When Saving the Planet is in Your Job Description

Global Employability

Passionate about the environment and determined to protect it? Read on for the perfect career-fit.

Melting ice caps, rising water levels, forest fires, and mass extinctions of species — over the last few decades, humans have pushed the planet to the brink of annihilation.

While the future looks bleak, there is one sliver of hope — renewable energy.

Renewable energy is one of the most promising solutions to the seemingly-insurmountable problem of global warming. This sector will be critical to the survival of earth and to our future.

If you are looking for ways to make a career out of fighting for the planet, this could be just the field for you!

Building a Sustainable Foundation

While a degree in renewable energy is a great step towards a career in the field, here are some other options that can also provide you with a strong theoretical base.

Chemistry: A Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry is a practical option as this four-year course offers specializations in biochemistry, bioinformatics, forensic science and chemical engineering.

Biology: Biology is another discipline that is relevant to the field of renewable energy. In particular, biochemistry, with its focus on the chemistry of living organisms, and the chemical and physiochemical processes that occur within them, will ground you in the research of the field.

Sustainability: Think science is not your cup of tea but would still like to work in renewable energy? A great choice for you might be an MBA in Sustainability. This degree will equip you with the skills and tools you need to implement environment-friendly practices in business.

You can also consider a degree in any of the following subjects:

• Earth Sciences

• Carbon Accounting

• Sustainable Energy & Green Technologies

• Carbon & Energy Management

• Petroleum Engineering

• Geology

• Oil & Gas Technology

• Petroleum Geology

• Environmental Engineering

• Engineering Geology

• Environmental Geology

• Geoscience

• Energy Geoscience

• Geo-informatics

• IT, Electronics or Computer Science Engineering

• Atmospheric Physics

• Ecology

Jumping Aboard the Renewable Energy Ship

It’s a common misconception that one can only work in the field of renewable energy if they have a degree in science or technology. The truth is that this field needs people from all disciplines.

Big data and machine learning are transforming industries across the globe and the energy sector is no different. Data science is being used even in the solar industry to lower costs, improve efficiency and explore new markets. As the sector grows, so will the role of data science and analytics.

And this is just one discipline! The sector is bursting with untapped potential and has tremendous opportunities for everyone.

For instance, a wind energy project will obviously require professionals with a background in renewable energy engineering and science. But it will also require meteorologists to help find good, windy locations. Ecologists and biologists will be called in to consider the effects of the wind farm on the local eco-system. And architects will be needed to design the various structures and buildings of the projects.

So, while there are job opportunities for biologists, ecologists, physicists, geologists and project managers, there are also opportunities for structural engineers, architectural engineers, business developers, communication professionals, computer science engineers and even helicopter pilots!

Making a Difference while Making a Living

Renewable energy is set to become an indispensable part of our future. It is already helping us move away from polluting, non-renewable energy, and will soon be meeting the high industrial demand for clean, cheap and reliable energy. Its impact on the environment — and the economy — will be undeniable.

A career in renewable energy, therefore, is guaranteed to be future-proof. Most important, however, is the impact of such a career and the immense satisfaction it offers. After all, how many people can claim to be eco-warriors for a living?

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