Finding Gig Jobs: Five Best Platforms to Know

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The gig economy is expanding and so are the possibilities along with it. A gig job is useful to those who want a flexible work life. Since gig jobs are often on demand work fulfilled by freelancers or temporary employees, it is the best space through which one can explore possibilities in a new career. It is also a viable candidate as a side career or as alternate employment while looking for a stable job. There are many different portals through which one can get a gig job. Let us look at some of the best places through which one can access jobs in the gig economy.


Upwork is possibly the most popular site through which many people find gig jobs. From freelance jobs of any kind to clients who shop for specific skillsets, the site is optimum to land gigs. The site uses versatile ways through which one cand land a job. You can apply for posted jobs or wait to be found based on your profile. You could even enlist the expertise of a recruiter in order to increase your chances. While you can get started at Upwork for no cost, the platform takes a cut of your earnings. Upwork is a good platform to enable getting paid as well so they ensure through various means that your money reaches you without too much of a hassle.


ZipRecruiter offers several opportunities to people looking for gig jobs, ranging from one-time gigs and part-time gigs to online or remote ones. Some jobs offered by the site include babysitting, food delivery and other general labour. You can freely register on ZipRecruiter, look through the many jobs available and apply for the one you’re interested in. They do not take a commission from your earning but if you apply for a job through a third-party site, that third party might. ZipRecruiter is a great site for you to look through various options before applying tothat interests you.


Fiverr offers gig jobs with a range of price points. It also allows you provide freelance services across many different categories. So, you could charge anywhere between $5 and $1,000 for any service you can offer if someone demands it. All you have to do is set up an account and create a profile before you start using it. You can directly use the site to look for jobs, interact with clients and administrate your projects. One caveat is that Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings as a fee when you land a gig job using the site. Regardless, it’s a great place to earn some quick money or a lot more, depending on the kind of job you can offer.


As the name suggests, this site is great for freelancers with a variety of talents and skills. Users offer services under more than 1000 categories. It is free to set up a profile and they have a free membership plan which comes with six job offers per month. They also have additional paid membership levels for freelancers looking for additional job bids and features like external invoicing, extensions for projects, being eligible for rewards, withdrawing daily earnings and so on. These membership plans offer greater job bids with an increasing monthly price. Freelancer takes a 10% commission for project-based jobs and a 20% commission for service-based jobs.


Guru is a website that is optimized for project collaboration with clients. The company lists more than 2600 gig jobs with a wide range of professional skills. The popular job categories include design, translation, administration, legal services, education and architecture. Like many of the other websites, you can join for free and create a profile on the website. The process consists of searching for jobs, bidding, completing work and getting paid. As an added bonus Guru offers a virtual office environment to coordinate with clients through the various stages of your project which in turn helps track progress.

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