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One of the best programmes that are both an investment of time and money is an MBA. So, if you are wondering if pursuing an MBA in a post-COVID world is worth it, then you are asking yourself the right question.

Here are some top reasons why you might want to go for an MBA right now

By the time you’re done, the economy will (hopefully) be on a road to recovery

The thing to do during a recession is to arm yourself with knowledge, skills, and qualification. As the world opens up and manufacturing picks up, economies are starting to bounce back a little. China, for instance, the world’s second-biggest economy, has fired up its factories again. Its factory activity expanded at a fast pace in August. This is not to say that everything will be magically alright immediately – it will take a while. But in that time, you could immerse yourself in education and prepare for the road ahead.

Global Exposure

The most irreplaceable benefit of doing an MBA abroad is the global exposure that it offers. Getting to learn and interact from a class that has representatives from across the country gives you not just exposure but also a ‘global’ networking opportunity. This will gain you insights into how things operate across the globe, thus helping you understand and handle better any global issues that may come your way.

More than this, it is the global network you build with people from different backgrounds and countries.

Practical Way of Learning

Most global business schools focus more on practical approaches, i.e. interactive and experiential ways of learning. To ensure hands-on learning, internships and projects are frequently initiated which also further help the student apply the theoretical knowledge into actual practice. Today, these internships have moved into a virtual format.

Having a more diverse group also promises more valuable insights.

Personal Growth Accelerator

A high-quality global education gives your personal growth a push as it exposes you to a new culture and lifestyle. It broadens your horizon and lets you think holistically, and look at problems from a new perspective. Your experiences will also help you become more independent and explore more windows of opportunities.

A Sure ROI

Choosing a great MBA programmes may cost you a considerable amount, but it does give you an ROI. The salary may, of course, differ from one industry to another, from one specialisation to another, and from one country to the next. For instance, the average MBA salary for MBA graduates in the US in 2019 was recorded at $134,991 (U.S. News & World Report and Poets & Quants), i.e. approximately ₹99,08,676.

Aside from the salary perspective, choosing an MBA abroad gives your resume a feather in the cap and makes your prospect in the job market much higher.

Here’s a list of some countries offering an affordable MBA

Country Approx. Cost of study
France Starting from €14930 to as high as €89000 (approximately ₹12,33,000; ₹73,49,000).
Netherlands Starting from €12,000 with exceptional few universities that charge up to €54,000 (approximately ₹9,91,000 to ₹44,59,000).
Germany Ranges from €19000 to €45000 depending on the type of institutes, programme (₹16,53,000 to ₹39,15,000)
China Ranges from RMB 188,000 to RMB 438,000 (approximately ₹20,13,000 to ₹46,90,00).
Switzerland Ranges from CHF 28’500 to as high as CHF 70’000 (approximately ₹22,14,000 to ₹56,54,000)
Canada Ranges from $40,000 to $61,995 (approximately ₹21,59,000 to ₹33,46,000)
Ireland Estimated at €12500 to €34,700 (approximately ₹9,86,000 to ₹28,52,000)

We have to find ways of riding the pandemic and planning for an MBA may be a good strategy right now – as business schools across the globe try to adapt to the new paradigm shift and make the degree more relevant to the current job market.

Also, here’s a great piece we wrote earlier on the most affordable places to pursue an MBA. Hope this helps.

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