10 Best Universities in Australia for Masters in 2023

Universities in Australia for Masters are devoted to providing students with the necessary tools and insights they need to thrive in their respective fields. In 2022, a total of 613,327 international students pursued their studies in Australia and this number is set to rise in 2023.

Students pursuing graduate studies are equipped with skills that can help them succeed both immediately upon graduating and beyond. The worldwide demand for innovative and enterprising minds is growing exponentially, and Australian educators have redefined their teaching methods to inspire groundbreaking creativity in all fields among young learners.

When you study in Australia, you are provided with the necessary knowledge to thrive in an ever-evolving world.
For undergrad as well, you may want to look at the top universities in Australia if you are looking at this country for studying abroad.

Table of Contents

SrNo Name of the University QS Ranking (Worldwide) QS Ranking (Australia)
1 Australian National University 30 First
2 University of Melbourne 33 Second
3 University of Sydney 41 Third
4 University of New South Wales 45 Fourth
5 University of Queensland 50 Fifth
6 Monash University 57 Sixth
7 University of Western Australia 90 Seventh
8 University of Adelaide 109 Eighth
9 University of Technology Sydney 137 Ninth
10 University of Wollongong 185 Tenth

Why study master's in Australia as an international student?

The Australian education system currently offers 22,000 courses at 1,100 institutions nationally. Universitas 2019 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems ratings has ranked Australia above France, Germany Norway and Japan. Five key reasons to pursue graduate studies in Australia as an international student are:

1. Pursue a world-renowned education at some of the highest-ranked institutions in the world:

Australia is an acclaimed leader in the international education sector, boasting top-notch institutions, highly advanced training resources, and experienced faculty members who offer phenomenal student support.

2. Enhance your studies with real-world experience:

Universities in Australia for Masters come with practical industry experience, as well as internships to help build up your professional network when you study broad in Australia.

And once they are finished, graduates may be eligible for further work opportunities in the country. Studying in Australia can be made even more rewarding when you work up to 20 hours per week throughout the semester and full-time during breaks. This will not only help supplement your studies, but also give you an opportunity for study-related jobs or just pay for a comfortable lifestyle.

3. Access extensive student support services

Australia’s Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS ACT) framework is legally mandated to ensure the highest quality of protection for international students studying in Australia.

Education providers must meet stringent quality control and government accreditation requirements, so you can rest easy knowing that only the highest caliber of service will be provided.

4. Embrace the diversity of a multicultural society

Australia is an incredibly diverse nation, with nearly 30% of its inhabitants having been born overseas. This has lent to a cultural richness that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

By enrolling in Universities in Australia for Masters, you will become one among over 500,000 international students from 192 different countries who have all been embraced into Australian life and culture,

5. Experience a high standard of living

Australian cities have established a name for themselves on the world’s stage as some of the most desirable places to live. Education, healthcare, transport infrastructure, and government services are of a high standard, with frequent events and festivals held in major cities throughout the year.

Additionally, Australia is well-known for its natural environment which is home to many rare species of wildlife.

Overall, studying in Australia is an unparalleled experience that will surely help you shape your future and gain a unique global perspective. With the right guidance and resources, you can be sure to have a fulfilling academic journey in Australia.

What are the career opportunities after doing MS in Australia?

For the last half a century, an astonishing 2.5 million international students have graduated from Australian educational institutions and joined forces to become part of a global alumni network that is visibly making positive impacts across the world according to the International Education Association of Australia.

The 2018 Department of Education International Student Survey found that nearly 90% of international students reported being highly satisfied with their living and study experience in Australia.

Some of the popular courses in Australia include Health Science and Nursing, Agricultural Sciences, Computer Science Engineering, Psychology and Accounting.

According to the 2022 Australia Graduate Salary Guide, the following jobs have the highest overall salaries:

Sr No Field Salary
1 Mining, Oil and Gas Industry AU$81,834
2 Media and Communications AU$76,414
3 Recruitment and HR AU$ 75,455
4 Engineering Consulting AU$73,854
5 Health Sector AU$73,000
6 Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality AU$71,103

Australia’s generous post-study work opportunities present a great incentive to students considering studying abroad in Australia. There are three main visa options available for those looking to remain after their studies and gain work experience.

