Top 10 Colleges in Montreal for International Students in 2024

Colleges in Montreal, Canada are amongst the top destinations for global education. Canada is one of the top destinations for global education, the reasons for which are many. This is why, on our Insights, you will find any information you need to study in Canada, especially lists of top Canadian cities and colleges to which international students typically go.

In this series, we’ve looked at the top colleges in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, and the cities of Vancouver and Toronto. Here’s a look at Canada’s second most populous city, Montreal. A cultural hub and a shining example of inclusivity, Montreal sees about 50,000 international students from all around the world, every year.

So, in this article, we will be looking at…

What are the benefits of studying college in Montreal Canada?

Montreal is a great destination for international students for a variety of reasons:

  • Education Hub: With 11 universities, 13 colleges, and numerous educational centers, Montreal offers a wide range of educational institutions to choose from. This variety allows international students to find programs that suit their academic and career goals.
  • Cutting-edge Programmes: Montreal’s institutions of higher learning offer top-quality educational programs in cutting-edge fields. Many of these programs are globally recognized, ensuring that students receive a world-class education
  • Research Opportunities: Montreal is Canada’s leading university research hub, boasting over 150 research centres and 1,500 research and development institutes. This provides international students with abundant opportunities to engage in research and innovation across various disciplines.
  • Strong Academic Community: The city hosts more than 6,000 university researchers who contribute to its vibrant academic community. This allows international students to benefit from the expertise and mentorship of accomplished scholars.
  • Investment in Education: Montreal’s commitment to education is evident in its annual investments of 1.2 billion dollars in research and development. This funding ensures that students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources for their academic pursuits.
  • Cultural Richness: Beyond academics, Montreal offers a rich cultural experience. It’s a bilingual city with a mix of French and English speakers, providing an excellent opportunity for language learning. Additionally, the city hosts numerous festivals, events, and cultural attractions, allowing students to immerse themselves in its vibrant arts and entertainment scene.
  • Affordable Cost of Living: Compared to many other North American cities, Montreal has a relatively affordable cost of living. This is particularly appealing to international students who are often on a budget.
  • Quality of Life: Montreal consistently ranks as one of the world’s most livable cities. It offers a high quality of life, with excellent healthcare, public transportation, and safety, ensuring that international students can focus on their studies and enjoy their time in the city.

Montreal’s dynamic and open-minded environment, coupled with its world-class educational institutions and research opportunities, make it an excellent choice for international students seeking a comprehensive and enriching academic experience.

Montreal: Your Academic Gateway

  • Diverse Higher Education: 11 universities, 13 colleges, 15 tech transfer centers, and 100+ private institutions provide diverse educational opportunities.
  • Research Powerhouse: With 150+ research centers and 1,500+ R&D institutes, it’s Canada’s top research hub.
  • Expert Faculty: Benefit from the expertise of 6,000+ university researchers.
  • Generous Funding: Montreal invests 1.2 billion dollars annually in research and development.
  • Welcoming City: Over 35,000 international students choose Montreal each year for its inclusive and vibrant community.
  • High Quality of Life: Enjoy a high quality of life with affordable living costs, healthcare, and public transport.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build valuable connections for your future career.
  • Global Recognition: Montreal’s education is respected worldwide.

How much does it cost to study college in Montreal?

Montreal is one of the most affordable cities in Canada when it comes to university education and accommodation. Tuition fees in the universities of Montreal generally vary among the educational institutions and the course of your choice.

For international students, the tuition fees in this city are one of the lowest in North America and will fall between CA $ 9,000 to CA $ 50,000 or more; this is the lowest when compared to Toronto or Vancouver. For instance, if a student wants to do a master’s program at the University of Montreal, it will cost CA$ 18,186 per year, while at Dawson College, a master’s degree will cost CA $ 19,486 or above, depending on the program.

When you compare the living expenses, transportation, and food expenses in Montreal with all the other cities in Canada, you can find a big difference in the price as the prices in Montreal are relatively cheap and budget friendly.

