Top 10 Non-Tech Careers Post 2020

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There’s been a lot of talk about STEM careers, and how this is the way to go, especially post-pandemic. However, while STEM fields are definitely seeing a spike (and will continue to rise in the future) there’s no dearth of career tracks for those who are not technically inclined.

Here are some fields to explore.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Design
  • Social Media
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Education
  • Fine Arts
  • Nursing
Finance and Accounting

Every organization needs people in finance – so it’s definitely an area that will always have opportunities. However, you need to have good mathematical and problem-solving skills to succeed in this field.

Accounting is all about details. While finance deals with transitory numbers, the crux of accounting lies in fact-based numbers. Accounts deal with accounts payables, accounts receivables and budgets to ensure that the economic transactions in a company run smoothly.

Here are the top-rated universities in the world for finance and accounting according to QS Rankings 2020

S.No. University Name Location
1 Harvard University U.S.A
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology U.S.A.
3 Stanford University U.S.A.
4 The London School of Economics and Political Science U.K.
5 University of Oxford U.K.
6 University of Cambridge U.K.
7 University of Pennsylvania U.S.A.
8 University of California, Berkeley (UCB) U.S.A.
9 University of Chicago U.S.A.
10 New York University U.S.A.
Digital Marketing

If you are an internet geek and a strong sense of the prevailing market trends, you can excel in this field. Digital Marketing experts study the objectives of a company and then align it with online marketing channels to achieve optimum results. They not only help in drafting an actionable plan for promoting a product or service but also elaborate on the process it will take to achieve the desired results.

They also work on improving brand visibility and build brand identity through techniques like Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Adwords etc. Subsequently, they analyse critical data and monitor the success of these campaigns.

This field certainly has a bright future. According to a Marketing Hiring Trends study in 2018, the demand for digital marketers exceeds supply by over 45%. Thus, the opportunities are vast if you have the talent.

Top rated universities in the world for masters in marketing according to QS Rankings 2020

S.No. University Name> Location
1 HEC Paris France
2 Imperial College U.K.
3 Columbia U.S.A
4 Manchester (Alliance) U.K
5 EMLyon France
6 ESCP Europe Business School> Multi campus
7 ESADE Spain
8 Warwick Business School U.K.
9 EDHEC France
10 WU Vienna Austria

There are also some great online courses that can be done as a specialization:

  • Google Digital Marketing Courses (Free with Certification)
  • SEMRush Academy (Free with Certification)
  • HubSpot Online Marketing Courses (Free with Certification)
  • Udemy Digital Marketing Courses (Paid with Certification)
  • Copyblogger Online Marketing Course (Free)

Bachelor of Design in Fashion Designing has become a very popular program. Prospects in the fashion industry also seem bright. There are many opportunities – from freelance design consultants and costume designers to illustrators and beyond.

In addition to this, if you also pursue a course in multimedia, it will add to your skills. Video marketing, for instance is at an all-time high. As the world goes digital and people consume more multimedia content than written ones – video will only see further demand.

If you want to make the design industry your oyster, you should have a creative bent of mind and should be willing to explore the relationship between a product and its user.
Graphic Designing is also a growing field. It amalgamates the use of texts, images and visual features to magnetize the target audience.

  • UI/UX design and Graphic designers
  • Fashion designers and Interior designers
  • Communication design and Industrial design
  • Multimedia artists and animators
  • Jewellery, precious stones and metal workers
  • Craft and fine artists and Floral designers
  • Set and exhibit designers

Top-rated universities in the world for design according to QS rankings 2020

S.No. University Name Location
1 Royal College of Art U.K.
2 University of the Arts London U.K.
3 Parsons School of Design at The New School U.S.A
4 Rhode Island School of Design U.S.A
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) U.S.A
6 Politecnico di Milano Italy
7 Aalto University Finland
8 The Glasgow School of Art U.K.
9 School of the Art Institute of Chicago U.S.A
10 Pratt Institute U.S.A
Social Media Management

An efficient social media manager is someone who converts and connects simultaneously. They are the voice of a company and handle the end-to-end execution of the social media strategy on several platforms right from monitoring and executing to filtering and maintaining a robust online reputation. They can be called the new age “PR Representatives.

