Nursing Courses in Australia for Indian Students in 2024

Australia was facing a nursing shortage even before the COVID 19 pandemic. The situation has not improved since. According to the numbers published by Health Workforce Australia, there could be a shortfall of more than 100,000 nurses by 2025.This makes nursing courses in Australia extremely sought after for the kind of job opportunities they offer post-study. Moreover, nursing courses in Australia offer an exciting pathway for Indian students who are passionate about healthcare and are eager to study in Australia.

Indian students looking to study nursing in Australia have many options to choose from. The country has some of the best nursing schools globally, providing students with high-quality education and practical training to prepare them for successful careers in healthcare.

So, if you are an Indian student considering nursing as a career path, you should look at nursing courses in Australia in 2024.

Here’s a look at the best nursing courses for you…

Disclaimer: This video reflects details and rankings from 2023

What are the best nursing courses in Australia?

Here’s a snapshot view of the courses, the associated universities and the ranking. This would help you narrow down your choices. While we have primarily focussed on bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you can also consider a diploma of nursing which can be completed in 18 months to 2 years. While a diploma does give you exposure, a bachelor’s degree gives you more options, both in terms of work and further studies. In terms of future work, BSc graduates go on to become registered nurses while those with a diploma can become enrolled nurses. In most healthcare organisations, enrolled nurses typically work under registered nurses.

The list according to QS World University Rankings for Nursing in 2023*.

Sr No Name of the Course Name of the Institution World Rank
1. Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) University of Sydney 13
2. Bachelor of Nursing Monash University 15
3. Master of Nursing Science The University of Melbourne 17
4. Bachelor of Nursing University of Technology Sydney 20
5. Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) Griffith University 23
6. Bachelor of Nursing Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 30
7. Bachelor of Nursing Deakin University 32
8. Bachelor of Nursing Queensland University 33
9. Bachelor of Nursing Australian Catholic University 43
10. Bachelor of Nursing Western Sydney University 47

* The universities are listed based on the QS Nursing rankings for 2023. TC Global Insights will update this list when QS publishes 2024 rankings.

1.Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) - University of Sydney

The University of Sydney, which was established in 1850, has a strong focus on health. It is also home to the Sydney Medical School, which is one of the largest and most respected medical schools in Australia. Added to this is another reputed research center – the Charles Perkins Centre, a multidisciplinary research and education hub that focuses on preventing and treating chronic diseases.

Source: University of Sydney

What makes this course good?

  • The program has received accreditation from the Australian and Midwifery Accreditation Council, guaranteeing that it satisfies the rigorous requirements established by the Australian nursing industry.
  • The four-year program gives students a solid foundation in nursing theory and practice, as well as research techniques that are necessary for carrying out high-caliber studies in the nursing area.
  • Students in the program have the chance to receive real-world experience in a range of healthcare settings, including hospitals, community health centers, and assisted living homes.
  • The university also has a strong international exchange program, which allows students to study overseas and gain valuable experience in different cultures and environments.

Fees & Scholarship Options

The annual tuition is around AUD 45,500 and can vary depending on the year of study.
The institution provides students with a variety of scholarships, such as

  • The Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program worth AUD 40,000
  • The University of Sydney Honours Scholarship worth AUD 6000
  • Sydney International Student Award (India) which waives 20% of the tuition fee

Eligibility and Duration

The applicant is required to have completed 12th grade and has a minimum IELTS  score of at least 6.5, a TOEFL score of 96, or a PTE  score of 58.
The duration of this course is 3 years full time.

Admission process

Students can submit an online application through the university’s website or through an agent or through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) in order to be considered for the program. Marksheets, transcripts, reference letters, etc, should be attached along with the application. The university’s admission process does not include an interview, and candidates are told of the results of their applications a few weeks after submitting them.

2.Bachelor of Nursing Program at Monash University

Monash University’s nursing course is a highly regarded course that prepares students for a rewarding career in healthcare. The university is home to the Monash Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences, which is one of the largest health faculties in Australia. It is also home to the Monash Health Translation Precinct, a state-of-the-art research facility that focuses on translating research into clinical practice.

Source: Monash University

What makes this course good?

  • The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) has granted the program accreditation, and the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) has given it approval.
  • Students can gain the abilities needed to deliver safe and efficient patient care by taking this course, which combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on training.
  • There are now more than 2,000 students enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing, making it a popular course.
  • The goal of the course is to give students a thorough understanding of nursing practice, including clinical abilities, effective communication, and teamwork and it delivers them effectively.

