Top Destinations to Study Physics

Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and the only subject that helps us understand the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is also one of the fundamental science disciplines that provides a theoretical framework that is central to all the applied sciences.

Pursuing a degree in physics is considered to be the first step towards a variety of career opportunities, as more than 40% of graduates directly go into the workforce.

So, today let’s take a look at the top places to study physics.

Here is the list of the QS top 10 universities globally to study Physics :

Serial No. University Country
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge
United States
2 Stanford University Stanford
United States
3 Harvard University Cambridge
United States
4 University of Cambridge Cambridge
United Kingdom
5 University of Oxford Oxford
United Kingdom
6 University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Berkeley
United States
7 California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Pasadena
United States
8 Princeton University Princeton
United States
9 ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
10 The University of Tokyo Tokyo

Study Physics in the US and UK

According to the QS world university ranking by subjects 2021, six out of the top ten universities to study physics are in the United States, and two are from the United Kingdom. There are 22 universities from the United States that are part of the top 50 list. The North American region also has a lot of famous universities to study physics and currently claims a total of 116 institutions in the ranking. Physics, you may agree, is also one of the toughest courses to study!

The physics department of MIT is considered the best place in the world to do research and studies in physics and related subjects. The physics department at MIT ensures an outstanding balance of theoretical and practical education. The cutting-edge technology and reputed research centres make learning a subject like physics unique in the United States and MIT.

The UK is also home to some of the top universities to study physics, with Oxford and Cambridge being in the top 10 positions. The UK has a total of 6 universities in the list of top 50 universities to study physics.

Study Physics in Switzerland

Switzerland is not just known for its natural beauty, but also it is the home for a few of the top universities to study physics. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich is one of the most popular research universities in the top 10 list. It is also very well known for its contributions in physics and related subjects. ETH Zurich has also produced many notable alumni, and eminent personalities like Albert Einstein was also part of this university.

Study Physics in Australia

In the Australian continent, Australia is the home of the most number of universities to study Physics. There are 16 top-ranked universities in Australia, and the Australian National University has the 43rd rank. The Australian education system is recognized worldwide for producing industry-level graduates and the Australian National University (ANU) is on the list of top 50 universities to study physics globally.

Study Physics in Asia

In the Asian continent, China has the most number of top universities to study physics, with a total of 36 universities being part of the QS world university ranking and two universities making it in the global top 20 list. Tsinghua University in China is ranked 18th by the QS ranking. Japan also has many popular universities with 24 entrants and the University of Tokyo being in the top 10. Based out of South Korea, Seoul National University (SNU) has achieved the 34th rank globally, and South Korea currently has 21 top universities to study physics.

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