Project Management Courses in Canada for International Students [2024]

Project Management Courses in Canada offer international students an array of options to develop the skills they need to take on project-based roles upon graduation. From certificate programs and diplomas to advanced degrees, students can find a program that fits their individual needs.

What is a Project Management Course?

Project Management Courses provide students with the knowledge and skills required to plan, manage, and control complex projects. They also help learners understand how to work effectively with teams, use software tools for project management, and apply best practices in resource allocation and risk management.

The courses are designed to equip professionals with techniques that will make them more successful in managing any type of project.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) recently reported that the demand for project managers is projected to rise drastically by 2027 to reach 87.7 million people.

Canada alone will be looking to hire an estimated 90,000 new project management professionals. Failing to fill the talent gap in this field could potentially cause an estimated loss of US$208 billion to GDP over the next decade. Clearly, there is an opportunity for career growth in this thriving industry.

Why study Project Management in Canada?

Canada is a unique study destination and is home to some of the best universities and colleges in the world, offering a wide range of courses related to project management.

By studying project management in Canada, international students can gain access to comprehensive courses that provide them with the knowledge and skills needed for successful career advancement. Apart from Canada, there are other countries where you can pursue this course as well, like the UK which also has great options for Masters in Project Management.

However, studying project management in Canada has the following benefits:

  • Practical and Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Project management programmes in Canada are designed to be practical and industry-focused. Students gain hands-on experience and are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in real-world project management scenarios. The curriculum often incorporates case studies, practical projects, and the latest industry trends.
  • Strong Job Market: Canada has a robust economy with a growing demand for skilled project managers. Completing a project management programme in Canada positions students well for career opportunities, as they can leverage the skills acquired to contribute effectively to various industries, including technology, construction, healthcare, and finance. The average salary for a project manager in Canada is CA$87,920 annually.
  • Business Environment: In addition to a strong economy, Canada also has a thriving business environment. The top three industries which make up the majority of Canada’s economy are manufacturing, mining and real estate. Hence, you will find plenty of job opportunities here once you graduate.
  • Quality of Life: According to the Global Peace Index, Canada secures the 11th spot as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Thanks to its strong safety and security standards, the country has become one of the ideal places in the world to live and work. Also, the place is known for its warm and welcoming attitude to international students.

You can choose to study in city in Canada, as many of its student cities have great colleges, like Brampton, Vancouver and Calgary, to name a few.

What are the Project Management certificates you can obtain in Canada?

Canada offers an extensive range of project management certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Depending on the individual s level of knowledge and experience, they can choose from a variety of certifications such as:

  • Project Management Institute (PMI): This certification is the most globally recognized project management certification and is accepted in Canada. The PMI-PMP (Project Management Professional) certification provides a comprehensive foundation for project management skills.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP): This certification is the most popular project management certification in Canada. It provides a comprehensive knowledge of the full range of project management principles, processes, and tools.
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM): This certification is geared towards individuals who have limited project management experience. It is ideal for those looking to develop a foundational understanding of the key concepts and processes of project management.
  • Project Management Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP): This certification provides advanced project management knowledge and skills, incorporating agile principles and practices into the project management process.

These are just a few of the project management certifications available in Canada. By obtaining a project management certification, students will gain valuable skills that can help them to efficiently manage projects and advance their careers.

Project management is a highly sought-after skill in Canada, so having the right credentials and certification can open up new opportunities in the field.

What is the scope of Project Management courses in Canada?

Project management is a vital ability that various industries, such as finance, construction, and technology demand. In fact, according to, the annual average salary of project managers in Canada amounts to $81,884 – specifically demonstrating how sought after this skill is.

The Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017 2027 research report has determined that over the following decade until 2027, an estimated 22 million jobs related to project management will be created in seven distinct sectors.

This astonishing 33% growth rate underscores how imperative it is for individuals interested in this field of work to take advantage of these soon-to-be-available opportunities!

What are the career opportunities after studying Project Management in Canada?

For students looking to make their post-graduation dreams in Canada a reality, there are three pathways they can take:

  • Post-graduation work permit
  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program

These pathways offer students the opportunity to live and work in the country while they gain valuable Canadian experience.

The knowledge and skills gained from studying project management can lead to a variety of exciting career prospects such as:

  • Project Manager/Coordinator
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Co-ordinator

By pursuing a project management certification in Canada, individuals can gain the qualifications and experience necessary to become competitive within industries like civil engineering, quality management, healthcare, information technology, operations management, and telecommunications among others. The other great course students can consider is Masters in Marketing from Canada (also has great work opportunities)

What are the scholarship options for project management courses in Canadian Schools?

