Top Paying Jobs in Australia in 2022

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Australia is one of the top global ed destinations of 2022, thanks to a large number of prestigious universities and institutions scattered throughout the country. It is also home to many organizations across different sectors including agriculture, information technology, manufacturing, business and management, finance, insurance, and healthcare among a host of others.

With the unemployment rate falling below 5% and the employment rate increasing by 63% according to statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, employment opportunities have been at an all-time high. Since Australia’s borders have been slowly opening up to those interested to work there, it would help to know about the various opportunities and some of the top-paying jobs in 2022.

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Registered Nurse

Registered nurses play an important role in society since they contribute to the well-being of the general public by making use of their nursing knowledge to provide care, and to cater to the health needs of patients. The average salary of registered nurses in Australia ranges between $77,000 – $ 100,000 a year.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers develop autonomous systems that are capable of prediction through the research, design, and implementation of different machine learning models for various purposes. The average salary of a machine learning engineer in Australia is $120,000 a year.

Judicial or Legal Professionals

Judicial or legal professionals provide legal services to those that require them in various capacities. These professionals can range from judges to lawyers and can specialize in different categories of practice. The average salary of judicial professionals is between $138,000 – $190,000 in Australia.

Big Data Engineer

A big data engineer is one who is responsible for transforming raw data into useful information. This information can be helpful in making decisions, forming business plans, and developing new innovations. Big data engineers in Australia receive an average salary of $150,000.

Data Scientist

The hottest job of the 21st century is also one of the top-paying jobs in Australia. Data scientists are required in almost every organization as they help to analyze the data in order to help the latter in making better business decisions and understand how they perform. They have to learn to use various machine learning algorithms, understand what needs to be done with the data they receive, know development using various programming languages, and create solutions for business problems. The average salary of a data scientist is around $140,000 – $160,000 a year in Australia.

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

These professionals analyze market trends and government regulations and provide financial advice regarding stocks, shares, and other financial commodities. It takes years of practice and a thorough understanding of accounting, finance, and economics to become a successful finance professional. The average salary hovers around $156,000 in Australia.


The average salary of a surgeon is around $157,000, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Australia. Surgeons diagnose and perform surgeries on patients with deformities, diseases, or illnesses. They generally specialize in a particular branch of medicine including neurosurgery, ophthalmology, reconstructive surgery, and cardiac surgery among others.

Senior Executives including CEOs and MDs

CEOs are the topmost jobs in organizations and they manage operations, organizations, and resources. Ultimately, every CEO’s role is to oversee the strategies and budgets of an organization and strive to achieve institutional progress through profits. The average salary of a CEO in Australia hovers around $144,000 – $200,000.


Cardiologists diagnose and treat medical conditions related to the human heart. They have to take care of every procedure related to the cardiovascular system including conducting different tests and performing surgical procedures on patients. Cardiologists in Australia earn anywhere between $154,000 – $180,000 a year.


One of the most sought-after roles in Australia is that of an anesthesiologist. They are trained physicians who specialize in providing perioperative care, creating anesthetic plans, and administering anesthesia to patients. It is a highly risky job that requires a medical degree, years of specialized training, and ample expertise. With an average salary of over $200,000, it is also one of the top-paying jobs in the country.

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