Fees & Scholarship Options

Overseas students pay about AUD 43,000 annually. For foreign students, the university provides a number of scholarships, such as the Monash International Merit Scholarship, which covers up to AUD 10,000 in tuition fees.

Eligibility Criteria and Duration

Foreign students must meet the English language requirements with a minimum TOEFL score of 79, an IELTS score of 6.5, or a PTE score of 58 along with the completion of their high school with competent scores.
The duration of the program is three years full-time.

Admission process

Through the Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre, students can submit an application for the Bachelor of Nursing program. Students should anticipate hearing back within four to six weeks after submitting an application, which costs about AUD 100. Students may be required to go to an interview and present documentation of their credentials at management’s discretion.

3.Master of Nursing Science at The University of Melbourne

The Melbourne Medical School, which is one of the popular medical schools in Australia is an association of the University of Melbourne. It is also home to the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, which is a world-renowned research institution focused on improving health outcomes globally.

Source: University of Melbourne

What makes this course good?

  • The postgraduate course is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia ensuring its creditworthiness.
  • This master’s degree is intended for licensed nurses who want to grow in their professions and gain knowledge in a particular area of nursing practice.
  • Completing this course gives you the license to practise nursing anywhere in the world including top countries like the UK, USA, and Canada
  • Only 150 students are accepted into this course making it a very competitive course with a high probability to specialize in this field.
  • Acute care nursing, mental health nursing, and primary healthcare nursing are just a few of the specializations available in this degree.

Fees & Scholarship Options

International students must pay about AUD 36,832 as tuition fees per year. Some of the scholarships offered by the university are

  • Melbourne Global Graduate Scholarship (India) worth 10000
  • High-Performance Sports Scholarship
  • University College Scholarships Up to $7,000

Eligibility and Duration

  • Completion of Grade 12
  • A bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Overseas students must meet the English language requirements with a minimum TOEFL score of 94, an IELTS score of 7.0, or a PTE score of 65.

Duration: 2 years full-time

Admission process

Students can use the University of Melbourne website to submit an application for the Master of Nursing Science. The deadline for application closes in September. Students should anticipate hearing back within four to six weeks after submitting an application, which costs about AUD 100. Students may be required to undergo an interview and present original documentation. Since it is a very competitive degree, the admission decision will be announced after 4 to 6 weeks of application.

4.Bachelor of Nursing Program at the University of Technology Sydney

The innovative, career-focused Bachelor of Nursing program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) prepares students for a bright future in nursing. The University of Sydney is known for its strong health sciences program, with a particular focus on evidence-based practice and research. The Faculty of Medicine and Health offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, and public health.

Source: UTS

What makes this course good?

  • Studying nursing program at UTS opens up opportunities for various career yield such as a clinical nurse consultant, clinical nurse specialist, nurse educator, nurse manager, nurse practitioner, or rural and remote practice nurse and nurse academic and researcher
  • With over 600 clinical sites available, over 1.2 million hours of clinical placements undertaken each year which provides students with extensive clinical placement experience.
  • The University of Sydney is a highly diverse institution, with students from over 140 countries studying on campus.
  • Graduates from the Bachelor of Nursing course at the University of Sydney enjoy excellent employment prospects, with a high proportion of graduates securing employment within six months of completing their degree

Fees & Scholarship Options

Foreign students pay about AUD 22,460 per session. Typically, there are three academic sessions in a year. The International Undergraduate Whole Tuition Scholarship, which covers the whole cost of tuition for the duration of the degree, Australia Awards Scholarship, and Undergraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship are some of the scholarships and bursaries that UTS provides for overseas students.

Eligibility and Duration

To be eligible, the student must have

  • Grade 12 completion
  • An overall IELTS score of 7.0  or TOEFL score of  94 overall

Duration: 3 years

Admission process

Students must submit an online application through the UTS online application center with the non-refundable application fee of AUD 100. The application deadline is usually in early January for Semester 1 entry. If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to attend an interview.  If you are successful in the selection process, you will receive an offer of admission. You will need to accept the offer and pay the required fees to secure your place in the program.

5.Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) program at Griffith University

Griffith University is located in South East Queensland, Australia. Griffith University has a strong focus on health and is home to the Griffith Health Group, which is a leading provider of health education and research in Australia. The Griffith Health Group comprises six schools, including Medicine, Dentistry and Oral Health, Nursing and Midwifery, and Allied Health Sciences.

