Why Choose Ireland as a Global Ed Destination


Ireland is one of the wealthiest European nations, and an upcoming global ed destination. This wasn’t always the case – Ireland has had a remarkable journey to where it is today, and the path to becoming successfully industrialized was possible because of the great Irish Education System, which has been ranked as one of the best in Europe and around the world.

As a consequence of both – a great education system and welcoming FDI policy, it has become home to several MNC’s European headquarters like IBM, Pfizer and Apple. Thereby, boosting employment opportunities after higher education.

Primarily an English-speaking nation, it is becoming increasingly popular with international students across the globe. Here’s why Ireland is an ideal global education destination for you:

Universities in Ireland

Ireland is home to more than seven globally high ranked public research universities. Almost all universities have three faculties – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences; and Health Sciences. These areas cover a large expanse of possible majors and courses international students can pursue in Ireland.


QS Ranking

THE Ranking

Trinity College, Dublin 101 164
University College, Dublin 177 201-250
National University of Ireland, Galway 238 251-300
University College, Cork 286 301-350
Dublin City University 439 601-800
University of Limerick 511-520 501-600

To further faciliate your search, here are some of most sought after courses in Ireland along with their average tuition fees in euros per annum:

Top Courses in Ireland AVERAGE ANNUAL TUITION FEES (in Euros per annum)
Computer Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 12,000 – 21,000
Data Analytics 11,000 – 23,000
Software and App Development 13,000 – 25,000
Gaming and ICT 11,500 – 19,000
Finance, Accounting and Taxation 12,500 – 22,500
Financial Technology (FinTech) 14,000 – 25,000
International Business and Management 10,500 – 19,500
MBA 13,000 – 35,000
Student Life

Ireland is an English-speaking country with welcoming and friendly people. It’s a relatively small country filled with people from around the world. You will definitely find someone from back home there!

It is extremely safe and ranks high up in the quality of life index consistently. Being a young country with more than 35,000 international students – it’s just perfect for students.

Listed below are some of Ireland’s most well-known student cities:


Inarguably, the most popular choice for international students is the capital of Ireland – Dublin. It has the maximum number of colleges and universities in Ireland and is home to the top universities, Trinity College and University College. A famous student town, it is a melting pot of cultures from around the world.

There’s no shortage for things to see and do in Dublin either! Right from historical architecture to pubs and breweries – take your pick! Dublin has it all. Although the city is the most expensive in terms of living costs in Ireland, it’s certainly not the most expensive when compared to other places around the globe.

Universities in Dublin:

  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • University College, Dublin
  • Dublin City University

Far west of Dublin, lies another Irish student town – Galway. A bustling city is lined beaches, Galway is really the best of both worlds. Some of the key Irish festivals take place here like the Galway Arts Festival and Cúirt International Festival of Literature. The city offers the old-world charm in its colourful buildings and stoned pathways, but also becomes a modern-day student town by night with the roads throbbing with music.

As compared to Dublin, it is a much more economical choice of place in terms of living costs for students.

Universities in Galway:

  • National University of Ireland, Galway

Towards the south of Ireland, there lies Cork – another typical Irish town and more commonly known as “the real capital” of Ireland. This “Rebel City” is a mix of old-world and modern charm and full of cultural activities.

Although it has fewer educational institutions than Dublin, it feels much more like a student town because of its relatively smaller size.

Universities in Cork:

  • University College, Cork
Fun things to do

Ireland has been called the “Emerald City”. It has breath-taking surroundings waiting to be explored!
Bringing the best of both worlds, Ireland has a myriad of fun activities involving historical exploration and modern-day pubs. Here, we’ve put together a list of things for you to do as a student in Ireland!

Some historical sites:
Music and Dance:
Travel around!

Travelling in and around Ireland has become a swift process and even a cheap one (if you’re a student!).

The Irish Rail is a hassle-free way of commute between many major towns. All other major cities like Dublin have established bus systems of their own. You may even think about renting a car!

The Student Leap Card is used widely by students in Ireland and can help you avail discounts on Irish Rail, Dublin Bus and other retail outlets. It can be purchased from your campus or applied at the low price of just € 12.

Ireland is also close to rest of Europe, so pick a weekend and take a short flight or ferry to other European cities you may like to explore!

Working in Ireland
  • Part-time work

While an investment in global higher education is worth its while, it can still be financially pressing. Ireland understands this concern and has several provisions to help students take up part-time employment to support themselves while they pursue their studies.

Some common types of part-time and casual jobs for students in Ireland are: customer staff in restaurants and cafes, call centre employees, staff in events and retail, tutoring, etc.

  • Requirements for doing part-time/casual work as a student
    • Enrolled for full-time study for a duration of one year (with a qualification that is recognized by the Irish Department of Education).
    • Registered with GNIB
    • Attending a full-time programme of education at or above NFQ Level 7
    • Pursuing a minimum of 15 hours day time study; getting tuition, between 8am and 6pm per week for a minimum of 25 weeks per annum

International students who meet these requirements then need to obtain an PPS number (Personal Public Services Number).  Organizations and employers only compensate those who have this number, usually to an Irish back account.

  • Minimum wage and working hours

The minimum wage in Ireland is €9.15 per hour. Usually, individuals are taken on for a trial period before being hired permanently.

Working hours:

40 hours per week only during the months of June, July, August and September and from 15th December to 15th January inclusive.

At all other times, students may work up to 20 hours in one week during the duration of studies.

  • Internships

Getting hands-on experience is important for an all-rounded education. Ireland allows international students to take up internships during the course of their study, subject to the following rules:

  • The duration of the internship program cannot exceed 50% of the duration of the study program.
  • The internship cannot be a self-employed setting.
  • The work placement should be an integral part of the overall educational program
  • And the educational institute should ensure that the work placement accurately compliments the study program being pursued.
Post-study work

Third Level Graduate Scheme
This scheme allows international students to stay in Ireland for 24 months after finishing their studies to seek employment or apply for a green card/work permit.
After your results have been issued you may apply for this scheme to the GNIB. You must provide:

  • A document/letter from your university that confirms you have graduated
  • A valid passport
  • Have a GNIB card
  • Pay €300

Detailed requirements for qualification to this scheme can be found here.

Getting a work permit as a student

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation in Ireland grants permission to obtain a work permit as a student there. Check their website here for detailed instructions.

We hope this article has helped you make a better decision regarding Ireland as a choice for higher global education.

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