They adopt the guidelines and disseminate a company’s primary messaging and information, and maintain an active engagement with its users.

Though this field doesn’t demand a degree as such, graduation in disciplines like marketing and public relations can help. What matters more is having great communication and content skills and also a a good grasp of how to create user engagement. From a technical standpoint, it’s important to have knowledge of the right platforms and tools – and this is a fast changing field, you will need to keep abreast of the latest innovations and technologies.

Best universities in the world for Communication and Media Studies according to QS Rankings 2020

S.No. University Name Location
1 University of Amsterdam Netherlands
2 University of Southern California U.S.A.
3 The London School of Economics and Political Science U.K
4 Stanford University U.S.A
5 University of Texas at Austin U.S.A
6 University of Pennsylvania U.S.A
7 Goldsmiths, University of London

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



8 University of California, Berkeley U.S.A
9 New York University (NYU) U.S.A

Here are some of the best online courses out there:

  • Social Media Certification by HubSpot Academy
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google Digital Garage
  • PPC 101 by Wordstream
  • Social Media Training for Beginners by Constant Contact
  • Diploma in E-business by Alison

Through the core theories of psychology and psychoanalysis, the students learn how the human mind works and how human processes are carried out. Psychologists study two critical relationships : one between the brain functions and the behaviour, and the other between the environment and the behaviour. While applying scientific theories, they need to be creative in their approach. They are expert innovators who continually refresh the existing knowledge resources to meet the changing needs of the world.

Potential opportunities

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

I-O psychology focuses on workplace behaviour. Its theories revolve around HR, marketing and sales and the overall development of the organization and the employees. Besides, they are also employed in research and academic positions. Though a graduate degree is sufficient for entry-level positions, a post-grad is recommended for better career prospects.

The best opportunities are reserved for professionals with a doctorate. However,  the field is growing at a rapid pace, and an increasing number of  universities are now offering this course.

The core requirement to sustain in this field is an interest and ability  in statistics and research. If you are more inclined towards one-on-one interactions, clinical psychology will suit your skill set more.

Career counsellor

Career counsellors interact with students and professionals on a one-on-one basis. Based on detailed discussions, they analyze the skill set, intelligence level, personality and other socio-economic factors to recommend a career choice that best suits the student’s  profile. Moreover, they also extend support to the professionals who are under work pressure.

More than 50% of India’s population falls in the bracket of 15 to 24 years. Thus, there is more demand for career counsellors than ever before. To maintain a globally acceptable student-to-counsellor ratio, the country still needs 1.4 million career counsellors. This proves that there is plenty of room for passionate individuals to venture into the field.

Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist can be an expert in a vast range of fields right from substance abuse, post-trauma mental health and health psychology to geriatrics and child or adult mental health. The Indian Journal on Clinical Psychology prescribes a minimum qualification of an M.A. or M.Phil in Psychology or Applied Psychology followed by a two-year M.Phil in Psychology. The experts have the option of either practising in their private clinic or joining a health centre.

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychology is extensively applied in the legal arena and investigations. It is the middle ground between law and psychology. A Forensic Psychologist must have a robust grasp of civil and criminal laws. Forensic psychologists play a critical role in punishing and preventing crimes which can go a long way in maintaining a harmonious society.

Forensic Psychologists are entrusted with the responsibility of investigating why certain people commit crimes and how society can prevent them from executing these ominous acts. To explore this career opportunity, students can opt for a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or criminology with a focus on psychology. However, this is not enough. One needs a PhD in Psychology and a degree in Criminology to leverage opportunities.

