Humber College: Everything You Need to Know Before You Apply

Humber College is a public college of applied arts and technology located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A leader in polytechnic education, Humber is home to over 9,000 international students from over 120 countries. With over 200 full-time programs, Humber offers a wide range of higher education options for the keen learner.

What do they offer?

A world class polytechnic education. The largest polytechnic college in Canada, its education model is built on four principles: technology related education, experiential teaching methods, strong ties with industry for work integrated learning (WIL), and applied research. In simpler terms, you will be taught theory along with the practical, be given hands-on-training and opportunities to experience real world industry settings.

Who can apply to Humber?

Anyone who is looking for the following:

  • Certificate courses
  • Diplomas
  • Ontario Graduate Certificate Courses
  • Bachelor’s degrees

Brief information on Humber College

Founded in 1967, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, also known as Humber College, offers globally recognised post-secondary education opportunities. In addition to the teaching-learning set up, the college is also renowned for its applied research and entrepreneurship. One of the top research colleges in Canada, Humber has secured the 15th position overall when it comes to applied research. The college also ranks 4th when looking at “Paid Student Researchers” and 6th in the country for “Research Partnerships” in 2023. Source: Research InfoSource Inc)

Humber’s Vision and Mission

Using the words of the institution, Humber’s vision is to “transform post-secondary education through global, polytechnic leadership”. Its mission is to develop “global citizens with the knowledge and skills to lead and innovate.” The institution surges ahead in global education and research by building on the values of courage, innovation, equity, well-being and sustainability. The proof of its commitment to its values is shown by its recognition as one of Canada’s greenest employers for 6 consecutive years and its designation as a Fair Trade Campus for promoting social and environmental sustainability and innovation.

Intake: January and September

Source: Humber

Faculties and Courses

A faculty is essentially a division within a college comprising one discipline, a subject area or a group of related subjects. Typically, a faculty (also referred to as a school) can have multiple departments functioning under it. The 200+ courses at Humber are offered by one or more of the following faculties.

  • Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology
  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Media & Creative Arts
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning
  • Faculty of Social & Community Services
  • Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness

The courses range from Accounting to Workplace Health and Wellness, Bachelor of Health Sciences. You can access the entire list of courses on As mentioned in the introduction, Humber offers courses with the following possible credentials.

Ontario College Graduate Certificate (OCGC):

Equivalent of a postgraduate diploma. You must have completed your bachelor’s degree or equivalent to apply for this course.

Honours Degree:

Baccalaureate or a bachelor’s degree. It is typically 4 years (8 semesters) long and has a minimum credit requirement of 120.

Ontario College Advanced Diploma:

Can be applied to after high school. The courses are typically 3 years long. On completion, you can either transfer to an advanced semester of a bachelor’s programme, apply for a postgraduate diploma or enter the workforce.

Ontario College Diploma:

A 2-year programme, this prepares students for entry-level employment. Compared to a bachelor’s degree, a diploma is more technical, application oriented and practice-based. On completion, this diploma also allows you to transfer to an advanced semester of a bachelor’s course.

Ontario College Certificate:

a 1-year course, this allows you to specialise in a niche area/ topic or get the basics of a particular discipline. The credits of a certificate course can be transferred to your diploma or UG course.

Certificate of Achievement:

Ranging from 2-4 months, it is a short course designed to give you foundational knowledge on a particular subject. The credits from this course are non-transferable.


Many of Humber’s programmes also work as pathway programmes that will help you gain a direct entry to a university. They work as preparatory courses for your bachelor’s or master’s degree. For instance, the OCGC course on Entrepreneurial enterprise and business management serves as a pathway to an advanced placement in M.Sc in International Business or Management at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland.

College, not University

While you can use college and university interchangeably to refer to institutions of higher education in some countries, it is not the case in Canada. The highest degree a Canadian college can award is the bachelors. They also have full-time or part-time diploma and certificate courses.  College courses are more practical, application and career oriented, when compared to a university.

In contrast, universities are much larger institutions that grant degrees. They confer Bachelor’s,
Master’s or even Doctoral degrees. A university is typically more research and knowledge oriented than career based.

That said, Humber College has collaborated with a university to form the University of Guelph-Humber. Opened in 2002, it is the first of its kind in Ontario to provide both a university bachelor’s degree and a diploma with four years of full-time study. The goal of UoGH is to integrate experiential learning with a more traditional academic curriculum. You can earn dual credentials at the undergraduate level in the following fields.