Montreal is also a place where students can find cheap accommodation; The cost of university-offered accommodation is between CA$ 400-700 monthly. A three-bedroom apartment will only cost CA$1,300 a month, and a two-bedroom will cost CA$1,100.

Students can also get a monthly ticket for public transport, which will cost CA$83, or even get a cycle to go around places in Montreal. For food, students will have to spend an average amount of CA$ 350 a month, and there are many fun activities and festivals in the city throughout the year, which students can comfortably be part of by paying an amount of CA$115 or more.

What are the scholarship options for colleges in Montreal?

For an international student, the cost of studying in Montreal can be a bit of a deterrent. However, the top universities and colleges in Canada also offer a number of scholarships and other financial aid to help both domestic and international students pursue their dreams. These scholarships can be total or partial and offered in terms of merit or need basis.

Before we look at the individual scholarships of the universities, the Quebec government has a Merit Scholarship program offered at the university level, in technical training at the college level, and in vocational training. Its aim is to encourage the recruitment of the best international candidates into programs with a good job and research prospects. The Merit Scholarship program allows recipients to benefit from a scholarship, an exemption from the differential tuition fees paid by international students, and health insurance and hospitalization coverage.

In addition, you can also consider

When it comes to applying for scholarships, it is best to begin your research well in advance. Most scholarships have strict deadlines and you need to give yourself enough time to procure letters of recommendation if needed or write an essay.

Disclaimer: This video reflects details and rankings from 2023

What are the best colleges in Montreal for international students?

Now that we have an overview of the city and the details of what it offers to international students, let us look at some of the best colleges in Montreal.

Rank University Average Tuition Fee
30 (World QS Rankings 2024) McGill University CAD 35,000
141 (World QS Rankings 2024) University of
CAD 14,000
111th according to Times Higher Education (THE) 2023 HEC Montreal CAD 48,984
387 (World QS Rankings 2024) Concordia University CAD 25,000
751-760  (World QS Rankings 2024) School of Higher Technology, University of Quebec CAD 21,148
Ranked 148 Regional Universities North (US News Rankings) College Rosemont CAD  $21,175.
NA Dawson College CAD 16,000
NA Polytechnic School of Montreal CAD 19,000
NA Lasalle College CAD 24,500
NA Vanier College CAD 12,500

McGill University

McGill University is the 7th oldest university in Canada, with a student population of 39,267. It is also one of the most reputed universities in Canada, which hosts 31.8% of international students from over 150 countries. The university offers more than 400 undergraduate programs and 90 graduate and Ph.D. programs.

Why is it good to study here?

McGill University degrees possess high international recognition, providing graduates with a wide range of opportunities. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are part of the McGill University recruiters. The university has an undergraduate acceptance rate of 38% and a graduate acceptance rate of 29.2%.

McGill students have the highest average entering grades in Canada and are ranked #51 in Best Global Universities by the U.S. News and 31 in the Q.S. ranking. The other reason why McGill is a good option is the pathbreaking research outputs.

McGill University outperforms Canada’s other two top-ranking universities in terms of research, and they offer opportunities for students to do path-breaking research across disciplines.

The Desautels Faculty of Management is a business school affiliated with McGill University. This school ranks 73rd when it comes to MBA colleges worldwide and is a popular choice among Indian students.


The average tuition fee at McGill University in Quebec will be around CAD 35,000 per year, and this includes tuition fees and also material charges, but this doesn’t include housing or other expenses.


  • Additional requirements such as a personal statement, CV, letters of reference, and application summary
  • Overall average and prerequisite subject requirements are normally between 75% to the 85%
  • 4.00 GPA, or equivalent unweighted average over the last two years of full-time studies
  • A minimum score of 730 on each SAT test
  • Minimum composite score of 33 on the ACT test
  • GRE and GMAT scores are required for admission into Master’s programs.

Courses offered

University offers more than 400 programs in U.G. courses, and these are the disciplines that the courses are offered in :

  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Arts
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Law
  • Management
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Science
  • International students can opt for full time or part-time courses.

