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Business analytics is the backbone of contemporary business. Business analysts work tirelessly in their roles as the custodians of efficacy within a work environment. They are responsible for connecting various disparate facets of organization and as such are sometimes playing the role of a liaison. Furthermore, they are continuously analyzing data and company processes in order to ascertain how to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. The role of a business analyst is to be a highly adaptable problem solver who is able to curtail leakages in the corporate machine while supporting the organization by identifying stress points and delivering solutions that can realistically be implemented. Let us discuss the salient skills that define a great business analyst.

Data driven

Business analysts tend to be in positions that require processing massive amounts of data. As such, they are expected to be well-versed in data analytic software that is relevant for their usages such as Stata or R. One of the main roles of a business analyst is to statistically inquire into the company processes in order to understand solve stress-points and problems in order to streamline the efficiency of the company. They are akin to designers in terms of tackling problems and designing or deducing solutions for them. Data processing is essential to the activity of problem-solving and hence is the weapon of choice for the business analyst.

Business Savvy

The weather report of the business world lies in the hands of business analysts. Their meteorological observations can make or break a company. It is an essential skill for a business analyst to have a deep and appreciable understanding of the business itself. It is their responsibility to provide the understanding of the market they are in and to contribute solutions that are synergetic to changes in market forces. The forecast-like nature of their work implies valuable and irreplaceable knowledge of the business. Business analysts are expected to be extremely business savvy in this way and play an important role in developing and inculcating solutions with these factors in mind.


As mentioned before, business analysts are often thrust into the role of liaison between the various different facets of a company. As such they are expected to have excellent listening and speaking skills. In the real world, they are often the bridge between IT and the rest of the company. By continuously connecting and evaluating the various organs of the organization, the business analyst becomes the central communicator in many instances. They are also expected to facilitate strong and meaningful relationships from both the technical and business sides of the company; these are commonly referred to as ‘stakeholder relationships’. The business analyst is an excellent communicator that acts as the connecting tissue of an organization.

Facilitators of problem solving

Business analysts are extremely focused and determined at solving a particular problem. Though they are very central to the functioning of the organization, they must never let themselves become an obstacle on the road to achieving higher efficiency. A good business analyst is one who can cultivate this kind of humility. It is especially important to stress this point because business analysts are expected to have a fairly high level of emotional intelligence in order to be able to negotiate the pressures of their rigorous role in the organization. Business analysts cannot become part of the problem in the working order of the organization.

Masters at adapting

It is inevitable that a business analyst will make some mistakes. The mark of a truly excellent business analyst is to be able to adapt to new and adverse situations in a dynamically evolving fashion. That is to say, they are able to assess the scenario with honesty and produce solutions to problems with unparalleled focus. When business analysts makes mistakes, they should be able to pivot or adapt in a way that produces meaningful solutions without breaking under the stress of responsibility. This resilience and flexibility is an essential part of being a business analyst.

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