  • Business
  • Early childhood studies
  • Community Social Services
  • Justice Studies
  • Kinesiology
  • Media and communication studies
  • Psychology


Humber North Campus: 205 Humber College Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5L7
Lakeshore Campus: 2 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, Toronto, ON, M8V 4B6
Downtown Toronto Campus: 59 Hayden St Unit 400, Toronto, ON M4Y 2P2

Disclaimer: This video reflects details and rankings from 2023

How is the campus life at Humber College Canada?

As a student, your life at Humber is about finding a balance between academic rigour and socialise and network amid the extracurricular activities that abound on all three campuses. As one of the top Canadian colleges, it should come as no surprise that the academic requirements are quite demanding and require your complete involvement. Time management is the key to balance your assignments, research projects, lectures while also enjoying the campus for all its perks. Here are some of the facilities to enrich your campus life.

The North Campus

Source: The Humber Arboretum

  • The North campus has about 19,000 full-time students and is the largest of the Humber campuses. Its location adjacent to the Humber river balances a setting that is urban with the background of lush greenery.
  • The Learning Resource Commons (LRC) serves as the main entry to the campus. This six storey building has all the student services, a library, a student gallery and the international centre.
  • The Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation is located here. It builds on the college’s courses on automation, robotics, systems integration, user experience testing, applied research and work-integrated learning.
  • The campus also has an indoor pool and sauna, athletics facilities and a fully functioning spa.
  • For the outdoorsy kind, this campus also provides easy access to the Humber Arboretum, a 100 acre park with over 1,500 species of plants and animals.
  • There is also a number of eateries, one student-run restaurant and a pub on campus.
  • It is located on the Toronto public transit line, which means you have easy access.

The Lakeshore Campus

Source: Humber Lakeshore

  • Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, this campus gives you a beautiful mixture of historic architecture with modern conveniences.
  • About 10,600 full-time students are on this campus.
  • A fully-stocked library and a number of eating joints thrive on this campus.
  • It is located just a few minutes from downtown and is also on the Toronto transit line.

The Downtown Campus

Source: Humber IGS

This campus is exclusively built for the International Graduate School. Its location at the hub provides a number of opportunities for students, academia and industry to converge and build professional networks that can define the rest of your career. This campus is known for its state of the art tech classrooms.

Student Services and Facilities

Source: Humber

  • Athletics and Recreation: A member of the Ontario College Athletic Association (OCAA), varsity and intramural games happen periodically. The college also has fitness programmes that run all year long.
  • Career Services for both work on campus and general employment
  • Community centres to volunteer and develop leadership skills
  • Learning Support and Counselling Services
  • Health and Peer Wellness services
  • A digital media centre and an arts and media studio
  • Fair Trade Campus designation for promoting social and environmental sustainability and innovation
  • IGNITE, the student government under which numerous clubs and extracurricular activities are planned

Humber: A student perspective

We reached out to one of the students at Humber to give you a first-person account of life on campus.


Kashish Kaur Arora is a lawyer. She completed a 5-year integrated BBA LLB course from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. Having applied through TC Global, she is currently doing a postgraduate diploma, furthering her legal education at Humber North campus. Here is her take on life at Humber.

On Humber:

Humber is a very versatile college. It is a beautiful campus with people from
various cultures and very helpful staff. We have access to many facilities like gym, healthcare, spa, locker rooms, pool, parking facility, etc. It is well connected by bus routes, so travelling is quite easy.

On coursework:

There are a lot of assignments here, because there is a lot to learn within a year. It is a very hectic schedule as I have 7 classes per week in all semesters. The course is divided into multiple tests and assignments.

On part-time work:

I am working part time. It was difficult to find a job that suited my schedule at first, but the good thing is that there are a lot of options. I applied for it at various places before finding the one I wanted. I am also able to balance my job with my co-op placement at a law firm.

On Future Plans:

My plan is to become a barrister or a solicitor in Canada and practise here. I will be taking the bar exam in the near future.

On Life in Canada:

It is a rollercoaster ride. It is fun but it is also hard, especially when you miss family and friends. Initially, I was not able to manage so many things [academics, work, social life and leisure] together, but now, I am used to it. It has been a learning process. It is good to live amongst other cultures and adapt to it as well . One thing is for sure. It is a beautiful journey and everyone should experience it once in a lifetime.

