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We have all argued at some point with our friends or family about how hard our classes were and how they have it “all too easy” compared to us. Sometimes, we have wondered which was the toughest subject to learn, or if their degree was as hard as they claimed it to be. Well, guess what? Some researchers went ahead and did exactly this. We finally have the answer to that one question we have asked a million times before – which are the hardest fields and the degrees in the world?

We start with the easiest to the hardest…

8. Finance and Accounting

Financial management is an essential part of every organization and this includes efficient management of inflow and outflow of cash, managing the organization’s overall finances, budgetary allocations, sales trends, auditing, calculation of taxes and others. Through financial management and accounting, organizations can keep track of their finances and allocate resources as necessary. These activities are carried out by specifically trained professionals who have a background in finance and accounting.

Chartered accounting, auditing, chartered financial analysis, account executives, and operations management are some of the career options for those choosing to study finance and accounting.

Toughest degree: Chartered Accountant

7. Biology

Biology is the study of living organisms and the various processes that take place in their bodies. Biology majors are relatively hard due to the large amount of lab work, extensive syllabus, and a load of unfamiliar and challenging concepts! Advancements in the field of biology have brought about improvements in our quality of life and have also helped us to understand how the bodies of different organisms work. They have also helped to learn about diseases and how they affect our bodies.

Microbiology, molecular biology, botany, zoology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, marine biology, evolutionary genetics, and physiology are some of the most important branches of biology.

Toughest degree: Molecular biology

6. Medicine

Medicine is a field that is ever-evolving and requires those practicing to be constantly updated about. Out of all of the courses, medicine takes the longest time to complete (over 7 years!). Once the undergraduate degree is completed, one will have to take up a graduate degree as well to pursue a career in one of the multiple specialties of medicine. These specialties include neuroscience, cardiology, surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics-gynaecology, oncology, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, pediatrics, and dermatology.

Toughest degree: MD Neurology

5. Nursing

Nursing is considered to be a noble occupation since it is the field that requires one to take care of others selflessly. A bachelor’s degree in nursing was officially recognised as the hardest degree in the world by the Guinness Book of records in 2011! Nurses are the backbone of the medical systems across the world since they personally look after patients, attend to their needs, take part in surgeries and operations, and even perform life-saving procedures in case of emergencies! The different types of nurses include registered nurses, labor and delivery nurses, nursing assistants, surgical assistant nurses, home care nurses, ER nurses, and clinical nurse specialists among others.

Toughest degree: Oncology Nurse

4. Physics

Physics is a natural science that is very helpful in understanding the fundamental workings of the observable universe. It deals with the study of matter and its behavior with respect to the different forces found in nature. Physics is a tough subject to master due to the large amount of mathematical concepts it uses for different notions.
Astrophysics, quantum physics, thermodynamics, nuclear physics, mechanical physics, acoustics, electromagnetism, optics, and electricity and electronics are some of the major branches and areas of study in physics.

Toughest degree: Astrophysics

3. Mathematics

Our everyday lives are completely dependent on mathematical concepts. Mathematics is a fundamental subject that plays an important role across a variety of fields including physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and other combinatorial subjects.

Mathematical ecology, graph theory, statistics, combinatorics, calculus, discrete mathematics, fluid mathematics, and set theory are some of the areas of mathematics in which one can pursue a degree in.

Toughest degree: Advanced calculus

2. Chemistry

One of the fundamental sciences, chemistry is notoriously difficult to master given the different branches it has and the subdivisions that *each* of these different branches have! Chemistry helps us to explain the properties of different matter and the reason why they undergo changes. Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and biochemistry are the most important branches of chemistry.

Toughest degree: Biochemistry

And finally at rank 1 is, you guessed it,

1. Engineering!

Engineering is the field that makes use of scientific knowledge to design and manufacture products and services. It can be said that engineering creates the world that we live in. Engineering graduates are required to possess multiple skills including analytical, logical, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and great communication skills. The path to becoming an engineer is quite long and hard as most engineers would have to begin preparing from high school!

Some of the most popular engineering branches are architecture, chemical engineering, computer science engineering, mechatronics, artificial and machine learning engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering.

Toughest degree: Chemical engineering

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