University of Montréal (UdeM)

The University of Montreal is one of the biggest public research universities in Montreal, Quebec, with an enrolment of around 70,000 students. Considered to be one of the best universities in Canada, it has over sixty departments and thirteen faculties with two affiliated schools. The university is stretched across Quebec and has over sixty departments and thirteen faculties with two affiliated schools. The university is famous for courses like M.Eng in computer engineering and MSc and MBA courses.

Why is it good to study here?

University of Montréal (UdeM) is a university that offers a world-class education in almost all fields of study, and this university is also a melting pot of culture when it comes to diversity and the presence of international students. The university is also considered Quebec’s largest teaching and research institution and also the 2nd best research university in Canada.

Fields like life science and medical science are ranked under the top 100 in the world, and the university offsets the best possible environment for conducting path-breaking research in these fields.


The average tuition fee to study at the University of Montréal (UdeM) will be around CAD 14,000 per year. This includes tuition fees and material charges, but this doesn’t include housing or other expenses. This is also one of the lowest when compared with many other universities in Canada.


  • A Minimum GPA of 3.0, which is 85% for U.G. programs
  • A minimum GPA of 3.3 is 88% for P.G. programs
  • For most of the programs, a TOEFL of 85 or IELTS score of 6.5, or a TOEIC score of 601 is required.

Courses offered

A few well-known programs for international students at the University of Montreal are as follows:

  • Arts & Music
  • Law
  • Life science
  • Medicine
  • Computer science
  • Communication
  • Economy and Politic

Vanier College

Vanier College is the third largest English language publicly funded college in Montreal. This college is named in honor of General George P. Vanier, who was a Canadian soldier, diplomat, and former governor-general. The college is popular for offering Pre-university and technical programs and presently provides over 24 DCS programs.

Why is it good to study here?

Viner college is focused on the holistic development of the student by fostering the student to excel in both personal and academic ways. Presently there are students from over 90 countries part of the college, and the college is top-rated for sports, filmmaking, photography and journalism, arts, and other activities that happen throughout the year in the university.

Viner college is ranked 106 in Canada by Webometrics and has two intakes, one during winter and the other during autumn.


The average tuition fee to study at Viner college is one of the lowest and will be around CAD 12,500 per year, and this includes tuition fees and also material charges, but this doesn’t include housing or other expenses; they also provide campus accommodation for students who wish to avail the facility.


  • International students will have to complete the application process by March 31 every year, and the Winter semester is open to international applicants only if they already possess these legal status documents.
  • The minimum acceptable score for this TOEFL test is 80 Internet-based or 213 computer-based, or 550 paper-based
  • A minimum score of 6.5 is required for IELTS.

Courses offered

  • Respiratory & Anesthesia Technology
  • Animal Health Technology
  • Environmental & Wildlife Management
  • Nursing
  • Architectural Technology
  • Building Systems Engineering Technology
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Care Counseling
  • Business Administration
  • Micro publishing & Hypermedia
  • Computer Science Technology
  • Professional Music & Song Techniques

School of Higher Technology, University of Quebec

School of Higher Technology, University of Quebec is one of the finest engineering colleges in Canada, which offers engineering degree programs designed explicitly for CEGEP graduates. This university is also among the 4 largest engineering schools in Canada. School of Higher Technology offers co-op in all 25 undergraduate programs, and they have partnered with more than 100 institutions in 33 countries.

Why is it good to study here?

School of Higher Technology, University of Quebec, offers more than 100 programs for international students.

According to the U.S. News ranking 2018 by subjects, the university’s engineering department is ranked 456th in the world. University gives prime focus on research and provides funding of CAD 34.5 million for research in the field of engineering. They have a substantial list of research chairs and research groups of institutions that work on improving the research outcomes and publication of scholarly articles.


The average tuition fee to study at the School of Higher Technology, University of Quebec, will be around CAD 21,148 per year, including tuition fees and material charges.