Source: Griffith University

What makes this course good?

  • Through clinical assignments in a variety of healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and community health centers, students get practical experience.
  • In the program’s honors track, students have the chance to conduct an independent research project during their senior year of study.
  • Students have access to the most recent market information and trends, thanks to the program’s strong ties with industry organizations and healthcare providers.
  • Graduates of this program can pursue professions in hospitals, assisted living institutions, aged care,  and community health centers, among other healthcare settings.

Fees & Scholarship Options

For overseas students, the projected annual cost of the program is AUD 38,500. Some of the scholarships available are

  • The Griffith Remarkable Scholarship worth 50% of the UG tuition fees
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science Scholarship worth up to 20,000 AUD
  • International Student Excellence Scholarship worth up to 25% waiver on tuition fees.

Eligibility and Duration

Students should have completed Grade 12 with remarkable scores and should have passed the English language requirement tests such as TOEFL with a score of 79 and IELTS with a score of 7.0.
Duration: 4 years

Admission process

Along with the application fee of  AUD 50, students can apply via the Griffith University International application portal. Students have to provide supporting documents, such as academic transcripts, and proof of English language proficiency. Applicants who meet the entry requirements and pass the initial screening may be invited to attend an interview. The admission decision will be announced after 6 weeks of the application.

6.Bachelor of Nursing at the Queensland University of Technology

Source: QUT

QUT was established in 1989 as a result of a merger between the Queensland Institute of Technology and the Brisbane College of Advanced Education. QUT offers a range of pathways to the Bachelor of Nursing with the Graduates of the Bachelor of Nursing being eligible to apply for registration as a nurse with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

What makes this course good?

  • With 40+ years of experience industry consultation experience, QUT is producing more capable nursing professionals.
  • QUT’s syllabus provides a deep focus on subjects such as pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. It is the best university for students who wants to gain valuable knowledge in these areas.
  • Mandatory 840 hours of clinical practice with a minimum of 800 hours are conducted for students to make them eligible for registration.

Fees & Scholarship Options

The estimated cost of the program is AUD 39,300 per year. The three main scholarships awarded by QUT for overseas students are

  • QUT Excellence Scholarship (Academic)
  • Equity scholarships scheme and
  • QUT Elite Sports Scholarship

Eligibility and Duration

QUT requires students to have mandatorily passed Grade 12 with an average of 85%. Foreign students are required to undergo English language tests such as TOEFL with minimum marks of 98 or IELTS with minimum marks of 7.0.
Duration: 3 years full-time

Admission process

Offshore students who wish to apply for this course have to submit their documentation such as official mark sheets, English proficiency test results, etc before the deadline i.e. June 2024. The application can be made online or through a representative along with a non-refundable application fee of $100. If the application is accepted, students will receive an offer letter via mail.

7.Bachelor of Nursing at Deakin University

Deakin University has a strong focus on health and is home to the Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research, which is a leading provider of health education and research in Australia. The university’s Faculty of Health comprises nine schools, including Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, and Psychology.

Source: Deakin University

What makes this course good?

  • The curriculum is created to satisfy the demands of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).
  • The course provides a variety of specialized electives that let students customize their degrees to fit their interests and career ambitions.
  • With a 93% employment rate following graduation, graduates of this university are in high demand.
  • It is one of the top 7 universities in Australia.
  • Employers in Australia and abroad highly value and seek out Deakin University’s nursing graduates.

Fees & Scholarship Options

For overseas students, the projected annual fee is around AUD 39,800.

The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship, the Deakin India Scholarship, and the Deakin Alumni Postgraduate Bursary are just a few of the scholarships that Deakin University gives to qualified students.

Eligibility and Duration

  • Completion of year 12
  • English language tests such as IELTS scores of 7.0 or TOEFL scores of 94 or PTE score of 65

Duration: 3 years

Admission process

Online applications for the Bachelor of Nursing program are accepted at the Deakin University website. No application fee is required. Application submission, transcript submission, and English proficiency testing are all required steps in the admissions process. Students could also be required to submit a personal statement or appear for an interview. Selected candidates will be sent an admissions offer, which they can accept by paying the deposit and signing up for the course.