Canadian colleges and universities offer a variety of scholarships to students looking to pursue project management courses. These scholarship opportunities provide additional financial assistance and can help with the cost of tuition, cost of living, books, and more.

Scholarship opportunities vary from school to school, so it s important for individuals to check with their institution of choice to see what is available. Some of the most popular scholarships for project management studies in Canada include the PMI Canadian Foundation Scholarship among others.

Disclaimer: This video reflects details and rankings from 2023

What are the best colleges for project management in Canada?

Canada is home to a variety of universities, colleges, and technical schools that offer project management courses. Depending on the specific program you are interested in, here are some of the top universities in Canada for project management:

University of Calgary

Source: University of Calgary

If you are searching for an institution of higher learning with a legacy of successful research and innovation, consider the University of Calgary. Ranked one of Canada’s top ten research universities, UoC is home to 73 prestigious Canada Research Chairs dedicated to tackling societal issues both current and long-term.
Located in Alberta s enterprising hub city, this university provides students with unparalleled opportunities for career success.

What makes this course good?

The Project Management Foundations Certificate will equip participants with the required skills, understanding, and resources to transition into a project management position. During this program, you will explore the abilities and skill sets necessary to handle a project with excellence in eight performance domains.

Moreover, it covers processes management, program life cycle management techniques for identifying deliverables as well as managing stakeholders. It also provides valuable guidelines on how to customize your project according to specific work environment requirements.

Fees & scholarship options

The fee for Project Management Foundations Certificate is $3,195; this also covers the admission fee of $105.
Students pursuing this program may be eligible for the following awards and scholarships:

  • Continuing Education Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Entrance Awards
  • Continuing Education Indigenous Entrance Awards
  • Culbert Family Award for Philanthropy
  • Esmail and Safana Bharwani Award
  • Esmail and Safana Bharwani Entrance Awards

Eligibility and duration

Upon the successful completion of this program, participants will be rewarded with a Professional Certificate. On average, it takes four months or less to complete the program if you take all five courses in one term. However, the time frame can differ depending on each individual student. The admission requirements are:

  • A student must be 18 years of age or older
  • Grade 12 diploma
  • Relevant work experience
  • Meet the English language proficiency requirements

Admission process

Students can apply online for this course.

G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education (Ryerson University)

Source: G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education

At The Chang School, the faculty is committed to redefining lifelong learning. Through this continuous mission of growth and development, the university aims to provide learners with outstanding educational opportunities.

What makes this course good?

Fundamentals of Project Management will introduce the student to the core ideas and primary principles of project management, from scope, quality, time, and cost analysis to risk assessment, procurement activities, human resource strategy, and communication management.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to project management, exploring the integration of functions into a specific system and assessing the roles of both managers and support staff. In doing so, it equips students with an essential foundation for succeeding in related courses as part of their program journey.

Fees & scholarship options

The Domestic Fee is $775.47; the Domestic Out of Province Fee is $835.19 and the International Fee is $2,641.62.

Eligibility and duration

This is a 39-hour course and on completion, students receive credit-type certificates and degree credits. There are no specific eligibility criteria for this particular course and it normally takes around 5 weeks to complete.

Admission process

Students can enroll online here.

Sauder School of Business


UBC Sauder has a vibrant student and faculty body representing cultures from around the world. This international blend of experiences allows us to foster an education that is truly cross-cultural. Students are exposed to fresh perspectives while learning from top-notch professors from various backgrounds – making for a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

What makes this course good?

Project Management Act One: An Introduction is a comprehensive program that introduces students to the entire project management process. You will learn how to initiate and organize projects, as well as techniques for effectively managing scope, quality, time, cost, risk, and stakeholders at all phases of the workflow. Special focus is put on learning effective methods of planning each step along the way. Complying with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI ) esteemed standards, this program is a perfect fit for those looking to become certified project managers.

Fees & Scholarship options

The fee for this program is $2195.00 + tax (5%)

Eligibility and duration

This two-day program is made for people of all levels, from new project managers to experienced professionals. It will provide you with a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts in project management and teach you the skills needed to manage projects of any size or type successfully.

Admission process

Students can register here

University of Waterloo

Source: The University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo has evolved into one of Canada’s largest universities boasting an impressive 42,000+ annual attendees – making it number one when it comes to experiential learning and employer-student networking capabilities.

Having a far-reaching international alumni network encompassing more than 220,000 people in 151 countries, Waterloo is an academic destination for the world s top scholars – boasting one Nobel Laureate. Besides that, 7,100+ employers offer invaluable work experience via co-op opportunities; because of its entrepreneurial spirit and Velocity incubator (the most productive startup accelerator in Canada by private investment), 5,000+ jobs have been created so far.