Special Education Teacher

These professionals aid students who have special needs and require more attention and individualised learning. . They ensure that they get the support they need to perform to the best of their capabilities. They provide these children personalized attention and care. Special educators are trained in specific disabilities including learning disabilities, speech, hearing and visual impairments, and many more.

To become a Special Education Teacher, students can either go for a Diploma course right after their 12th, pursue B.Ed in Special Education after being awarded by any UG degree, or go for certificates to enhance their mastery over certain techniques of special education.

Top-rated universities in the world for QS Rankings 2020

S.No University Name Location
1 Harvard University U.S.A.
2 Stanford University U.S.A.
3 University of Cambridge U.K.
4 University of Oxford U.K.
5 University of California, Berkeley (UCB) U.S.A.
6 University of California, Los Angeles U.S.A.
7 UCL U.K.
8 Yale University U.S.A
9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology U.S.A
10 University of Michigan Ann-Harbor U.S.A

If the world around fascinates and intrigues you and you are blessed with an analytical bent of mind, economics is the right choice. A degree in economics brings with itself a vast arena of opportunities in both public as well as private sectors. Graduates in economics mainly study the forces that drive the market, the trends in the industrial sector and the labour market. They also have a deep understanding of how private companies can utilize the best opportunities to flourish.

A business analyst brainstorms to find the best solutions that suit a business’s needs in terms of the relevant technology as well as hiring the right talent. They identify sales trends and keep a tab on the performance of the competitors. This helps them in grasping the pain points of the customers and build cordial customer service relations. The personalized service thus provided boosts operational efficiency manifold. As stated in a report by the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, The employment of Business Analysts will grow by over 14% from 2018 to 2028.
Market Research Analysts have the freedom to work as either full-time or contractual employees of an organization. What’s more? They still make an average of $23.25 an hour! Firstly, they evaluate the data collection methods and choose the one which best suits the circumstances. Subsequently, they interpret the data and thus derived and organize it. Market Research Analysts predict the future trends of a product or service and help clients and executives in making more informed decisions.

Sectors with a high demand for economics graduates
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance Investment and Stock Brokerage
  • Marketing, Advertising and Communication
  • Media Analysis
  • Management
  • Manufacturing and Retailing
  • Actuarial
  • Education and Research
Opportunities for economics graduates
  • Economist and Economic Advisor
  • Executive
  • Financial analyst, Stock market analyst, Economic research analyst and Business analyst
  • Researcher
  • Consultant

Top-rated universities in the world for economics according to QS Rankings 2020

S.No University Name Location
1 Harvard University U.S.A
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology U.S.A
3 Stanford University U.S.A
4 University of California, Berkeley U.S.A
5 The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Princeton University
7 University of Chicago U.S.A
8 Yale University U.S.A
9 University of Oxford U.K
10 University of Cambridge U.K
Political Science

In the earlier days, the scope of this field was pretty limited and was restricted to academia. Now, it has expanded to include a range of opportunities in both the government as well as the private sectors. You can prepare for the civil services, become a lecturer at a college or university or even serve as a political analyst. Political journalism is also an emerging field.


  • Teaching and research
  • Journalism
  • Public administration and Public Planning
  • Social policy and Public Affairs
  • Academics
  • Analysis and Archivist
  • International relations and Diplomacy
  • Foreign correspondents and Translator with a foreign envoy
  • City planner and Executive advisor

To succeed in the field of education, you need to have great communication skills. Soft skills like collaboration and a problem-solving mindset are also crucial. Besides IT, research and analytical skills, one needs to have good organizational and self-management skills to keep up with the workload.

Theories of learning, equality and diversity, creativity and education policy form the core of this domain. A degree in education also equips one with a general understanding of education in the context of politics, society and the economy. Some courses also include workplace modules and thus provide much-needed hands-on learning.