8.Bachelor of Nursing program at Queensland University

The Bachelor of Nursing program at Queensland University (established in 1989) is designed to prepare students for the nursing healthcare challenges and to improvise the rewards of modern healthcare. The university excels in providing expert faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and diverse clinical placements that will give nursing students all the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in this fast-paced and rewarding field. The University is ranked 43 as per the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2024.

Source: Queensland University

What makes this course good?

  • The nursing degree from The University of Queensland is one of the best courses that help graduate nurses so that they can work in MDT teams in order to promote quality healthcare.
  • It is ranked 1 in Queensland for clinical, pre-clinical, and health as per Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023
  • You can start your nursing practical experience within the very first year. The university also provides rostered clinical placement shifts and clinical skills simulations.
  • The nursing program is accredited by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC), ensuring that graduates meet the highest standards of professional practice.

Fees & Scholarship Options

The tuition fee is AUD $41,120 annually. International high achievers scholarships worth AUD 10,000, UQ International Excellence Scholarship with a 25% reduction in tuition fee can be availed by students to cover their tuition fees.

Eligibility and Duration

Along with the completion of high school, foreign Students should have passed the English language proficiency test with an average score of 98 in TOEFL, 7.0 in IELTS, or 65 in PTE.
The duration of the course is 3 years.

Admission process

Application process is conducted online for this course. There is an application fee of $50 for domestic students and $100 for international students. The application process also involves the submission of academic reports, and TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores if applicable. Successful applicants will receive an offer letter from the university, which will outline the conditions of the offer, such as any prerequisites that need to be completed before the start of the program.

9. Bachelor of Nursing - Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public research university located in Australia, with campuses across several cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and Ballarat. The university was founded in 1991 and is ranked among the top 3% of universities worldwide.

Source: Wikimedia

What makes this course good?

Here are the top reasons that make this course worth studying at Australian Catholic University (ACU) graduate nurses are valued for their professional abilities, quick thinking, and empathy.
Australian Catholic University is connected with an extensive range of healthcare partners and hospitals— giving students excellent opportunities for future employment and industry placements. The government offers up to 10,000 scholarships for this course. Specialisations from this degree are highly regarded worldwide.

Fees & Scholarship Options

For international students the bachelor of nursing fee for the first year at ACU is $31,008.

Indian students looking forward to pursuing nursing from Australian Catholic University can apply for education loans or financial aid through Global Education Management Services (GEMS). GEMS provides a variety of services to Indian students via the Credila Indian Student Loan Program.

Eligibility and Duration

To apply for this course, students must have passed high school and have English language scores such as a TOEFL score of 7.0.
Duration 3 years.

Admission process

Before you apply, ensure you have any of the above-mentioned English Proficiency Test scores. Select your course and check eligibility and closing dates. Browse different scholarships available for you. Gather all your documents- passport, academic qualifications, and proof of English proficiency. Certify your original documents. Lastly, apply through the online application system.
It is recommended that applicants must apply at least 12 weeks before the commencement of the session. If your application is accepted, you will receive the confirmation letter within 1-2 weeks.

10. Bachelor of Nursing at Western Sydney University

WSU is a large, multi-campus university located in the greater western region of Sydney, Australia. WSU was established in 1989 as a result of the merger of several institutions, including the Hawkesbury Agricultural College, Nepean College of Advanced Education, and the Westmead Hospital Clinical School.

Source: Western Sydney University

What makes this course good?

  • WSU has state-of-the-art simulation labs, where students can practice their nursing skills in a safe and controlled environment. These labs provide an immersive and realistic experience, enabling students to develop their clinical skills and confidence before working with real patients.
  • WSU provides a range of support services for nursing students, including academic support, career advice, and personal counseling.
  • Ranked as the number one Nursing School in Australia by the Centre for World University Rankings and in the Top 50 in the world, QS World University Ranking, it is one of the best schools that foreign students can enroll themselves in.

Fees & Scholarship Options

The fee for the nursing degree per year is AUD $34,568. WSU offers in-house scholarships like Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships with a 50% fee waiver and external scholarships like Australia Awards Scholarship.

Eligibility and Duration

  • Grade 12 completion with great scores and
  • Minimum score of 7.0 at IELTS or TOEFL score of 94 is required.

Duration – 3 years.

Admission process

Before applying, make sure you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the nursing course at WSU. You can submit an application online through the University website or through a registered representative. You will need to provide your personal details, academic transcripts, and English language proficiency test scores. Once done, the admission result will be sent to you through email in a few weeks.