  • The Post-study Work-Stream Visa: Upon successful completion of the course from one of the universities in Australia for masters, students are eligible to apply for this visa. This specific visa category is applicable for all Bachelor’s, Master’s (coursework & research), and doctoral-level courses.
  • The Graduate Work Stream Visa: This visa was designed to allow skilled and qualified graduates with specific qualifications that are in demand in Australia, the opportunity to work for up to eighteen months.
  • Skilled-Recognized Graduate Visa: Recent engineering graduate under the age of 31 from an accredited institution are eligible for this visa. Holders can secure employment in Australia and stay up to 18 months. Afterward, they’ll need to apply for another visa if they’d like to extend their stay or get sponsored by their employer through a different type of visa.

What are the scholarship options for doing masters in Australia for international students?

The Australian Government has devoted a significant sum of money to scholarships for global students, with over A$300 million allocated. It gave nearly 3,000 scholarships in 2019 to students from 55 countries.

Some of the scholarships offered to international students are:

  • Australia Awards: The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade proudly offers Australia Awards Scholarships, which are long-term awards that provide opportunities to contribute to the development requirements of various partner countries in agreement with bilateral and regional agreements.
  • Australian Government Research Training Programme (RTP): These scholarships are available to students directly from participating universities.
  • Provider scholarships: Australian educational institutions often grant scholarships to international students who demonstrate remarkable academic prowess.
  • Destination Australia: The Government’s Destination Australia Programme (DAP) offers scholarships worth up to $15,000 a year for domestic and international students studying in regional areas of the country. Scholarships are available from Certificate IV through PhD studies over four years at accredited tertiary education providers across the nation.

What are the best universities for masters in Australia?

Australia is home to some of the world’s most respected and internationally recognised universities and is seen as the perfect destination to study. Many of these renowned institutions offer excellent Masters’s programmes in fields like engineering, business, medicine, and more. The best universities for Masters in Australia are as follows:

University #1: Australian National University

Source: Australian National University

Australian National University (ANU) is recognized as the highest-rated university in Australia by QS World University Rankings due to its world-renowned teaching, research and small class sizes.

Boasting the most Nobel laureates among its staff and alumni than any other university in the country, this institution is truly remarkable. It is one of the top universities with strong master’s programmes in the country.

Why is it good to study here?

Based in Canberra, ANU offers a learning experience like no other, with its world-class standard and focus on today’s most pressing issues. From exploring biodiversity to tackling climate change, from renewable energy sources and food security to combating diseases or delving into humanities and the arts – ANU is pushing boundaries in all disciplines.

Student researchers have access to an expansive range of topics including justice and law systems, physics and engineering, and business school amongst others.

Fees & Scholarship options

The international student fee for the Master’s programme starts from $23,340.00. The average tuition fee is $39,024.

There are 155 scholarships available to international students. Some of them are as follows:

  • 10kclub.io Scholarship
  • A E Ringwood Supplementary Scholarship
  • Agent-Based Modelling Scholarship

Eligibility and Duration

International students typically require:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent with a minimum GPA of 5.0-7.0 depending on the chosen course.
  • English language proficiency which can be demonstrated through TOEFL, PTE, IELTS and other tests.

The duration of the Master’s programme is 1.5-2 years depending upon the course.

Courses offered & admission process

ANU offers an impressive selection of 183 postgraduate education programmes Students have the opportunity to explore and diversify their studies, discover a new field or sharpen existing skills – all in one place. The application process is as follows:

  • Students can upload the application through the online application portal.
  • In order to be considered a potential candidate for an offer, you must meet the prerequisite and cognate requirements of your desired programme in addition to meeting any language proficiency criteria.
  • The application will be placed in direct competition with those of other applicants vying for the same programme. Students can read about the ANU assessment process.