  • A standardized test score of TOEFL iBT 80 or IELTS 6 is eligible to apply.
  • A TFI score of 605 is required.
  • DELF score of B2
  • Successfully completing the Uniform Test of French, Language of Teaching and Literature at a Canadian French-language college.
  • Or successfully completed an institutional exam administered by a French-language

Courses offered

  • M.A.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  • M.A.Sc Electrical Engineering
  • B.Eng Construction Engineering
  • B.Eng Information Technology
  • Ph.D. Engineering
  • Certificate course on Quality Management and Assurance

Polytechnic School of Montreal

Founded in 1873, the Polytechnic School of Montreal has over 44,300 graduates and currently offers courses in 15 engineering specialities. They have a group of more than 250 faculty members who are experts in the area of engineering and research. Currently, with a strength of more than 8000 students, the college has a research budget of over CAD 75 million.

This institution is presently well known and famous for its research outcomes and the certificate courses they provide in the field of engineering and science.

Why is it good to study here?

They offer various undergraduate, graduate, and research programs in the field of engineering. They are considered first in Canada for the number of research chairs and currently have 20 industrial research chairs, 25 Canadian research chairs, and 1 Canada excellence research chair. In 2018 Polytechnic School of Montreal was ranked the best 29th university for engineering in Canada, and internationally it was given the 709th rank.


The average tuition fee to study at the Polytechnic School of Montreal will be around CAD 19,000 per year, and this includes tuition fees and also material charges.


  • A minimum average of 13 out of 20 on national baccalaureate exams
  • Transcripts from the three years of high school
  • Out-of-grade examination results
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale in UG
  • A UG degree in engineering or a related discipline
  • IELTS: 6.5 or above, internet TOEFL: 90 or above
  • For a Ph.D., the applicant must get the support of a professor who agrees to be the advisor based on the topic selected.

Courses offered

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil, Geological, and Mining Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering and Software Engineering
  • Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Biomedical Engineering

College Rosemont

College Rosemont is one of the best colleges in Montreal for studying liberal arts that provides the top most quality education at a very low tuition fee. This college was established in 1921 by the Society of Holy Child Jesus.

Why is it good to study here?

College Rosemont is best known for the master’s degree courses awarded through the school of graduate studies and the school of professional studies. The college also provides teaching certification programs in elementary and secondary education, including pre-professional programs. College Rosemont also offers online courses for both local and international students.


The average tuition fee to study at Rosemont College will be around CAD $21,175 per year, and this includes tuition fees and also material charges.


  • 12th pass in Arts or Medical background
  • Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Bachelors of Science, B Ed, B.A., or GNM
  • IELTS: 6.5 or above, internet TOEFL: 86 or above

Courses offered

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Creative Writing
  • Counseling
  • Psychology

LaSalle College

Lasalle College is one of the popular colleges in Montreal to offer courses in fields like 3D gaming, fashion design and merchandising and design-based program, artistic make-up, interior design, 2D/3D animation and other training programs.

Why is it good to study here?

Founded in 1998 as an English as a second language school, Lasalle has come a long way to expand the arena to beginner-based and other trending new generation courses. Lasalle College provides six scholarships, including a travel bursary to meritorious and talented students. French and English are the two mediums of instruction used in the university.


The average tuition fee to study at Lasalle College will be around CAD 24,500 per year, and this includes tuition fees and also material charges.


  • An applicant must be a high school graduate
  • Possess a recognized high school equivalency
  • Or qualify as a mature student of not less than 19 years of age as of the start date of the program
  • TOEFL- 86 or IELTS- 6.5

Courses offered

  • Fashion, arts, and design
  • Business and technologies
  • Social science and education
  • VFX and game design
  • Hotel management and tourism

HEC Montréal

HEC Montréal is one of the leading business schools in Canada, which is triple accredited by AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. They offer more than 100 courses at the U.G. and graduate levels in the field of science and business. Significant degrees offered by HEC Montréal include BBA, MBA, Diploma, and EMBA.

Why is it good to study here?