On TC Global:

I am happy! I was assisted by Alisha (my RM). She was with me throughout the application process. She helped me choose the course and applied for the same. She was very kind and helping in nature. For my visa filing, Kesi helped me and she is the best at it. I got my visa at the first go when there were so many rejections happening.

What are the most popular courses in Humber College?

On discussion with one of the representatives of the Humber admissions team, these are some of the most popular courses in Humber for international students. While the courses of your interest might not feature in this list, do not let popularity affect your decision.

  • Bachelor of Design, UX Design
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • PG Diploma in Global Business Management
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences

1. Bachelor of Design, UX Design

A good user experience design is what sets an organisation apart in a world of rapidly growing interfaces. In 2024, a UX designer continues to be one of the most in-demand tech roles in the world.

What is this course?

UX Design is where you create the ultimate design that is both beautiful and functional as a person interacts with a system, through a website, an app or a desktop software. It is a course that brings together creative design thinking and the practical requirements of the UX deliverables. This undergraduate honours programme brings together the integral elements of design theory, information technology and information architecture to experience prototyping. It is an innovative program of interdisciplinary, collaborative and project-based learning that prepares you to join the challenging world of design.

Why is this course good in this college?

  • All the courses are developed in collaboration with industry partners.
  • The programme applies evidence-based design and research methods. You will have access to the Usability Lab where researchers can capture and assess the interaction between users and designs.
  • The course comes with a mandatory work placement during the summer between years 3 and 4.
  • It comes with a three-pronged approach to  UX design: Ideation and strategy, Design research and Design practice.
  • The professors of this course come with the wealth of real-world experience and continue to be active in the industry.

Eligibility and Duration

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. This includes ISE, CBSE or State Board exams with a minimum score of 70%.
  • The required courses that you will have to take in your Grade XII are English and one of the following: Computer Science, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Computer Engineering Technology or Business Leadership Management.
  • International applicants may be asked to submit an ICAS or WES evaluation.
  • Minimum Scores – IELTS: 6.5 with no band below 6.0, TOEFL iBT: 84 with no band below 21, PTE: 58 – 60 or equivalent.

Duration: 8 semesters (4 years)
Campus: North


Annual fees for international students for 2024-25: CA $20,458.00

2. Diploma Early Childhood Education

For those seeking to enter the field of education at the primary level, Humber’s ECE diploma prepares you to work with children, especially in the context of learning. Going beyond theories, this diploma course will give you practice-ready knowledge, including the legalities of this field.

What is this course?

At its core, this course will teach you how children learn, the psychology of human development at that age, the roles played by the child, the family and the community in the process of learning, the image and individuality of each child, legislation and guidelines that inform practice,  a sense of social justice and advocacy that one requires while working as an ECE professional. The course covers a wide array of topics from building inclusive curricula to understanding responsive relationships, health and safety.

Why is this course good in this college?

  • The Humber ECE diploma is a recognised leader in creating recognised ECE practitioners.
  • The Carol Reid Early Childhood Education Lab is a creative classroom where you can experience hands-on learning by interacting with a wide range of materials.
  • You can interact with the scenic arboretum and build ideas for nature-inspired playgrounds and explore inclusive teaching methods.
  • You will be required to complete approximately 500-600 work placement (co-op) hours over three semesters, gaining a ton of practical experience.
  • The course is always a pathway to Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education in the University of Guelph-Humber.

Eligibility and Duration

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. This includes ISE, CBSE or State Board exams with a minimum score of 70%.
  • You can also apply after your 3 year bachelor’s degree as long as you do not exceed 2 backlog attempts.
  • International applicants may be asked to submit an ICAS or WES evaluation.
  • Minimum Scores – IELTS: 6.0 with no band below 5.5, TOEFL iBT: 80 with no band below 20, PTE: 53 – 57 or equivalent.

Duration: 4 semesters
Campus: North


Annual fees for international students for 2024-25: CA $17,544.00

3. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

In the current times that we live in, most of the senior healthcare professionals are facing pandemic induced fatigue. This has caused an increase in the demand for healthcare professionals, especially nurses across the globe.

What is this course?

Nursing as a degree needs no introduction. Humber’s nursing course will enable you to provide innovative, safe and ethical care to patients on a regional, national or even an international scale. Blending theory and practice, this course will help you build technical and interpersonal expertise, essential for becoming a nurse. On completion, you will be prepared to face the College of Nurses of Ontario to become a registered nurse in Canada.

Why is this course good in this college?

