Top Places to Study Engineering

The fascinating world of engineering has exploded over the last century. A vast and versatile field of inquiry and innovation, the ‘E’ in STEM has become a central object of aspirations and ambitions. Let us look at some of the best places to study engineering in 2022.

8.Aalborg University, Denmark

The best engineering university in Europe for the fifth year in a row, Aalborg university is an excellent destination for inquisitive minds to expand their skills and training. Aalborg university is special and unique in the fact that all of their degree programs and research activities are conducted on a project or problem basis. At Aalborg, the added interdisciplinary focus is an added bonus for young minds to explore questions and solutions freely and without prejudice. Aalborg university’s project-based approach is especially attractive as it helps students navigate and tackle research/design problems from the get go, preparing them to be better designers, researchers, scholars and engineers.

7.University of California Berkely (UCB)

UCB is a university with an illustrious past (and present). With a whopping 9 Nobel prizes amongst the current faculty and a student to faculty ratio of 17.8 to 1, it is no wonder that UCB is ranked 4th on the list of best global universities. Despite being one of the best universities in the world, UCB boasts 17 excellent graduate and undergraduate programs in the field of engineering. UCB is at the cutting edge of research and innovation, they are developing a method of engineering certain crystals with negative capacitance in order to reduce power consumption by computers. This is just one of the many exciting projects that take place at UCB every year.

6.Stanford University

Stanford seems to be in close competition with UCB ranking sixth on the best global colleges of engineering and third on the list of best global universities. Furthermore, it is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area as well. It has an illustrious history much like UCB. It even boasts “Stanford Engineering has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly a century, creating pivotal technologies that have transformed the worlds of information technology, communications, health care, energy, business and beyond.” They too have embarked on some exciting quests like the team of bioengineers that is growing a heart layer by layer whilst using advanced 3D printing technologies.

5.Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

We move to the land of communists who are rising to be the most formidable capitalist power in the world, China. Though it is little known globally and as a university in its own right, HIT is a big deal in its country. It is a current member of China’s top nine universities union (C9). It is renowned as the cradle of engineers. It is also the fist university to establish a school of aeronautics in China. It is the first Chinese university to develop smallsats and microsats (satellites) and enter it into the moon’s orbit. It has more such accolades too such as unveiling the virulent part of the HIV virus and so on and so forth. It seems like an ideal place for a career minded student with a strong interest in research.

4.National University of Singapore (NSU)

Next, we continue our trend towards the orient by looking at one of the leading universities in the world, College of Design and Engineering (CDE) at NSU. NSU is a highly competitive university to get into (with an acceptance rate of 5%) due to its high-class facilities and well reputed education. The university itself also carries a heavy name and might be an attractive destination for career minded students.

3.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

There are very few in the world who have not heard of the famed MIT. A university whose fame and grandeur has extended past reality and entered the world of pop culture and fiction many times. MIT is a hub of innovation and academic excellence and has a rich and storied history. The university is ranked second in the global list of universities. The prestigious MIT is a great place for students who are willing to strive to get into one of the top institutions in the world, it is for career-minded and inquisitive students alike and has a versatile approach to its curriculum.

2.Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

NTU is a research-intensive public university based out of Singapore with a great reputation for its work in the area of Engineering. The advances made by this university have been instrumental proffering change in the 4th industrial revolution. With focussed research at the very cutting edge, NTU Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most research-oriented universities in the world. As such, students with a flair for research or a tenacious urge to enter the fray of engineering research should definitely consider applying here.

1.Tsinghua University

Tsinghua university located in northwest Beijing; China is listed as the best university to study engineering in the world in the year 2022. The university has a whopping number of more than 300 research institutions. Tsinghua is recommended to those who are committed to the career track in engineering. This university with its vast faculty and scope for learning and research is the #1 university in Engineering for good reason. However, brilliant though it may be, the medium of instruction at this university is primarily Chinese save for the few degrees and diplomas that require English in their focus. This is the reason that they are only ranked 26 in the list of best universities globally.

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