Here are a few more universities to consider, whether you are looking at bachelor’s degrees, diplomas or graduate certificate in nursing in Australia.

  • Curtin University
  • Flinders University
  • La Trobe University
  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of Wollongong
  • Edith Cowan University
  • University of Canberra

What are the benefits of studying in nursing universities in Australia?

Australians value nurses for various reasons, including putting humanity at the center of all they do and that nursing is a field renowned for its ethical standards. Here are some of the significant benefits that make Australia the best country anyone would want to pick when it comes to making a career in nursing. There are, for your information, some great nursing colleges in the UK as well, in case that’s the country you are interested in. For today, however, let us discuss the benefits of studying nursing in Australia.

  • World-Class Nursing Programs: Australia ranks among the top study-abroad countries— especially for international students seeking to pursue a degree in health and medicine. With globally accepted programs and promising employment prospects, studying nursing in Australia is an intelligent choice. As per QS World University Ranking by Subject 2024, 10, 11 Australian universities are rated in the top 50 nursing universities worldwide. Such institutions are found all around Australia, even in rural locations.
  • High Growth Potential: As per the 2021 work and study census by the Australian government, Healthcare & Social Assistance is the largest industry in the Australian market, with 17,51,717  people (including about 4,50,000 registered midwives and nurses) contributing 14.5% proportion of the total market— and still rising. The nursing workforce is predicted to grow faster than the Australian labour market as a whole—given the rising aging population of Australia, and a fall in supply.
  • Rising Demand: According to workforce planning predictions for the nursing workforce, Australia’s demand for nurses would significantly outnumber supply in the medium to long term, with a projected shortfall of around 85,000 nurses by 2025 and 1,23,000 nurses by 2030 under existing conditions— making it the most attractive sector to students looking forward to making a career in the healthcare sector. From maternity and paediatric to geriatric, or specialising in mental health or physical therapy, the scope of employment is vast and varied when it comes to nursing graduates.
  • High-Paying Jobs: Nurses in Australia are paid differently contingent on their position and years of experience. Their pay normally rises each year in step with the rising cost of living. A registered nurse gets an annual salary of $75,000 on average. Moreover, with a valid student visa, you can work up to 48 hours a fortnight in Australia.
  • Globally Accepted Degrees: Australian universities are well-known across the world for their nursing education schemes. Australia is part of the UNESCO Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education, allowing Australian degrees to be recognized internationally.

What are the scholarship options for studying in Nursing Colleges in Australia?

Estimating the cost of studying nursing in Australia and examining the fee structure can be disheartening. On the bright side, many scholarships are available each year for Indian students. These scholarships are majorly financed by the university, private institutions, and professional associations.

Based on the qualifications, one may receive a complete scholarship, including tuition fee waivers, term grants, relocation allowances, health insurance, and other benefits. Leading Australian colleges typically give 10 to 30% scholarships to Indian students. Some of the most popular nursing scholarships for Indian students in Australia include:

  • WA Regional Bursary for TAFE International Students
  • Sir James McNeill Postgraduate Research Scholarship
  • Warrnambool Campus International Bursary
  • Early Bird Acceptance Grant – International Students
  • Regional Victoria Experience Bursary
  • AP Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scholarships 2024
  • TS Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scholarship 2024
  • India International Excellence Scholarship At the University of Newcastle
  • ETS TOEFL Scholarships
  • ANUSA Parents & Carers Grant 2024

How to apply to study Nursing in Australia?

Applying to study Nursing in Australia is now made simple with guidance every step of the way with the help of TC Global.

Step 1:  Login to TC Global as a student

Step 2: Fill out your information

Provide your details to get the best match that’ s right for you. Each student is different and
the results generated are customised based on individual information and requirements.

Step 3: Do your research

Start by researching the universities and courses that offer nursing programs in Australia. Look at the course requirements, entry criteria, and tuition fees to find the best options for you.

Step 4: Use our Insights section

Our insights section has thoroughly researched blogs about all the courses and universities you might require. This is a treasure trove of information for you, so make sure you read the parts relevant to you here.

Step 5: Get in touch with TC Global

Our platform provides the perfect convergence of tech and human interface. Once you’ve input your
information, you can contact TC Global’s Relationship Members to discuss your study options and requirements. There is a team of experts to guide you through the process of choosing a university and program that meets your needs.

Once you’ve decided on the course and university you want to apply to, TC Global will assist you in submitting your application and l guide you till you get admission to the university that’s right for you.

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