  • The B.Sc. Nursing course is recognised by the College of Nurses of Ontario, which is the regulatory body when it comes to nursing.
  • The college has fully funded state of the art labs.
  • It is the only English-speaking college in the province to have an on-campus cadaver lab for the nursing students.
  • The course includes clinical placements (settings including community agencies, schools, long-term care facilities and hospitals) in the Greater Toronto Area.

Eligibility and Duration

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. This includes ISE, CBSE or State Board exams with a minimum score of 70%.
  • Required courses that you will have to take in your Grade XII are English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and two more university or college level courses.
  • Your final grade must not be less than 75% in each of the listed course requirements.
  • It is a full disclosure program. You must disclose and provide academic transcripts for all course work completed at the postsecondary (college or university) level.
  • Minimum IELTS score of 7 with no band less than 6.5 or TOEFL iBT score of 100.

Duration: 8 semesters (4 years)
Campus: North


Annual tuition fee for international students for 2024-25: CA $21,691.00

4. PG Diploma in Global Business Management

Irrespective of what your bachelor’s degree is, if you want to set foot into the wide array of management careers, then this is a course to consider. This popular course gives you an insight into the practical aspects of global business management.

What is this course?

It is an OGC programme that covers the major functional areas of business and develops qualities required for managers such as leadership, communications, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, strategic planning and much more. The course comes with 8 specialisations out of which you can choose one in your second year. They are

  • Advertising Media Management
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Entrepreneurial Enterprise
  • Event Management
  • Fashion Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business Management
  • Marketing Management

Why is this course good in this college?

  • With no particular prerequisite courses or work experience required, this course allows you to move into business administration from any field.
  • It includes a minimum of 320 hours of work placement to gain practical experience.
  • You get to choose a specialisation in your second year.
  • Functions as a pathway to MBA and M.Sc. Management courses in other universities in Canada, U.S. and the U.K.

Eligibility and Duration

  • A bachelor’s degree, along with a backlog summary, if any.
  • International applicants may be asked to submit an ICAS or WES evaluation.
  • Minimum Scores – IELTS: 6.5 with no band below 6.0, TOEFL iBT: 88 with no band below 22, PTE: 61 – 64 or equivalent.

Duration: 4 semesters (2 years)
Campus: Lakeshore and Downtown Toronto


Annual tuition fee for international students: CA $19,058.00

5. Bachelor of Health Sciences - Workplace Health and Wellness

The first of its kind in the country, this Bachelor of health science programme is also in high demand among international students.

What is this course?

This multidisciplinary course brings together theories and practices from the fields of leadership; mental, physical, and psychological health; business and communication; and knowledge translation to develop ??health and wellness programs and health promotion programs.

Why is this course good in this college?

  • It is the first of its kind in the country.
  • It allows you to branch out into multiple fields ranging from business management or communications to psychology or any other facet of health sciences.
  • It comes with a mandatory 14-week internship.
  • It is a field that is in high demand.

Eligibility and Duration

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. This includes ISE, CBSE or State Board exams with a minimum score of 70%.
  • Required courses that you will have to take in your Grade XII are English, Biology, and four more university or college level courses.
  • International applicants may be asked to submit an ICAS or WES evaluation.
  • Minimum Scores – IELTS: 6.5 with no band below 6.0, TOEFL iBT: 84 with no band below 21, PTE: 58 – 60 or equivalent.

Duration: 8 semesters
Campus: North


The annual tuition fee for international students in the year 2024-25 is CA $20,690.00

What are the career opportunities after graduating from Humber College?

Choosing to be an international student and pursuing your career goals abroad is an investment. So it is important that we talk about the return on investment as well.

How Humber helps

  • As a college it emphasises hands-on, career focussed learning. With an employment rate of 86.5% six months after graduation, it is one of the highest in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • The college regularly organises career events and workshops that will aid you to sharpen job search strategies, networking skills and get insider information from recruiters.
  • Humber’s CareerConnect Job Portal gives Humber students and recent graduates access to full-time, part-time, contract, summer, volunteer and on-campus opportunities. There are also student success advisors who guide you through the duration of the course.
  • Part-time jobs are available to international students for working both on and off campus. You can work up to 24 hours per week on campus, or up to 20 hours per week off campus.

Some in-demand job roles in Canada

According to Global News Canada and Immigration Canada, these are some of the in-demand jobs. The numbers in brackets show estimated median annual salary.

