Top 7 Travel and Tourism Courses in 2024 [In-Depth Guide]

If you like the travel industry, then you should consider exploring the top travel and tourism courses to turn your interest into a sustainable career. We look at the best ones here.

Here’s what we’ll look at today

What is a Travel and Tourism Course?

An industry that was one of the worst affected during the pandemic is swinging back to its former glory and is now growing faster than ever. According to a report published by Future Market Insights (FMI), the sustainable tourism market size is predicted to grow to $ 8.4 trillion by 2032.

Since most of the world has opened its borders, With the added visibility on social media, travel stories and adventures have resulted in a perceivable increase in domestic and international tourism. As a result, learning and job opportunities in this market are also on the rise.

In India especially, the travel and tourism industry is one of the largest and contributes significantly to the country’s foreign exchange. The trend also suggests that the industry will be on an upward trend for the next two decades or so.

So, if you see yourself as a part of this industry, then a travel and tourism course is what you need to consider. You will learn to plan and manage travel arrangements, hospitality, and customer service, to name a few skill sets. You get to develop your ability to multitask, communicate effectively and become an organisational genius, helping people have the trips of their dreams.

A typical travel and tourism course is an aggregate of leisure, comfort, luxury, and business travel and hospitality needs. Global distribution Systems (GDS) are also a large part of this field. Any course in this discipline will include chiefly the fundamentals, history, business statistics and market trends, aviation management, and business regulatory framework of tourism along with basic data sciences that help you study and analyse the trends in the tourism industry.

You will also gain an in-depth knowledge of how tourism operates, airfare, industry terms, international destinations, reservations, ticketing, life and communication skills. In addition, the course will help you build your interpersonal and leadership skills to provide the best possible options for travellers and tourists.

What are the benefits of studying travel and tourism management course?

What does one get out of studying this course? Let’s take a look…

1. Global opportunities:

Careers in this industry go beyond borders in today’s globalised world, where international travel and tourism is more accessible than ever before. You can build your career in an airline, hotel, resort, cruise ship or any related organisation in any country. THe scope of international transfers is also very high.

2. Skills that are transferable:

As a student of tourism management or hotel management, the fundamental skills you are learning are business management, human relations, sensitivity to other cultures and creative thinking. These skills are highly transferable and can be seamlessly employed in any other industry that you choose to work in.

3. More opportunities to travel:

If you are an adventure seeker yourself, this course gives you the chance to make a career out of it.

4. Problem solving and people skills:

Versatility is one of the key lessons of this discipline. It includes work hours, dealing with different people, cultures, food, countries and so on. One of the biggest benefits of this course is that you will learn adaptability and problem solving.

5. Transformation and Growth of the Tourism industry:

The nature and scope of the tourism industry is a dynamic thing that evolves as the world adapts to the changing times. For instance, sustainable travel and pet-friendly travel options are taking over, along with wellness tourism and enabling technologies to make it more accessible and quicker. These developments have made the industry a multi-faced and interdisciplinary one, requiring professionals with a wide range of skill sets. As a prospective student, this directly translates to increased opportunities, specialised areas of work and building problem solving skills.

What are the career opportunities after studying travel and tourism?

There is a general misconception that careers in the tourism industry are at a dead end due to self-booking platforms (like MakeMyTrip, Airbnb,, etc.) –  that enable customers to directly make their plans and book their tickets. That’s far from the truth – also working in the industry has many more options than being a travel agent. That said, the role of a travel agent has not become obsolete.

If anything, it’s actually on the rise. Studies show that in the U.S. alone, 44% of travellers who did not use travel advisors pre-pandemic have or plan to use travel agents. The reason is profoundly psychological yet simple. After lockdown fatigue, people have been desperate to travel or have an adventure. The overwhelming number of choices also has proven to decrease satisfaction and cause decision paralysis. Enter, the travel advisor.

In addition to being a travel advisor, tourism departments of governments are looking for fresh blood and new ideas to rejuvenate their country’s image and welcome more tourists. Embassies often hire graduates from Tourism departments. You can also find opportunities in immigration and customs departments, airlines, hotels, event management, travel journalism, sales and marketing, and so on.

Here are some of the portfolios you can hold after completing a Travel and Tourism degree:

  • 1. Travel Advisor/ Agent
  • 2. Tour guide/ Adventure Guide
  • 3. Tourism Manager in both governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • 4. Travel journalist, writing, photography or videography
  • 5. Air cabin crew
  • 6. Hotel Manager/ Concierge
  • 7. Event manager
  • 8. Curator
  • 9. Entertainment Manager
  • 10. Interpreter (provided you also build multiple language skills simultaneously

The bottom line is that the skills you develop by doing a travel and tourism course are completely transferable and can be applied in most service sectors. You do not have to limit yourself to the options mentioned here since most organisations are not extremely particular about the degree you possess.

