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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that has been at the forefront of technological advancement in the past couple of decades. AI has been donning so many roles in our world that it has almost become indiscernible. To know more about how AI is revolutionizing industries.

It is no surprise that there are many opportunities for those interested in developing artificial intelligence-based applications and services. In order to land your dream AI job, you must be aware of the best programs available, offered by various institutions across the globe, that specifically cater to producing top-notch professionals.

Why Study Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence may very well be the answer to how we manage to perform complex tasks in the future. Due to the large amount of data being generated, it is going to be impossible for humans to read patterns and to develop predictions. AI systems are being designed to substitute the need for humans and to emulate human cognition. By being able to think on their own, AI systems can take on complex tasks and perform them as well as, if not better, a human. The applications of AI can be seen in healthcare, entertainment, autonomous vehicles, data crunching, image processing, predictions and much more.

Best university for Artificial Intelligence in the world

The best best artificial intelligence programs and the universities that offer them are listed here. You might want to consider these programs in case you are looking forward to carving out a niche for yourself.

1. Computation and Cognition (Blended Major) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers a computational and engineering approach. It is a joint venture between the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. The program covers different topics including neuroengineering, and human and machine intelligence. MIT also offers a major in Computer Science and Engineering, which focuses on artificial intelligence among other computing related disciplines.

2. Artificial Intelligence Graduate Program – Stanford School of Engineering at Stanford University offers a graduate certificate program in artificial intelligence. The Stanford AI Lab, which was founded in 1962, has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence research and teaching over the years. The undergraduate major in computer science offers multiple tracks to select from. Artificial intelligence is one the tracks that students can choose, as part of their major.

3. B.S in Artificial IntelligenceCarnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science offers an undergraduate program in AI for students who are looking to build a career in designing and developing state-of-the-art AI systems. The program is open only to students of the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) so one will have to be accepted into CMU first before applying to the BSAI program. CMU also offers a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation.

4. B.S in Computer Science – University of California, Berkeley has one of the best AI research labs across the globe called the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab (BAIR). The lab focuses on research activities that involve statistics, neuroscience and operations research methodologies. The research lab offers seminars and courses in AI at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. These courses can be taken up by the students of EECS. Most of the AI-related courses offered for undergraduate programs have course numbers starting with “CS18_” and “EE12_”.

The EECS department also offers a five-year program, which is a combination of undergraduate and graduate degrees. This course however, cannot be taken up by those looking to do a PhD in the field. An online program in artificial intelligence is also offered at UCB for those looking to upskill themselves and to spear-head their AI-driven projects and teams.

5. At the University of Oxford, artificial intelligence courses are available to those students who are pursuing undergraduate programs that have majors in computer science, mathematics and computer science, and computer science and philosophy. Oxford has been making groundbreaking developments in the field of artificial intelligence through research and development. The university also offers an online course on AI for technical professionals and other business leaders. The Oxford Artificial Intelligence Program is a short programme spanning six weeks and is designed to help one understand how AI works.

6. Harvard’s John A Paulson School (SEAS) and Institute for Applied Computational Science (IACS) offers undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science where students can take up courses on artificial intelligence. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is an online course offered by Harvard University on the Harvard Extension School platform, which introduces the programming tools for AI. Harvard also offers a free course on AI – CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python, which is a course that focuses on exploring the fundamentals of AI.

7. Bachelor of Arts in CS is an undergraduate program offered by the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge. It offers a course on artificial intelligence in the second year. The Department of Engineering offers an MPhil course in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence. The Department of Engineering also has specialised laboratories that focus on Machine Intelligence, and Computational and Biological Learning. The Department of Computer Science and Technology has a research group that focuses on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

8. ETH Zurich offers a Bachelor’s Program in Computer Science. The DAS in Data Science is a program that aims at providing a continuous education. It includes a foundational course and a specialization track where students can opt for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The computer science department also offers a master’s program that has both a major and minor in machine intelligence. A certificate program in computer science is also a program that is in high demand at ETH Zurich. Machine intelligence is one of the specialization topics that students can choose from.

Considering the rising number of students who are interested in AI research, the ETH AI Center has been actively promoting research in the field. The Institute of Machine Learning has also been involved in conducting research related to optimization of machine learning models, and large-scale data analytics.

9. Machine Intelligence is one of the majors offered in the Engineering Science Undergraduate Program at the University of Toronto.
The machine learning research groups provide different courses in the topic and are engaged in producing quality research.

10. The School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Nanyang University offers a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. They also offer a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. The programs help students to design and develop AI systems and to help them understand project management and creating regulations in AI. NTU has been developing research groups that focus on artificial intelligence and these groups are involved in developing AI technology related to aerospace, manufacturing, autonomous vehicles and material science.

11. Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. These programs focus on courses such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, data science and natural language processing among others. Research in AI at the Paul G. Allen School focuses on different topics including but not limited to automated planning and control, computational biology, machine learning, natural language processing and robotics. University of Washington’s AI research is one among the top-ranked labs across the US and is active in machine learning, natural language processing, robotics and computer vision.

12. The Department of Computing at the Imperial College London offers an integrated undergraduate program – MEng Computing (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). The department also offers postgraduate programs in AI and ML such as MSc Artificial Intelligence and MSc Computing (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). These programs are aimed at STEM graduates with a strong foundation in mathematics. The department is also involved in AI research that focuses on the development of autonomous systems and in utilising their expertise in areas such as data science, robotics, machine learning, computer vision and others to develop intelligent systems and applications.

13. The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences offers B.S programs under the computer science, and electrical and computer engineering departments. The school of engineering has research focus in big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Statistical and Relational Artificial Intelligence Lab (StarAI) at University of California, Los Angeles performs research on artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and reasoning, applications probabilistic reasoning and learning, and machine learning. UCLA is also home to different labs that focus on pioneering AI and ML research including UCLA statistical machine learning lab, machine learning and genomics lab and UCLA computational machine learning lab.

14. Columbia University offers BS in Computer Science (SEAS), BS in Computer Engineering (SEAS), BA in Computer Science (CC, GS, Barnard) , BA in Computer Science and Mathematics (CC & GS), BA in Data Science (formerly known as Computer Science and Statistics) (CC, GS), and BA in Information Science (CC, GS) through its schools including Barnard College, Columbia College, and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. These programs have courses dedicated to artificial intelligence. Columbia University offers a Master’s degree in machine learning.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tracks help to develop systems that exhibit human cognition, reasoning and behavioural patterns, and in developing knowledge about the machine learning concepts and their applications, respectively. Columbia University is also involved in AI research that includes collaborations within the university (across departments) and beyond.

15. Cornell University has been one of the frontrunners in AI research since the 1990s. CU offers an undergraduate with a major in computer science that has artificial intelligence as one of its electives. CU also has an undergraduate research group that offers opportunities to people looking to do research. CU offers a range of courses in AI for undergraduates including 4700: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, 4701: Practicum in Artificial Intelligence, 6700: Advanced Artificial Intelligence, and 7790: Seminar in Artificial Intelligence.

There are a lot more universities that offer courses in AI and machine learning. Depending on one’s requirements and expertise, the courses can be chosen. One thing is for sure – AI is here to stay.

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