Ten Things To Prepare For Before Starting University

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Got accepted into a university of your choice? Congratulations! Your hard work and efforts have paid off. But starting university can be stressful for many because of the sheer number of things that they will have to take care of. It gets even more hectic if one is looking to study at a university abroad. From writing impactful SOPs to managing finances for the entire duration of the study, the list of things to do before starting university is so huge that it is quite difficult to keep a tab on all of them.

To make your life easier, we’ve enlisted the top ten things to take care of before starting university. Here goes…

10. Join student discussion groups

Joining online student discussion groups or getting in touch with the student cell of the university you will study at will help you know about the culture of the region, people, places to eat, places you can visit during your stay, accommodations, and even potential travel destinations.

9. Make a list of the most important things you will need to carry and pack them

You will need to carry a lot of documents to your new university so keeping a list can help to track what needs to be carried. You might also need to apply for travel cards and insurance so keeping the necessary documents handy will help.

8. Buy necessary gadgets and materials

Depending on your program, you might require specific electronic gadgets or books. Although universities provide computers to students for use, having your own can make your life a lot easier. Buying the required books earlier can fetch you some discounts as well.

7. Find a job you can work at

Working while you study at university is a great way to make some extra money for living. Make sure you do enough research about jobs that are available on and around your campus and apply for these jobs on time. Connecting with students union members is also a great way to know about job opportunities on campus.

6. Keep a tab on your health

Visit a doctor for a routine medical check-up right before you travel to the university to keep a tab on your health. Ensure that you have taken all of your vaccine shots on time. Some universities may even require you to register with an on-campus physician for all your healthcare needs but this might take a while. Also, dental health is expensive and most insurances don’t cover it fully, so get your cavities looked into before you go!

5. Learn to cook

This is a no-brainer. Cooking food yourself is a great way to stay healthy and save money on unnecessary expenses related to eating out. One doesn’t necessarily have to learn to cook fancy meals. Learning basics such as cooking rice, making pasta, or even making a salad can help you go the distance.

4. Get your finances in order

Make sure your finances are sorted before you travel to a relatively new region. Create budgets and allocate a certain amount for your personal expenses. Breaking down your monthly allowance is a good way to understand how much you may have to use for important things and how much you can spend on yourself. Creating a budget isn’t enough – you must learn to stick to it.

3. Sort your accommodation

Since you are moving to a relatively new place, make sure that you identify an accommodation that you are comfortable with. This includes accommodation with good security, is affordable, and is not too far away from your campus. Talk to people you know or join discussion groups online to identify feasible living quarters. Create a list of pros and cons for different accommodation types so that you can decide better. You may even look at alternate arrangements after your first year of stay, depending on your requirements.

2. Arrange travel and move as quickly as possible

It is better to make travel arrangements as early as possible since around the time that you will be traveling, there could be hundreds of other students who might also be looking to travel. Moreover, it is quite possible that airline companies might hike ticket prices since they know that a lot of students might make travel arrangements. It is also important to make necessary arrangements for travel between your university campus and your accommodation.

1. Submit all necessary forms on time

This one is the most important of all! Make sure you fill in and submit all the necessary forms/documents as early as possible to ease your travel. Most universities will require you to furnish your details for easier processing and these forms may have to be submitted as quickly as possible. Some universities may also ask you to upload your photograph for the allocation of a student ID number.

You will live one of the best years of your life as a global ed student.  Make the most of it!

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