Top In-Demand Jobs of 2022

Global Employability

As we enter the final act of the pandemic, a dormant workforce enters the job market. This year will be a major turning point in the lives of many people, and as such it is healthy to keep an eye on global trends in the job market. Despite the global chip shortage, the expansion of the digital world and its various facets has continued aided by the inevitable conditions set forth by the pandemic. As a result, most of the careers we will be discussing pertain to the digital space.

Full stack engineer

Full stack Engineers are in high demand the world over. A single person who can contribute to back-end, front end, coding and engineering support is definitely a prized asset. Since the world has been producing software engineers at a high rate for the past few decades, the focus now lies on front end work, that is to say, primarily on UX design. A full stack engineer is an essential part of producing and maintaining apps and websites amongst other things. Full stack engineers are expected to be well versed with design, cloud and database skills as well as fluency in languages such as Python, Java, CSS etc.

Cloud engineers and architect

Cloud is everywhere, and it has been for the greater part of a decade. Major companies and corporations are turning to the cloud for their storage needs due to its convenience and ease of access. Cloud engineers and architects are in demand especially after the pandemic since companies have needed technicians to streamline their cloud computing experience due to work from home regulations. Cloud engineers can expect roles that reflect expertise in database management and IT. Oftentimes, cloud engineers are greatly rewarded if they have experience working with hardware or know their way around a server farm.

Data Scientist

Data scientists have been on demand for almost half a decade now and their services seem to continually be on the rise. It is posited that these jobs may be seeing such a contiguous rise in popularity due to its versatile nature. That is to say, jobs meant for statisticians and data analytics specialists of various kinds are evolving into jobs that are available for data scientists. The role of a data scientist can greatly vary based on where they are employed, they perform tasks from business analytics to aiding social science studies. Their versatile skillset and the ubiquitous need for the same is what makes this a highly prospective career path to follow.

Cybersecurity Specialist

With the world becoming more digitized and streamlined at the same time, hackers are having a field day exploiting flaws on all levels from the personal, to the corporate. In 2021, we saw an 17% increase in such attacks and data compromises when compared to 2020 and a staggering 50% the year before that. A cybersecurity specialist is often a highly specialised technician who handles the

security of the company. They are expected to be well-trained in a number of coding languages, usage of Linux, understanding of database architecture and encryption and so on.

Robotics Engineer and Artificial Intelligence

Since the world has been moving towards automation consistently for a long while now, the significance of the robotics engineer as an emerging career shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Customer facing companies and various tech hubs require Artificial intelligence (AI) specialists. There have been many leaps in the market with regards to AI and the job market seems to be catching on with a high demand for jobs in this position. While the AI space is mostly software and computer science oriented, the robotics engineers have a variety of roles that can include expertise in both hardware and software to various degrees depending on the role.

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Global Employability


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