University #2: University of Melbourne

Source: University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is located in the vibrant city known as Australia’s “cultural capital,” which houses around 65,000 students and more than 8,000 academic and professional staff.

One of the best universities in Australia and Victoria, it has educated four Australian prime ministers along with five governors-general — not to mention 30,000 international students from over 130 countries. Ranked second in the country, this Victoria University offers a unique blend of undergraduate and graduate programmes, ensuring that its students are well-prepared for their chosen careers.

Why is it good to study here?

Degrees from the University of Melbourne model those from prestigious international institutions. Before committing to a major, students are encouraged to explore various subject areas for one year. Combining studies outside and inside their chosen discipline gives students an edge – granting them insights into multiple fields that set them apart in the job market.

Fees & Scholarship options

The fee for international students ranges from $23,136 to $73,856. The university offers a range of scholarships including:

  • Melbourne Global Graduate Scholarship (India)
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Scholarship
  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Scholarship

Eligibility and Duration

To qualify for an international graduate place, students must possess a bachelor’s degree from either the University of Melbourne or any other Australian institution or an accredited international university. Furthermore, they must fulfill all English language requirements to be admitted.

Most Master’s degrees are two years long with a full-time commitment, while some can be completed in one year.

Courses offered & admission process

The University of Melbourne offers 207 undergraduate courses and 204 postgraduate education programmes, providing students with endless possibilities to pursue their passions. Through an array of diverse educational opportunities, the university is able to assist each individual in reaching their academic goals.

Students can apply directly online and submit their supporting documentation.

University #3: The University of Sydney

Source: University of Sydney

The University of Sydney stands as a beacon for ambitious students seeking to obtain globally esteemed qualifications.

Its innovative curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and world-class teaching and learning experiences, combined with an energetic campus life in Kensington, Canberra and Paddington come together to create the perfect academic environment for success.

Why good to study here?

The University of Sydney is a premier institution, consistently ranked among the top 50 universities in the world, and currently holds first place for graduate employability in Australia.

Beyond the classroom, students can develop long-lasting friendships and relationships. With over 200 student-run clubs and societies bringing stimulation to campus life, there is no shortage of ways for students to connect with each other.

The University of Sydney encompasses a vast population ranging from 50,000 current students, and 3,400 academic staff members to 320,000 distinguished alumni who have made their mark around the world.

Fees & Scholarship options

The fee for international students pursuing a Master’s degree starts from $46,000. Some of the scholarships available are:

  • Australia Awards Scholarships
  • Becas Chile Scholarship
  • Brazilian Government Scholarship Programme ‘Science without Borders’ Doctoral Studies
  • Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship

Eligibility and Duration

International students are normally expected to have obtained a bachelor’s degree with either first or upper-second-class honours. As an indication, your WAM should be 75 over the whole duration of the course and greater than 80 for Honours Class I; between 75 and 80 for Honours Class II.

Moreover, English language credentials depend on which course you are applying for, your nation of origin, and your educational background.

Courses offered & admission process

The University of Sydney proudly offers an expansive array of educational opportunities, with 263 postgraduate education programmes and 126 undergraduate programmes to choose from. Students can apply directly online and can read about the process here.

University #4: University of New South Wales

Source: UNSW

As one of the top universities in Australia, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) gives students the opportunity to unlock their full potential with a career-oriented educational experience and hands-on learning.

From life-altering experiences to instruction from esteemed academics, all students are given every opportunity they need to recognize and realize their strengths. It is counted as one of the best universities with strong master’s programmes in Australia.

Why good to study here?

The University of New South Wales is a global leader in higher education, ranked 45th university worldwide and 29th for employer reputation. They have also been awarded the top spot by Australian startup founders.

What’s even more impressive is their 5 subjects that have all been highly placed among the top 20 universities around the world. Students can benefit from the university’s cutting-edge research, industry links, and unique opportunities that will ensure they are work-ready upon graduation.

Fees & Scholarship options

The fee for international students starts at $38,200. The university offers NEW International Student Award to students from outside Australia.

