government.
There are waitlist scenarios as well as the different cut-off age for children, which may vary from country to country. Our expert EB-5 Visa Advisors will be glad to help you plan your investment and identify a suitable opportunity for you and your family. The largest number of applications for the EB-5 Visa route for migration come from China (85% of the total applications). Therefore, there happens to be a waitlist for investors from other countries as well. Our estimate is that the retrogression will be about 2-5 years post-approval of the I-526 petition. However, with the investment amount going up and new laws being discussed, we are anticipating the wait times to be reduced to half in the coming years.
The minimum investment amount required for EB-5 currently stands at USD 500,000 USD which is expected to go up to USD 900,000 USD post 21st November 2019.

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TC Global Workspace brings leading international companies in the global ed, learning and investment services together to help unlock the potential of their people and teams in Workspaces that enable teams to do their best work. In addition to being a design-focused space - which benefits employees psychologically - it seeks to become a center of talent and skill that connects with the city. We provide flexible Workspace to power your people, productivity, and business as we partner with today’s biggest brands to create tailored, full-service Workspaces, designed to flex and scale with your needs.
Experience the new era of open, collaborative and an interactive workspace, all designed to cater to your needs. TC Global Managed Desk - Learning Partners and the Institutions looking for a focused infrastructure to support objectives; On Demand Shared Space - Freelance and start-ups operations in the institutions, Learning and investment services building on Indian presence; Private Spaces - Established institutions, learning and investments services organizations operating in India; Services Eco-system - THE institutions and learning Partners looking for a focused infrastructure to support objectives

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A Visa Day is organised to dedicate an entire day helping students to understand what documents are needed to file for student visa for different countries. We think it is important for all university applicants to attend our Visa Day. We fly our visa experts from our corporate office to speak to students and parents about funding, documents, timelines and any other concerns they might have. We host a talk followed up by individual sessions based on appointments to resolve all visa-related concerns.
A webinar is an event held for audiences online. We use several platforms to host these depending on the size of our attendees. Since everyone leads busy lives, it is an easier and more efficient way to reach out to all of you!TC Global as well as Universities use this platform to interact with students by providing latest updates on newly introduced courses, changes in existing programmes, scholarship and fee updates.etc.
In-House Fairs are the university events that are organised at our specific branches within the office premises, where our partner universities are invited to participate and meet with prospective students.

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