  • Registered Nurses (CA $76,050)
  • Software Developer (CA $68,000 to $155,000)
  • Sales managers (CA $102,375)
  • Cloud Architects (CA $102,375)
  • Civil, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineers (CA $66,000 to $131,000)
  • Healthcare professionals ($68,000 to $94,000)
  • Digital marketing specialists (CA $62,000 to $122,000)
  • HR roles (CA $75,000 to $156,000)

Top industries in Ontario

According to the provincial government’s website, Manufacturing (especially automobile), agriculture, forestry, mining and the services industry (76.9% of the province’s economy) are some of the biggest industries.

Cities with the most opportunities in Ontario: Toronto, Ottawa, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo and Hamilton.

Work permit and Immigration

Let us now discuss the immigration legalities. Having completed your course from Humber, in order to establish your career, you must apply for a PWGP (post-graduation work permit).

You are given up to 180 days after graduation to apply for your permit. The length of your permit is typically proportional to the length of your course. It can range anywhere from 8 months to three years.

After having gained one year of professional experience under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code of 0, A, or B, you can apply for the PR (Permanent Residence) programme

What are the General Admission Requirements?

At the undergraduate/ diploma level:

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. This includes ISE, CBSE or State Board exams with a minimum score of 70%.

There are online conversion courses available. For instance, if your course of choice requires Maths as a mandatory requirement, but you have not taken it in your grade XII, then you can complete an Ontario online learning course to make up for the requirement.

For postgraduate diplomas:

A bachelor’s degree with an average score of over 60%. Some subjects such as nursing, accounts, IT or any of the engineering courses will require above 70%. A backlog summary is compulsory.

English language requirements:

While IELTS and TOEFL are the major tests that are accepted, you can also take the Pearson test, Cambridge assessments or the Duolingo test.

Proficiency Tests Certificate Courses, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas Degree Courses Bachelor of Science – Nursing Ontario Graduate Certificate (PG Diplomas)
IELTS Academic Overall 6.0 AND
No band below 5.5
Overall 6.5 AND
No band below 6.0
Overall 7.0 AND
No band below 6.5
Overall 6.5 AND
No band below 6.0
TOEFL iBT 80 (20L, 20W, 20S, 20R) 84 (21L, 21W, 21S, 21R) 100 (Min. 21L, 21W, 21S, 21R) 88 (22L, 22W, 22S, 22R)
PTE 53 – 57 58 – 60 N.A. 61 – 64

The college may consider distance learning degrees on an individual basis. Gaps in CV will be accepted as long as they are justified. Some courses might also require you to submit a portfolio.

Fees and Scholarship at Humber College

To give you a range for financial planning, the annual tuition fee for international students range from CA $12,000 to about CA $22,000, depending on the course.

Humber College also has scholarship options for its students. You have

1. The International Entrance Scholarships:

Amounting to CA $2,000 per student, this scholarship will be awarded as a write off from the tuition fees, over the course of two semesters. The selection criteria is primarily high academic qualification. You must apply separately for this scholarship.

2. Bachelor’s degree Scholarships:

The primary eligibility is based on your high school academic achievement. However, they can be renewed if you achieve 80% or above in each year of the bachelor’s degree.

3. Awards for students who take Humber’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Certificate Program (Level 8)

4. Other awards instituted by charitable foundations. You can access the entire list here.

How to apply to Humber College?

Here is the application process.

  • 1. Research thoroughly and select a programme and the right credential for you. Keep track of the dates. Applications open as early as 8 – 10 months before the start of the semester.
  • 2. Put together your proof of academic standing, with an ICAS or WES evaluation.
  • 3. Go through the programme pages carefully to ensure you have not missed out any of the additional requirements such as portfolios, essays or questionnaires.
  • 4. Review the fee payment schedule
  • 5. Fill in the application form and submit. An application fee of CA $75 must be paid.
  • 6. Keep track of scholarship applications, their requirements and deadlines.
  • 7. On receiving a letter of acceptance, pay the first fee instalment and then being application process for your student visa.

Or, you can apply through TC Global’s super quick and easy student portal.

At TC Global, we simplify international education, learning, and mobility through connecting students, universities, and a global community on a single platform where there are over 1000+ education providers and over 80,000+ courses.

Our platform enables students to study anywhere in the world in just a few steps. From search and discovery and finding the right course fit for you, to applications, visas, and departure – we see you through it all.

To move forward with us, download our app or visit and sign in to create an account on our student platform and onboard with us in quick, easy steps.! ??

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