Eligibility and Duration

International students typically require:

  • A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) in a specific discipline with a record of academic achievement equivalent to a UNSW credit.
  • English language proficiency

Courses offered & admission process

With over 165 undergraduate courses and 164 Masters programmes in Australia options available, the UNSW offers a range of studies to suit any interest. International students can apply online.

University #5: University of Queensland

Source: University of Queensland

For over a hundred years, the University of Queensland (UQ) has shaped generations of inspired and driven leaders with their leading teaching and research. Through UQ’s mission to provide knowledge leadership for a better world, they have not only enhanced lives on campus but communities around Australia.

Why good to study here?

Based in Brisbane, UQ has six faculties, eight internationally-renowned research institutes, and more than 100 centres of excellence. With 1500 scientists, social scientists, engineers, and researchers, UQ is Australia’s number one recipient of Australian Research Council Fellowships and Awards in all scheme years.

Students have the opportunity to explore and learn in a vibrant, culturally diverse campus community with access to world-class teaching, learning, and research facilities.

Fees & Scholarship options

Fees for international students start at AUD $35,008. Some of the scholarships offered are:

  • Destination Australia Scholarship
  • The Kym Broadhurst Bursary for the Visually Impaired
  • ANID Becas Chile Scholarship
  • CONACYT Mexican Scholarship Programme

Eligibility and Duration

International students typically require:

  • To qualify, you must have earned a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with an impressive 4.5 GPA on the 7-point scale in your past qualification.
  • Fulfil the language requirement for English proficiency

Courses offered & admission process

The University of Queensland offers 128 undergraduate courses and 172 Masters programmes in Australia. Students can apply directly online or through an agent in your country

University #6: Monash University

Source: Monash University

From robotics to globalisation and artificial intelligence, we are living in a world of disruption that is transforming every area of our lives – including our careers. Monash University understands this change and has developed flexible degree programmes to ensure you are prepared for whatever the future brings.

They provide students with exceptional resources like expertise, skills development, relevant experiences and resilience so they can succeed long-term in their chosen career paths. With an education from Monash University, the possibilities for your future success are endless.

Why good to study here?

Monash University is a leader in research and innovation, having been involved with over 150 projects across 10 disciplines – from additive manufacturing to drug development and domestic violence to sustainable design.

Research conducted at Monash has led to breakthroughs such as the Malaria vaccine and 3D-printed engines that are currently making an impact around the world.

Fees & Scholarship options

International student fee starts at $37,900. Students can apply for scholarships such as:

  • Monash University International Merit Scholarship
  • MRS Queer Leadership scholarship
  • The Woolmark Company Prato Study Scholarship

Eligibility and Duration

All candidates must be able to demonstrate the aptitude and experience necessary to complete independent research and have the required background knowledge and skillset needed to undertake their desired course of study.

Detailed entry and English language requirements are available on respective course pages.

Courses offered & admission process

The university offers an impressive selection of programmes, boasting 127 undergraduate and 214 postgraduate options.

International students can apply directly to Monash. If you are from Crimea, Cuba, Donestsk, Iran, Luhansk, North Korea Syria or South Sudan then you need to apply through a registered agent who can help guide you through the process.

University #7: University of Western Australia

Source: University of Western Australia

University of Western Australia’s (UWA) creative course structure offers learners the opportunity to design their studies to meet specific goals and gain valuable skills that will increase their employment and academic prospects.

With more than 25,000 students from over 100 countries enrolled at UWA, including well over 5,000 international pupils – this is an exceptional learning environment unlike any other. This is one of the best Australian universities offering master’s programmes

Why good to study here?

By joining the University of Western Australia, you are becoming part of a select group, as UWA is included within the Group of Eight – an esteemed organization comprised of some of Australia’s most renowned research-intensive universities.

Moreover, according to Good Universities Guide 2021, UWA has been rated with five stars for teaching quality and has over 4500 industry partnerships that will provide you with an impeccable start in your career. This Perth-based university is truly a popular choice for students looking to study abroad.