HEC Montréalhas have always been on the rank list of all the popular ranking agencies like Fobes, Times higher education, Canadian business, and the American economy. They have a group of best-in-the-world professors and academicians in the field of business. The college also provides students with on-campus accommodation, cheap housing, and all the necessary facilities.


The average tuition fee to study at the HEC Montréal will be around CAD 48,984 per year, and this includes tuition fees and also material charges.


  • For the MBA and other master’s programs, an undergraduate degree is required
  • Have at least three years of full-time professional experience at the start of the program
  • Pass one of the admission tests:
  • GMAT (competitive score: 630 or higher, suggested minimum: 570)
  • GRE (score equivalent to that of the GMAT)
  • TAGE MAGE (competitive score: 300 or higher, recommended minimum score: 250)
  • In addition, an IELTS score of 7.0 or above or a TOEFL iBT score of 95 or above is needed.

Courses offered

  • MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics
  • MBA
  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc Global Supply Chain Management
  • MSc in Financial Engineering
  • MSc in International Business
  • MSc in Applied Financial Economics

Concordia University

Concordia university is one of the most multicultural and innovative universities in Montreal. They are well known for their online education, online courses, research work, and experiential learning. This is a pure research-based university with a diverse population of 46,811 students, out of which 21.4% are international students. Out of the 21.4% of international students, 20% of students are from India, and they are more than 10,000 in number.

Why is it good to study here?

Concordia University is ranked number one in Canada’s quality education by the Impact ranking 2022. The university provides affordable education and living facilities for students who wish to take the best quality education in Canada.

The university also offers more than 200 programs, including degree programs, diploma, and graduate programs. Engineering and Computer Science are two popular courses offered in this university that have the most international students enrollment, with 4,938 students, and this is followed by Arts and Science, with 2,425 students enrolled for the course.


The average tuition fee to study at Concordia University will be around CAD 19,000 per year, and this includes tuition fees and also material charges.


  • An essential qualification is a Higher Secondary School Certificate with a minimum GPA: of 2.80 (80-82%)
  • Letter of intent
  • Official SAT and ACT scores
  • English language scores of IELTS: 5.5 or TOEFL iBT: 75 for ug and English language scores
  • IELTS: 7.0 or TOEFL iBT: 95 for postgraduate courses

Courses offered

  • Arts, Education & Science programs
  • Administration & Commerce programs
  • Engineering & Computer Science programs
  • Fine Arts programs

Dawson College

The largest college of general and professional education in Quebec, Established in 1969, this college, located in downtown Montreal, offers two types of programs: pre-university programs and career/ technical programs. The pre-university courses typically take two years to complete and are equivalent to university-level introductory courses. The technical programs, on the other hand, take 3 years to complete but also allow you to join the workforce after or pursue a university education if you so wish to.

Why is it good to study here?

As a student of Dawson College, you get the chance to direct your studies and narrow down your specializations before signing up for a university. It is centrally located and provides a range of off-beat opportunities which will allow you to jump-start your career.


The tuition fee ranges anywhere from CAD 6,500 to CAD 10,500 per semester, depending on the course you choose.


While each program has its own set of eligibility criteria, here are some of the common requirements.

  • Completed Standard 12.
  • Minimum TOEFL iBT score of 61 or IELTS score of 6.0
  • Pre-university programs are two years in length and are offered in sciences and arts:
  • Health Science
  • Pure & Applied Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts, Literature & Communication
  • Visual Arts
  • Liberal Arts
  • 3-year Career Programs:
  • Biomedical Laboratory Technology
  • Diagnostic Imaging Technology
  • Radiation Oncology Technology
  • Medical Ultrasound Technology
  • Physiotherapy Technology
  • Nursing
  • Laboratory Technology/Analytical Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (Mechanical Design / Automated Mfg.)
  • Electronics Technology
  • Social Service
  • Community Recreation Leadership Training
  • Marketing and Management Technology  / Accounting & Management Technology
  • Computer Science Technology
  • Professional Theatre (Acting)
  • Illustration
  • Interior Design
  • Professional Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design
  • 3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery

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