Top 5 Colleges in Windsor Canada for International Students in 2024

Studying in Windsor, Canada, offers international students a unique and enriching educational experience in one of Ontario’s most vibrant and culturally diverse cities. With world-class educational institutions, a high standard of living, and a wide range of academic programmes, Windsor has become a sought-after destination for international students looking to broaden their horizons in a multicultural environment. Let’s explore the top 5 colleges in Windsor Canada for International Students in 2024.

Why Study at College in Windsor?

The city of Windsor is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada. It is home to many different cultures, languages, and religions. This diversity makes the city a great place to study and learn about other cultures.

The city of Windsor has a long history that spans back to 1854 when it was originally founded as a town. The area was first inhabited by French settlers who established farms on both sides of the Detroit River. The City of Windsor is an urban community in a region that is often called the Detroit-Windsor Corridor. It is home to a number of attractions and major companies.

Windsor, being a part of Ontario offers a unique advantage to students looking to work in Canada and acquire Canadian citizenship.  Here are a few highlights of the Ontario, Canada PR Visa for international students in Winsdor:

  • International students can secure permanent residency (PR) in Ontario, Canada. It is granted to students with skilled occupation job offers.
  • The process begins with registration in Canada’s Expression of Interest system before applying for PR.
  • Once registered, applicants must wait to receive an invitation to apply for PR.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP):

  • The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is administered by the province of Ontario.
  • OINP’s International Students stream is designed for foreign nationals who have completed their education in Canada and have secured skilled occupation job offers from Ontario employers.
  • This programme offers international students the opportunity to establish permanent residence and pursue their careers in Ontario.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Applicants for this stream must have completed a Canadian educational credential within the last two years.
  • They must meet one of the following two conditions:
    • Possess a degree that involves at least two years of full-time study.
    • Hold a degree that takes one year to complete but requires a previously completed degree as a prerequisite for admission.

How much does it cost to study at university in Windsor Canada?

Despite the hike in nationwide housing prices, Windsor and Essex County remain some of the cheapest places to live in Canada.

Here is an estimation of a student’s day-to-day expenses

  • Average cost of living in Windsor: $3,794/month for a single person who rents an apartment.
  • Average salary in Windsor: $45,400 per year
  • Average monthly cost of rental housing in Windsor: $1,850, shared accommodation will be cheaper.
  • Average monthly cost for a driver in Windsor: $738
  • Average monthly cost of groceries in Windsor: $439
  • Average monthly cost of utilities in Windsor: $175
  • Average monthly spending on leisure & entertainment in Windsor: $157

Disclaimer: This video reflects details and rankings from 2023

What are the best colleges in Windsor Canada for international students?

Ranking University Eligibility Criteria Average tuition fee in CAD
01 University of
IELTS 6.5 for UG, TOEFL 83 for PG 9,000 – 18,000 for PG
17,000 – 22,000 for UG
02 St. Clair   IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 91 7,200 – 22,500
03 College Boreal TOEFL 80, TFI B2 650 7,000 – 22,000
04 Assumption University IELTS 6.5 for UG, TOEFL 83 for PG 800
05 Iona College IELTS 6.5 for UG, TOEFL 83 for PG 150-300

University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is a public research university in Windsor, Ontario. The school has been around since 1946 and has grown to become one of Canada’s largest universities with over 20,000 students and faculty members.

The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs through its nine faculties. The University of Windsor also offers many graduate programs in law, business, engineering, health sciences, natural sciences, and humanities.
The University of Windsor is the only Canadian member of the prestigious global network, Universitas 21.

Why Study Here?

The University of Windsor is a public research university located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It has been ranked as one of the top universities in Canada and one of the top universities in the world. There are over 200 programs offered at this university.

The University of Windsor also has an international student population with over 5,000 students from more than 100 countries including Indian students and an active student life. The University offers a wide range of degrees and specializations such as: Arts & Science, Engineering, Business and Economics, Health Sciences, Law, and Social Sciences.


The fees for graduate-level courses at the University of Windsor can range from about CAD $9,000 to about CAD $18,000 or so. This is an average representation of costs across majors and includes both master’s and Ph.D. programmes.