What are the top travel and tourism courses after 12th?

1. B.A. in Travel and Tourism Management

A bachelor of arts degree in Travel and Tourism is a three-year program that offers you the core of the industry. You learn the skills to develop, market and manage tourism. You will be introduced to the different sectors of the industry such as marketing, guiding, food services, international and intercultural communication, and such. This course lays the foundation for you to either enter the industry and gain practical experience or pursue further studies within the discipline where there are specialised M.B.A courses for Tourism Management.

What subjects do you study in this course?

A typical syllabus of this course includes the following subjects:

  • Business Statistics, to understand and generate market trends
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical reasoning, writing, and presentation that helps you build your marketing abilities
  • Fundamentals of tourism
  • History of tourism
  • Financial Accounting
  • Ethics of Tourism
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Translation Studies
  • Aviation Management
  • IT for Tourism Industry
  • Air Fares and Ticketing
  • Event Management
  • Principles of Human Resource Management
  • Tours and Operations Management
  • Principles of Marketing

What are the best universities to study this course?

If you are looking at opportunities outside of India:

  • Liverpool Hope University, U.K.
  • University of Canberra, Australia
  • University of Plymouth, U.K.

Indian Universities:

  • University Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, Chandigarh
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


The typical requirement for an undergraduate course is 10 + 2 years of schooling from a recognised school board. This means International Baccalaureate (IB) and GCE A Levels, or other country-specific equivalent.

In addition, when applying abroad, you must also submit proof of your English proficiency through tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.

Admission process

The admission process involves a lot of research and filling up the application form online, before the deadline. For universities in the U.K., the application is submitted through the UCAS portal. Along with the application form, an aspirant must also upload self-attested copies of transcripts, certificates, and testimonies as required by the university, followed by the payment of an application fee.

Or, just like using a travel advisor, you can sign up for an international education consultant who will make the entire process easier on you, so you can prepare yourself for this next big step.

2. B.B.A in Tourism Management

A Bachelor of Business Administration course is again a 3-year undergraduate degree that you can sign up for immediately after your twelfth standard. Travel and Tourism Management course is a specialization you can choose to pursue in this course. Unlike the B.A. course which delves into the theory of Travel and Tourism, a B.B.A course is designed to develop entrepreneurial skills within the industry. The average salary of a B.B.A graduate in India ranges from INR 5 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs. This figure is bound to increase with experience and higher qualifications.

What subjects do you study in this course?

The course is designed primarily around the principles of travel & tourism management and business economics. Here are some of the subjects one studies in this course. Some are core to the degree while others can be electives or specializations you choose during your course.

  • Principles of Management
  • Business Economics
  • Mathematics
  • IT for Travel and Tourism
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Communication Skills
  • Soft Skills and Personality Development
  • Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism
  • Business Organisation
  • Quantitative Techniques and Operation Research in Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Principles for a Travel Agency
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Business and Taxation Laws
  • Ecology, Environment & Tourism or Sustainable Travel
  • Values and Ethics in Business
  • Project Planning & Evaluation
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • International Business Management

What are the best universities to study this course?

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A
  • National University of Singapore
  • Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Within India:

IGNOU, New Delhi

Madras University Distance Education, Chennai

National Institute of tourism and hospitality management, Hyderabad


To get into these top colleges abroad, you must be ranked in the 75th percentile or higher, scoring over 1550 in the SAT or 34+ in the ACT. Your GPA should be 4 or higher. The recommended TOEFL score is 100 while it is 7.5 if you are writing IELTS.

Admission process

The admission process to get into some of the best universities starts much earlier. For instance, your GPA requirements cannot be met at the last minute. That said, keep track of the deadlines for early admissions and regular intake. MIT, for instance, closes early admissions in November and the regular intake in January. Most schools have an online application that you need to fill in, along with your transcripts, your personal statement and letters of recommendation.

3. International Hospitality and Tourism Management

It is natural for most travel and tourism studies to focus on the industry, laws, and cultures of the nation the university is rooted in. But, if you are looking to gain a global outlook, then you must look for this specialization. There are universities, especially abroad that provide undergraduate degrees in International Hospitality and/ or Tourism management. Here, you gain a multicultural perspective on tourism and hospitality. The diversity of the international student community will also be an excellent introduction to building cultural sensitivity.

What subjects do you study in this course?

In addition to the typical courses on tourism and hospitality principles, you will have specialised modules on global tourism, hospitality, and the events industry. You will learn to build and manage luxury brands, manage international events, or even hyper-specialise in international hotel development and finance.