Fees & Scholarship options

The fee for international students starts from approximately $60,000. The university also offers scholarships like:

  • Global Excellence Scholarship
  • Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship
  • International Student Award

Eligibility and Duration

To gain admission to this programme, applicants must present evidence of a 3-year Bachelor’s degree and show that they earned at least 60% in their UWA weighted average mark.

For certain courses, a minimum English language proficiency is required for successful admission. Those presenting with IELTS Academic must demonstrate an overall score of 6.5, and no band scoring below 6.0 in order to meet the requirements set forth by the university. Students may require GRE scores for certain subjects.

Courses offered & admission process

The university has the following fields of study: Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Architecture, Design and Planning; Business and Commerce; Data and Computer Science; Education; Engineering; Healthcare & Biomedical Sciences; Humanities & Social Sciences as well as Law.

Students can directly apply online or through an agent.

University #8: University of Adelaide

Source: University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide strives to push the boundaries of knowledge and discovery. As an institution, its primary goals are to nurture innovation and provide students with the essential leadership skills they need for success in the world.

Why good to study here?

Exceptional quality education provides students with the best possible preparation to help them excel in their chosen field while equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to make meaningful impacts on global issues.

Fees & Scholarship options

The fees for international students start at $39,500 and there are several scholarships available such as:

  • Global Citizens Scholarship
  • Global Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • University of Adelaide College International Scholarship

Eligibility and Duration

For postgraduate programmes, applicants must have completed a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in their field of study. Additionally, a minimum English language proficiency level is required for successful admission

Courses offered & admission process

The University of Adelaide offers an incredible range of academic opportunities, with 360 undergraduate programmes and 198 postgraduate programmes to choose from. The students can go through the detailed application process here.

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Source: University of Technology Sydney

As a student at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), also sometimes referred to as a being a part of Level 1 university in Australia, you become part of an innovative community – one where creative students, faculty and industry partners come together to shape the future. Conveniently situated in Sydney’s technology hub, the campus lies just minutes away from the bustling central business district, as well as some of Australia’s most promising startups.

Why good to study here?

A premier institute of technology, UTS students are provided with experiential education that equips them with the real-world skills needed to tackle today’s complex problems. The courses comprise of major projects, group activities, simulations, and case studies—all designed in consultation with industry partners so graduates are prepared for a future full of success.

Fees & Scholarship options

The fee starts at $22,895 and some of the scholarships available are:

  • TS Vice-Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship
  • Postgraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship
  • UTS Grant for Masters by Coursework Students

Eligibility and Duration

To be admitted to postgraduate studies at UTS, applicants must possess an Australian bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent. Nevertheless, for particular courses, alternative qualifications and experience could be taken into account such as a graduate certificate, diploma or TAFE diploma and substantial work-related evidence that can be validated by letters from past employers.

Additionally, applicants must meet the English language proficiency requirements in order to receive an offer of admission at UTS.

Courses offered & admission process

The university proudly offers 173 undergraduate and 117 postgraduate programmes, giving students a wide range of choices. Students can apply using the UTS Online Application System

University #10: University of Wollongong

Source: University of Wollongong

UOW, the University of Wollongong is a pioneering global university, driven by its people and connections to those around it. Ranked among the leading modern universities globally, UOW’s excellence in academia and research has cemented its place as an icon in higher education. It is one of the best Australian universities offering master’s programmes

Why good to study here?

UOW is proud to offer superior educational opportunities at nine distinct campuses across NSW that are tailored to the needs of students. The university has an international learning environment, delivering a unique UOW experience everywhere. They promote the mutual exchange of knowledge and grant students opportunities to broaden their experiences and create networks that will last for life.

Fees & Scholarship options

International student fee starts ranges from $14,256 to $81,888. The scholarships offered by the university are:

  • UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Humanitarian Scholarship

Eligibility and Duration

The entry requirements are:

  • A recognized bachelor’s degree with an average mark of 60% or relevant work experience
  • An interview (as applicable)
  • English language proficiency

Courses offered & admission process

The university offers an impressive array of educational opportunities- with over 400 undergraduate programmes and more than 150 postgraduate options. Students can apply online.

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