The fees for the varied undergraduate programs at Windsor vary from about CAD $17,000 to about CAD $22,000. This includes a varied number of fields and subfields as well.


With regards to English language proficiency, the university of Windsor requires an undergraduate student to produce an overall minimum score of 83 in the TOEFL exam or the equivalent as well as maintaining a minimum score of 20 in the written section of the exam. Furthermore, senior secondary schooling must be completed.

The graduate courses require a minimum score of 6.5 to 7 in IELTS or the equivalent result. Furthermore, applicants may need to take a GRE or GMAT depending on the choice of major regarding competition, assessment of intake, etc.

Courses Offered and Admission Process

The University of Windsor offers an incredible number of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses that cover almost every academic field of study. This diverse base for all its students is certainly a popular quality of the university.

To apply to the University of Windsor, one can either use the Ontario Universities Application Centre or OUAC or can apply through the online application mode. While using the online application mode you need to activate your ID and subsequently share your files onto the eGas portal and monitor your admission from there.

St. Clair College

St. Clair College is a post-secondary institution in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1966 by the Sisters of St. Joseph and originally named St. Clair Catholic College, it was renamed to its current name in 1994 when it became publicly funded and secularized.

The school offers certificate programs and diploma programs at the college level as well as apprenticeship training opportunities through its School of Trades and Technology Centre for Construction Trades and Electrical Systems Engineering Technology programs.

The school is named after William Arthur St. Clair who was born on September 8th, 1873 in Toronto to John Alexander Haldane-Stirling-Arbuthnott, 10th Earl of Rosslyn, and his wife Lady Cecilia Louisa Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood daughter of George Frederick Temple Blackwood first Marquess of

Why Study Here?

St. Clair College is a premier college in Canada and is the only college in Ontario to offer a Bachelor of Health Sciences Honors degree.

St. Clair College’s Windsor campus offers students a choice of programs that will prepare them for success in the 21st century workplace, including Nursing, Business, Marketing and Communications, Graphic Design, Early Childhood Education and Social Service Worker.

The St. Clair College campus has been ranked as one of the best community colleges in Canada by Maclean’s magazine for five consecutive years. This ranking was based on student satisfaction with teaching quality and academic standards as well as the percentage of graduates who find employment within six months after graduation.


The fees for international students from India and other countries like Ireland, Australia, New Zealond among others at St. Clair’s are between CAD $7,200 to about CAD $22,500. This range includes almost all the courses offered at the Windsor Campus of St. Clair’s with the bachelor’s degrees costing higher. There are various technical diplomas and degrees offered here which range in the CAD $15,000 price range.

It should be noted that students budget for higher education should be about CAD $25,000-30,000 annually to study at the college. Furthermore, aspirants will be excited to note that residence at the GEM of the campus costs only about CAD $550 for 4 months of lodging.


The Eligibility requirements include a 6.5 in IELTS (or a 91 in TOEFL). With no less than 6 in each section. Students can also submit their PTE scores. All other eligibility criteria are dependent on the major and level of degree that the students are applying to.

Courses Offered and Admission Process

There is a wide range of courses offered at St. Clair’s with an emphasis on medicine and other technical diplomas and degrees. One can find an exhaustive list of all courses as well as their respective tuition costs here as seen on their official website.

International admissions at St. Clair’s are proffered on a first-come-first-serve basis so make sure you finish procedures quickly if you’re planning to apply. Most of the admission process is administered through an online application system which will require submitting various documents. Finally, the application requires a CAD $125 fee.

College Boreal

The College is a college of applied arts and technology that offers over 130 different programs in business, health sciences, trades and technology, creative arts, liberal arts, and sciences. All the courses are taught in the French medium as it is a Francophone school.

The College has three campuses located in Windsor, Chatham-Kent, and Leamington. The Windsor campus is the flagship campus of the college with over 16,000 full-time students. It offers over 50 programs in business, health sciences, trades and technology, and creative arts.

The Chatham-Kent campus offers programs in business administration as well as trades and technologies. The Leamington campus offers programs in business administration as well as liberal arts & science.