What are the best universities to study this course?

EHL (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne), Switzerland

University of Nevada, U.S.A

Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland


To apply, you must have: A high school diploma with transcripts, an original personal statement essay, proof of English proficiency, and be 18 years of age.

Admission process

You apply online before the deadline expires along with the necessary documents. EHL, for instance, has multiple campuses. So you must choose the one you prefer to go to. Most of these universities do not select candidates only on academic merit. While it is an important criterion, they also look for personal qualities that will help you in the field.

4. B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Management

A three-year course, this is one of the specializations that includes the standard subjects such as lodging, recreation, food, entertainment, convenient travel, and tourism services along with any related support solutions. Aviation management is the additional learning outcome one gets out of this course. Having done this course, you can begin your career as airport ground staff, a steward/ stewardess, or be employed by airline companies and work your way up. These kinds of courses are technology and practice-heavy, designed to kickstart your career at the earliest. You can also use this degree as a stepping stone to further your learning by pursuing an MBA or other postgraduate courses in the discipline.

What subjects do you study in this course?

  • Principles of Tourism
  • Principles of Management
  • Aviation Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Business communication and Public Relations Management
  • Event Management
  • Industry Profile and Data Analysis
  • Front Office Operations
  • Sales, Marketing and Digital media

What are the best universities to study this course?

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Hotel School the Hague
  • Cornell University, U.S.A

In India, the top universities are

  • NIMS, Jaipur
  • Jain University, Bangalore
  • Frankfinn Institute, Pune


While each of the universities abroad has its own eligibility criteria for admission, there are some that are common. You must have completed 10 + 2 years of schooling from an accepted school board. English-speaking nations also require you to submit proof of your English language proficiency, in the form of an IELTS or TOEFL transcript. At the undergraduate level, you will also be required to submit your SAT/ ACT or other equivalent scores. In addition, along with your application form, an original personal essay must be uploaded.

Admission process

It is always good to have a list of your target universities and prepare for their admission processes well in advance. Keep track of their deadlines, GPA requirements, and copies of transcripts that you will need to submit. The admission process begins with an online application, followed by an entrance test and/or an interview.

5. B.T.A (Bachelor of Tourism Administration)

Another super-specialized course, a B.T.A degree focuses on tourism management including areas such as resort planning and management, tourism development, ecology, environment and tourism, food and beverages and intercultural communication. It is a course that delves deep into the practices of the tourism industry, analysing the positive and negative impacts of tourism on local communities while also developing more sustainable modes of travel that will help the growth of all people involved. Ethics and social responsibility become central to any tourist administrator. This course also provides you with the knowledge and the skills to evaluate relationships between customers and service providers, giving you the data sets to add finesse to your tour operations.

With the colossal expansion of the travel and tourism industry, not just in India, but across the globe, the need for specialised tour administrators is also on the rise. Conventional modes of travel and sightseeing are being replaced by bleasure (business + pleasure) and luxury travel and the world is in need of more qualified professionals with specialized skill-sets to provide these services.

What subjects do you study in this course?

  • Tourism Perspectives
  • Environment, Ecology and Tourism
  • Science and Technology in Tourism
  • Communicative English
  • Feature/ Digital copywriting
  • Principles of Tourism management
  • Tourism marketing and so on

What are the best universities to study this course?

  • Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland
  • University of Surrey, UK
  • Griffith University, Australia

In India, your options are

  • Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla
  • Advanced Institute of Management – AIM, New Delhi
  • Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism, Noida


10 + 2 years of schooling from any of the recognised boards in the country. English language proficiency and display of leadership skills will also help you stand apart when applying to universities abroad.

Admission process

You shortlist the universities of your choosing and apply to them through their online portals. You upload the required transcripts along with your statement of purpose. The selection criteria is typically merit along with an aspiring student’s ability to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

6. B.H.M (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

While not a typical “tourism” course, a B.H.M degree is also an excellent entry pathway into the travel and tourism industry. The hotel industry, which comprises primarily food, beverages, accommodation, and events, works hand in hand with travel and tourism and one cannot separate the two. They are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, as an aspirant, you can also consider entering the travel and tourism industry with a B.H.M degree. The skills you learn here are transferable, as personality development is one of the core requirements for someone in the hospitality sector. You also get to develop quick problem-solving skills and critical thinking, which can be applied in any field.

What subjects do you study in this course?

At the undergraduate level, you will learn the basics of front office management and customer service, nutrition, catering, food and beverages, housekeeping, and accounting. Within these major topics, you will delve into the depths of food production, baking, sustainability, communication systems and management, safety, accommodation management, and so on. Moreover, you will also further your communication skills in English and one foreign language.