What makes this course good?

In this day and age where projects are expected to be completed at a breakneck pace, a project manager must update their skillset in order to succeed. High-Speed Project Management is one of the best project management courses in Canada.

It provides an innovative approach for overcoming challenges like tight schedules, lack of personnel, meager budgeting, and uncertain risks that come with maintaining efficiency.

Fees & scholarship options

The course fee is $190 + applicable tax

Eligibility and duration

A certificate of completion from Ed2Go is available for printing immediately upon successful completion of the course and a certificate from the University of Waterloo will be emailed typically 1-2 weeks late

Admission process

Students can register for the course here.

Simon Fraser University

Source: Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University’s Lifelong Learning Unit offers countless courses and programs to help students achieve career aspirations, cultivate sustainable communities, or pursue personal growth. Through SFU Continuing Studies’ flexible education options, you can gain the skills required for success

What makes this course good?

Students can enhance their impact and become successful project managers with this part-time certificate program approved by the Project Management Institute. This comprehensive course will equip students with both leadership skills and technical knowledge to help guarantee success for all projects, from start to finish.

Fees & scholarship options

The course fee ranges from $430 $860/course (not including textbook). Students are also required to pay a $75 program application fee

Eligibility and duration

The entry requirements of this course are:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Mature students with at least 5 years of appropriate experience
  • English Language Requirements can be met by undergoing a proficiency test like PTE among others.

Completion of the program requires all courses to be passed within a period of 5-24 months from the start date of your first course.

Admission process

Students can apply online here

Centennial College

Source: Centennial College

For the past half-century, Centennial College has evolved from a typical regional college to an international education provider with outreach programs in countries such as China, India, South Korea, and Brazil.

At this prestigious institution, students are provided with an interactive learning experience that combines theory and hands-on practice.

What makes this course good?

The Business School’s Ontario College Graduate Certificate Program offers the perfect opportunity for post-secondary graduates to gain a competitive edge in Project Management.

Not only is this an excellent option for those seeking to advance their career prospects, but it can also be beneficial for experienced project managers who are looking to bring even more expertise and skill into their field.

Fees & scholarship options

Canadian citizens will pay a total of $7,710.86 while international students will have to pay
$22,521.36 for this course.

Eligibility and duration

The entry requirements for this full-time one-year course are:

  • Advanced diploma or degree in any discipline from a recognized institution or a college diploma and a partial degree (75% complete), with a minimum of two years’ work experience relevant to the program
  • English language proficiency

Admission process

Students can apply directly to Centennial College here.

George Brown College

Source: George Brown College

George Brown College makes use of a combination of theory and practical experience to ensure all students are up-to-date with industry trends. The university values real-life experiences and works with professionals in research.

They also provide field education opportunities so that students can gain relevant understanding. Moreover, through these partnerships, the university ensures that every student is well-versed on what to anticipate when entering their field after graduation.

What makes this course good?

Upon completion of the Project Management graduate certificate program in Toronto, students can expect to be well-versed in managing project scope and change, encouraging innovation and goal setting, controlling projects, staffing them competently, mitigating risks appropriately as well as utilizing various tools associated with successful project management.

Additionally, they will have gained an understanding of business concepts at large while honing their knowledge regarding specific facets of project development – equipping themselves with both job skills and soft skills that are necessary for rewarding careers in either larger enterprises or as independent professionals.

Fees & scholarship options

If you are a resident of Canada, the domestic tuition is only $4,244.00 for this project management program and the international tuition fee is $17,877.00. This program has been approved for OSAP funding as well.

Eligibility and duration

Students require:

  • College advanced diploma (three-year) or bachelor’s degree or demonstrated,
  • Relevant work experience
  • Proof of English proficiency at the college level

Admission process

International students should apply through the George Brown College Online Application System.

How to apply to study project management in Canada as an International Student?

TC Global has a network of universities and colleges across Canada offering undergraduate, graduate diploma, doctoral, and certificate courses in project management. International students applying to study project management in Canada must meet the admission criteria set by their chosen university or college. The criteria may include language tests such as IELTS/TOEFL scores, academic background checks, and proof of financial resources.

Additionally, international students need to submit documents such as transcripts, recommendation letters, and a Statement of Purpose (SOP) to prove their eligibility for admission.

Our experts at TC Global are well-versed in the admission process and requirements for international students. We provide personalized career guidance and can help you choose the right institute and course to meet your academic and professional goals.

We also guide international students through the visa application process, helping them with paperwork and preparing them for their visa interviews. Apply today to start your project management career journey in Canada with TC Global.

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