Why Study Here?

College Boreal is a post-secondary institution that offers a wide range of programs in the fields of arts and sciences. The institution has been in operation for over 50 years and it is known for its excellence in teaching, research, and community service.

College Boreal offers an extensive range of programs that are designed to suit the needs of different students. Students can choose from a variety of majors such as business, liberal arts, science, social sciences, or education. College Boreal also offers courses that are designed to prepare students for careers in specific industries such as health care or engineering.

Additionally, College Boreal is the only Francophone institution in Windsor which might be exciting to international Francophone students as well.


The fees range from about CAD $7,000 to about CAD $22,000. This includes all of the courses offered at college Boreal.


Those applying to this university will require an English language proficiency of 80 in TOEFL (or equivalent) as well as a French language proficiency of B2 650 according to the TFI certification.

Courses Offered and Admission Process

The university offers everything from apprenticeship programs to post-secondary programs. Its specialty has so far been in the field of science and technology however some other campuses offer courses in business and administration as well.

In order to apply to College Boreal you will need to go through a qualification assignment through ICAS. After having done this you will go through a standard admission procedure of providing the right documents including SOPs, transcripts, Letters of recommendation etc.

Assumption University

Assumption university is a privately funded university that was established in Windsor, Ontario in 1857. The school is the oldest Catholic University in Canada. Read up on the institute’s rich heritage here.

Assumption university offers a variety of programs including arts and sciences, business, engineering, law, and humanities. The school has four faculties: the faculty of arts and science; the faculty of business; the faculty of engineering and applied sciences; and the faculty of law.

The university offers degrees at both undergraduate and graduate levels as well as continuing education courses for professionals.

The University of Windsor is a comprehensive and research-intensive university. It was founded as the Assumption College of Windsor, an independent institution under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1870, Assumption College received its charter from Queen Victoria to grant degrees, becoming one of Canada’s oldest institutions in continuous operation.

Why Study Here?

The assumption university is a private, Catholic liberal arts university in Windsor, Ontario. Assumption has a student population of over 1,500 enrolled in over 40 undergraduate and graduate programs.

The university is committed to providing an education that is both academically rigorous and faith-filled. The assumption university has a strong tradition of service to the community, with students volunteering thousands of hours each year in the community.

Assumption offers many different undergraduate and graduate programs that are focused on theology.


Assumption University is a federated center of the university of Windsor. As such one can take many of the undergraduate courses offered here as a part of their undergraduate program at CAD $800 per course.

Additionally, Students can get a postgraduate diploma in catholic theological studies at the same institute at CAD $800 as well. It is to be noted that this course is now taught exclusively in online mode however there is an option to audit it as well.


The eligibility criteria of assumption college reflect that of the university of Windsor as it is one of the federated centers of the same.

Courses Offered and Admission Process

There are two undergraduate-level courses and the aforementioned postgraduate diploma program. The admission process reflects that of the University of Windsor as well.

Iona College

Iona College is a Catholic liberal arts college in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is the only Catholic university in Canada and one of only three colleges in Canada with an undergraduate business program. The college was founded by the Congregation of Christian Brothers and opened its doors to students on September 3, 1960.
Iona College came into existence by the initiative of a group of young Catholic laymen who were concerned with the lack of religious and moral values in Ontario society in general and at St. Michael’s College in particular; they also wanted to provide Canada with an institution which would allow its students to study for three years without having to take time off from work.
The college’s emblem is the cross, which is seen as a sign of protection since it was used by the Knights of Malta.

Why Study Here?

Iona College is a private co-educational catholic center at the University of Windsor that has a number of Pastoral Care courses. Those interested in being part of the religious executive of Christianity can do so through this college.


The fees for pastoral care courses which are taught in online mode are between CAD $150 and CAD $300.


Since this is a part of the University of Windsor, basic eligibility requirements for international students will mirror that of the superset institution.

Courses Offered and Admission Process

There are a number of pastoral care courses offered at Iona college, this can help one get ordained as a pastor or generally help one proceed in the order of religious teachings. The admission process is quite similar to that of the University of Windsor.

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