What are the best universities to study this course?

  • Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland
  • Oxford Brookes University U.K.

In India,

  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Amity University, Lucknow
  • International Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad
  • IIHM, Kolkata


While admission criteria can change with most tourism colleges or universities, the basic requirements remain consistent. To get into the top universities of the world to pursue hotel management, you must be 18 years of age or above. You must have completed 10 + 2 years of schooling. You must exhibit a proficient command of the English language and submit the proof in the form of TOEFL or IELTS certificates. At the end of the day, it is your personality, leadership skills, and merit (expressed in your personal statement) that will make you stand out among the other aspirants.

Admission process

While applying to universities abroad, the admission process begins at least a year in advance. You must ensure that you maintain the required GPA and have all the transcripts handy while filling out the application form. For the universities in India, your admission is based either on the merit of your high school diploma and/or an entrance examination that the university might choose to conduct.

7. Advanced Diplomas in Travel and Tourism

For some students, a conventional degree is a fairly substantial investment, whether it is in terms of the fees, time, or effort involved. If you feel the same or are looking for more practical-based courses that are tailor-made for industry requirements, then, you can always consider a diploma in travel and tourism.

A diploma curriculum, typically, is light on theoretical knowledge but guarantees extensive practical knowledge, customised to fit the travel and tourism industry. The goal of any diploma program is, on completion, to create numerous career options. In essence, they are professional courses developed in tandem with the industry requirements.

In this field, you have numerous diploma options. You can choose to specialise in tourism management, history of travel, aviation management, hotel management, catering, aviation management, business statistics, travel laws, and so on. With the industry growing in leaps and bounds, it is natural that more super-specialized diplomas also come into existence.

A diploma course is typically two years long with a significant practical component that includes an internship or an apprenticeship.

What subjects do you study in this course?

The subjects that you will study for your diploma depend upon the specialisation you choose.

What are the best universities to study this course?

  • Les Roches, Switzerland or Spain
  • University of Sydney, Australia
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland

In India,

  • St Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Inspire Academy, Mumbai
  • YMCA Institute for Career Studies, New Delhi


Just like any degree, a diploma also requires 10 + 2 years of schooling and a minimum proficiency in English.

Admission process

Since these courses are highly sought after, some universities have entrance exams to select candidates. The admission process at the diploma level varies extensively with each university.

After a Bachelor’s Degree

This article so far has looked at numerous options in the field of Travel and Tourism that you can pursue after your 12th. Needless to say, you can continue on this learning path even after your bachelor’s degree. At the Master’s level, you narrow down to a niche area and specialise. You have degrees that delve into e-tourism, revenue management, culture studies from a tourism perspective, destination management, sustainable travel, tourism for sports, gastronomy, culinary sciences, bartending and beverages, and so on.

These courses are so niche that, on successful completion, you can find yourself being in demand all over the world.

If you choose to go down the MBA route, then you also have top business schools offering an MBA program tailor-made to fit the requirements of the travel and hospitality industry. You have courses at the postgraduate level, going all the way up to a Ph.D. in Travel and Tourism and while we talk about all kinds of successful career options, let us not forget that you can get into the teaching side of things, inspiring the next generation of travel professionals.

The other alternative is to pursue a certificate course in addition to whichever field you are qualified in. That way, you up-skill yourself and create a niche, combining the skill sets of two different fields. The only thing you have to ensure is that you sign up for a certificate course with an accredited university/ institution.

Here is a list of some of the top universities in the world for tourism, hospitality and leisure management studies.

World Ranking University Location
1 EHL Hospitality Business School Switzerland
2 University of Nevada United States
3 Swiss Hotel Management School Switzerland
4 Les Roches Global Hospitality Management Education Switzerland
5 Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland
6 Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
7 Hotel Institute Montreux Switzerland
8 Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
9 Hotelschool The Hague Netherlands
10 Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) Macau

Source: QS World University Rankings

How to apply to travel and tourism management with no stress

Your decision-making process always begins with extensive research. You look into the course content, the structure, the country of your choosing, the nature of the degree, scholarships, job profiles, immigration policies, the standard of living, and so on.

The amount of research that goes into choosing the right course can be boggling. It does become easier to take the help of higher education consultants to choose the right diploma for you. The simpler, stress-free solution is that you sign up with TC Global.

We simplify international education, learning, and mobility through connecting students, universities, and a global community on a single platform where there are over 1000+ education providers and over 80,000+ courses.

Our platform enables students to study anywhere in the world in just a few steps. From search and discovery and finding the right course fit for you, to applications, visas and departure – we see you through it all.

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