The Latest Technological Developments in 2022

Tech and Innovation

We live in an age where every day, we are greeted with an exciting technology that almost always manages to outperform our expectations! Most technological advances of today are created using technologies that have been constantly evolving over the years while others are digital enhancements of existing solutions. For example, Bosch’s AI-powered sun visor makes use of a camera and a flip-down LCD screen based on AI technology to digitally block the sun’s glare!

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting concepts and products that have been developed recently.

BMW iX Flow

Heard of the electrophoretic film? It is defined as the movement of particles when influenced by an electric field. Well, the BMW iX Flow uses this principle to change its color! Essentially, capsules that contain charged particles that are either white or black are laminated onto the car’s body. When an electric field is applied, the corresponding color becomes visible. Such a colorful invention, don’t you think?

Vespera Smart Telescope

We have all wanted to be able to gaze at galaxies and nebulae but have been held back by inaccessibility and high costs. Not anymore! Vaonis, a French startup, has introduced Vespera, a smart telescope that is both affordable as well as accessible to all people. The telescope connects to a smartphone through which it calibrates itself (using the phone’s GPS), and displays images. The telescope can also be controlled through an app on your smartphone.

Samsung’s Eco Remote

Samsung’s latest offering is the SolarCell remote, which is quite an environmental-friendly gadget! It works just like any other solar-based device – you can charge it using solar energy. However, what is even more impressive is that this device is capable of harvesting RF waves emitted by routers and charging itself!

Samsung’s NFT TV

Bought expensive NFTs but have no way to display them? Worry not, for Samsung has designed a device specifically for this purpose. Samsung’s NFT TV is a device you can use for all purposes NFT – from viewing your beloved art to browsing hundreds of catalogs and purchasing one, the NFT TV is touted to do it all!

Cloud-Native Platforms

Cloud computing has made sure that most of our data is secure and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. However, designing and building applications that are used across different platforms still takes up a large chunk of an organization’s resources, time, and budget. Cloud-native applications are designed to help an organization to build and design scalable applications from scratch, optimize them, and connect them all together in no time! Cloud-native platforms are designed to provide a consistent experience when it comes to application development and management.

Extended Reality

With many companies making significant headway in the metaverse environment, it is safe to say that the number of AR and VR-based applications are going to skyrocket in the coming years. The advancement of AI coupled with the development of hardware capable of mimicking the real world, AR and VR technologies are set to change the way we see the world, literally. One example of this technology is Sony’s Playstation VR2.

Decision Intelligence

Touted to be a practical approach for solving decision-making problems at an organizational level, decision intelligence combines business intelligence and analytics to address every decision as a process, thereby learning from the outcomes and refining those decisions on the go.

Generative AI

Although AI has been around for quite a while, simplifying most of our complicated processes, generative AI is the latest iteration of the beloved technology. It is a self-learning algorithm that can make use of available data to figure out solutions to complex problems.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computers make use of quantum mechanics to accelerate algorithms and processes. Supercomputers are not capable of performing highly complex operations as previously imagined and this is where quantum computing has shown its prowess. Finance, logistics, and pharmaceuticals are some of the industries that are set to benefit from quantum computing. Other related research includes quantum energy storage, cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning.

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Tech and Innovation


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