  • Opportunities Community education officer
  • Teaching
  • Education administrator and Educational consultant
  • Youth worker
  • Private tutor
  • Engagement with community and voluntary organizations
  • Counsellor

Top-rated universities in the world for Education according to QS Rankings 2020

S.No. University Name Location
2 Harvard University U.S.A.
3 Stanford University U.S.A.
4 University of Oxford U.K.
5 University of Toronto Canada
6 University of Cambridge U.K.
7 University of Hong Kong Hing Kong SAR
8 University of California, Berkeley U.S.A.
9 University of British Columbia Canada
10 Columbia University U.S.A.
Further Study

Work experience is essential to pursue further study in education. Some good options can be visiting schools and observing the teaching techniques or volunteering to help out the local education communities for practical knowledge of the field. The candidates must always be on their toes when it comes to searching for the right opportunities. Besides, there are career prospects in the private sector as well. They include –

  • HR
  • Market and policy research
  • Publishing
  • Retail management
  • Educational psychology and career guidance
Fine Arts

If you are a creative soul who enjoys drawing and sketching, Fine Arts might be the right choice for you. This field involves the study of subjects like films, music, interior design, photography, conceptual art and sculpture. The experts are known for their keen aesthetic sense.

Various prominent Indian institutions provide the option of either pursuing certificate, diploma or degree courses. If you are interested in further study, you can go for a postgraduate and PhD as well. The duration of the programs ranges from one to five years. While the Diploma course is of one year, the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Visual Arts courses are of 4-5 years. You can also opt for a B.A in Fine Arts which spans over three years. Postgraduate degrees also require two years of study.

Here’s a list of the top 10 universities in the world for Fine Arts according to QS Rankings 2020

S.No. University Name Location
1 Royal College of Art U.K.
2 University of the Arts London U.K.
3 Parsons School of Design at The New School U.S.A
4 Rhode Island School of Design U.S.A
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) U.S.A
6 Politecnico di Milano Italy
7 Aalto University Finland
8 The Glasgow School of Art U.K.
9 School of the Art Institute of Chicago U.S.A
10 Pratt Institute U.S.A
Career Prospects

This field gives you the freedom to freelance. You can work from any location of your choice at a time that suits you the best. On the other hand, you can also work as a teacher if you want to pursue a more stable career path. A degree in fine arts opens doors to a lot of fields including the creative industries, architecture and even academia. Fine arts graduates also find employment in sectors like insurance, public relations, art galleries and banking. Multimedia is a booming sector, and video gaming companies are always on the lookout for the best talent.

Here’s a list of the professions that can be adopted by fine arts graduates –

  • Art therapist and Art director
  • Multimedia programmer and Animator
  • Drawing teacher and Music teacher
  • Set designer and Furniture designer
  • Creative director
  • Editor
  • 3D artist

If you want to seek a major that provides immediate employment opportunities after graduation, nursing is the way to go. It is one of the most sought-after majors worldwide and offers opportunities to gain expertise in areas like midwifery and anaesthesia. You can also opt for becoming a registered or practising nurse.

In the contemporary scenario, the importance of this field has increased manifold, and there is a lot of demand for talented nurses. The newer opportunities that have arisen in the healthcare sector have given nurses the power to bring forth quantitative and qualitative change in the world.

If you are empathetic and want to pursue a career path which lets you be on the front line while caring for patients, you should opt for this career opportunity. Molloy College, New York University and Drexel University are the leading universities in the world for pursuing a course in nursing.

To-rated universities in the world for nursing according to QS Rankings 2020

S.No. University Name Location
1 University of Pennsylvania U.S.A.
2 King’s College London U.K.
3 Johns -Hopkins University U.S.A.
4 University of Washington U.S.A
5 University of Southampton U.K
6 Yale University U.S.A
7 University of Technology Sydney Australia
8 University of Manchester
University of Toronto
10 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill U.S.A.
The Bottom Line

It is vital to analyse your capabilities and then decide on your career path. Once you have done so, then building connections in the industry is also equally important to guide you on the right path. Platforms like LinkedIn are great for the same. If you need any other help regarding your career, reach out to TC Global.

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