Top 10 College Majors in 2022

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At TC Global, we keep our ear to the ground to know of the latest global trends – be it a career or a college major.  Here’s a quick look at the top majors for this year. Depending on your interest and

inclination, you can look at any one of these fields as a career.

Here goes…

  • Business Studies & Administration – An MBA or a postgraduate business degree up the chances of you getting a great opportunity after graduation. Individuals completing this degree are likely to have successful careers in sales, financial services, marketing, or as entrepreneurs starting their own firms.
  • Engineering -With an ever-increasing need for innovative technological advancements, engineering will remain one of the highest-paying degrees in the foreseeable future. Graduates with engineering degrees continue to earn good money across the world. Several branches such as Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Software Engineering degrees continue to be in high demand.
  • Medicine -Physicians provide health care to the larger population and take care of routine health issues as well as health care emergencies by providing diagnosis and prescribing medications. There are several branches of medical science that one can specialize in and all of them are in demand.
  • Finance -A degree in Finance degree covers qualitative methods for accounting and finance, business and management, tax compliance, risk mitigation, statistics, and audit & assurance. Graduates are equipped with skills to manage the finances of banks, businesses, and related policies. Graduates land jobs as marketing research analysts, bank managers, mortgage brokers, and security analysts, in public, private, and non-profit establishments.
  • Pharmacology -Pharmacists are in demand in pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals. They administer appropriate medications and monitor dosages to achieve optimal health outcomes. Often graduates also pursue careers in areas of veterinary pharmacy, pharmaceutical research, and drug development. In a post-covid world, this is one of the industries which is rapidly growing and gearing for innovation.
  • Data Science -A data scientist analyzes data for specific information and organizes it into reports. Businesses collect massive amounts of data to determine trends, anticipate buyer actions, and thus graduates learn how to use programming language and visualization software to help businesses and governments make sense of all the data they collect.
  • Education -Education graduates are equipped with foundational courses in child development, classroom management along with theories behind education practices in praxis. It opens up a diverse set of career opportunities and contributes to the continual process of developing intellectually and socially sound individuals.
  • Law -Students pursuing Law study myriad modules covering the legal code, Property Law, Equity and Trusts, Constitutional Law to name a few which allows them a comprehensive understanding of the Law of a country. Upon graduation, lawyers can practice privately, with the government, public, or organizations, and are usually one of the highest-paid degree holders.
  • Nursing -Nurses administer medical care during various health checkups. They must complete foundational courses on pathophysiology, microbiology, and human anatomy. They also find work in clinics and care homes where patients require more hands-on assistance.
  • Architecture -Architecture majors specialize in landscape, commercial, residential, or industrial architecture. They work closely with engineers and construction personnel to design public buildings, residences, and other structures, focusing on sustainability, urban works, or furniture design.

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