Top 10 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs in 2022

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Whatever your background or your skills, the marketing department of any organisation is so versatile that you can turn it into a niche opportunity. Some of them need technical specialisations while the others need for you to bring out your artsy, creative side. Ideally, a great marketing professional should know how to balance both.

That said, what are some of the highest-paying marketing jobs? Before we go into the list, how do we categorise “highest paying”? As you know, salary scales and marketing skills gaps are highly variable across regions. So, this list is an average of positions that are in demand and that have more than the median salary of equivalent roles. It goes without saying that your experience, the strength of your resume, and how you market yourself will play a huge role in the salary package you negotiate.

Here’s what we’ll look at today:

10 highest-paying marketing jobs:

  • Corporate Communications Head – As the head of corporate communications, you will be in charge of crafting the voice of the company and ensuring that it reaches everyone through the various modes of communication. You will be overseeing all communications strategies and creating a public relations network that will firmly root your organisation within the community. A degree in public relations, media, communication, or business management would be the starting step for this role.
  • Marketing Research Director – Today’s world is extremely data-driven. To design an appropriate marketing strategy, any organisation will need people to bring in the data about current market trends. As a marketing research director, you will be overseeing a team that collects, analyses, and shares market data with the various departments of your organisation. Analytics and research should be your strong suit to get into this line.
  • Director, Digital Advertisement – Digital Marketing has taken over the field of advertising. With more people spending time in front of their systems, the public face of your organisation gets built online. As the head of the digital marketing team, you will oversee the curation, production, and implementation of all forms of digital advertisement from targeted social media ads and longer articles to customised e-mails to prospective consumers. Now, digital marketing has also pervaded augmented and virtual reality. Language skills, some tech skills, and a keen sense of navigating the digital world are what are needed.
  • Demand Generation Managers – A multifaceted role, demand generation managers are always on their feet, figuring out strategies and campaigns that will generate more demand for their organisation. Your responsibilities will include everything from getting new leads through a content campaign, building buzz around a new product, collaborating with influencers, making profitable marketing partnerships, and curating campaigns to develop and maintain loyalty among customers. This is a position that usually requires experience in different marketing roles. The results you can show are more important than the degrees you have.
  • International Marketing Executives – In today’s globalised world, organisations are fighting tooth and nail to build diversity campaigns. Having a customer base that is multicultural and global adds a huge boost to the organisation. So more organisations are investing in personnel who can come up with international marketing strategies.
  • SEO Specialist – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)connects people to the right kind of content they are looking for by placing targeted keywords in relevant places across the web. Through this process, you increase visibility when using any search engine. As a SEO specialist, you learn to identify the keywords and find ways to organically include them in your digital marketing content. The more visible a company gets, the more loyalty it can build. After all, how many people go to page two of Google?
  • Data Analyst – All market research begins with data analysis. Data Science courses and Data scientists are in high demand to understand the functioning of the market. Besides, getting to the Director level could just be your first step.
  • UX/ Graphic/ Web Designers –With all things becoming digital, it is natural that the demand for creative designers is on the rise. Based on market research, you will create designs, logos, web pages, and branding material that will make your product stand out. You will be crafting the entire user experience that can shift loyalties and build a bigger fan following. If you are also an AI Specialist, you are golden.
  • Content Creators – Content creators with a significant presence in social media are also sought after by marketing departments. It concludes content in all forms: a writer with a huge fan following on Medium, an influencer on TikTok or Instagram, or a vlogger on YouTube.
  • Video Editors – The digital world is moving away from text to audio-visual content. So having video editors is becoming a necessity. Build your skills to create short, engaging videos and you will be swooped by marketing departments.

The summary

If you are looking to start a career in any of the marketing fields, up-skill on your technical and creative skills. Like we said, your abilities are more sought after than your degrees.

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