Top 10 YouTube Channels for College Students

When you start to watch videos online, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole of videos. Before you know it, it’s 3 a.m. and you haven’t slept. But the same platform also houses a ton of wonderful, useful and well-presented information that might reach you better than what you will learn from a traditional classroom. Besides, it might also get you hooked on to domains beyond the scope of your course or give you great insights onto how to navigate university life.

So, we have put together the top-ten YouTube pages that will help you as a college student.

1. For everything under the sun: Ted-Ed

Subscribers: 16.7 million

The TED name needs no introduction. One of the best educational initiatives, this channel is a curation of highly innovative ideas and explorations into the why-s and how-s of the world. You will learn something new, or just get inspired by the level of innovation in front of you.

2. Academics: Crash Course

Subscribers: 13.4 million

Whether it is economics, physics, philosophy, astronomy, politics, psychology, literature or biology, you feel the need for additional tutoring, Crash Course has 10 minute videos, augmented with great graphics, humour and an expert cast who will make your life easier.

3. Academics: Khan Academy

Subscribers: 7.24 million

Consider this your friendly YouTube tutor. From algebra to organic chemistry, from Alexander, the Great to the globalised world, Khan Academy provides free education to learners of all ages and levels. With instructional videos and practice problems, Khan Academy might just help you pass your calculus course easily.

4. Academics: MIT Open CourseWare

Subscribers: 3.82 Million

This is a chance for you to learn from MIT (yes, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, U.S.A.) even without being admitted into it. For anyone taking any STEM course, this page is a life saver.

5. For All Things College: Thomas Frank

Subscribers: 2.44 Million

Well, the man calls himself College Info Geek. In his channel, he covers every aspect of a college student’s life, from how to take notes, how to be more productive, study hacks for exams all they way till landing your dream job.

6. News: VICE News

Subscribers: 7.73 Million

Investigative journalism and gripping story telling, this is a channel you must subscribe to as a college student to keep yourself updated with the latest events around the globe. For those skeptical of the political biases in the daily news-case, VICE News is a great source.

7. History, Politics and Technology: CGP Grey

Subscribers: 5.34 Million

In this channel, you will get some of the most practical explanations of why things are the way they are, animated with stick figures. Grey’s “animation and explanation” format, presented in 10-12 minute videos is an enthralling way to learn.

8. Entering the Digital Realm: The Coding Train

Subscribers: 1.43 Million

In today’s world, digital literacy is non-negotiable. So, if you are looking for creative tutorials on the basics of programming all the way till machine learning and simulation, you better jump aboard the Coding Train.

9. University Fashion: Rachspeed

Subscribers: 245,000

While Rachel Spencer is gaining popularity as a fashion vlogger, this channel gives you way more than that. You will find content relating to fashion, lifestyle, and other creative things you can do as a college student make your university experience more home-y. If you want to stay in style, but within a budget, this channel has got you covered.

10. Easy Cooking: Babish Culinary Universe

Subscribers: 9.66 Million

If you are new to the kitchen, you have Basics with Babish, a series of videos that cover basic, simple recipes you can explore. But, if you are asking how did this cooking channel get over 9 million followers, it is because they recreate famous recipes from TV and film. Remember the Thanksgiving sandwich that Ross gets fired over in Friends or the Krabby Patty from Spongebob? You can learn how to make those and show off to your roomies.

In short…

The sheer volume of information is immense. While we love these channels and think it is a great place to learn, you can always look for videos that appeal to you the most. Let your YouTube surfing time be as productive as it can be.

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