TC Global Community: Connecting International Students On An Open Platform

One of the most valuable aspects of preparing to study abroad is getting connected with someone who has taken the journey before you. Their experience and learning can be of utmost value when you are deciding what the best fit is for you.

Imagine an app that connects you to not one, but many such people, you have the opportunity to ask them anything you want. Not only that, imagine that this app can connect you directly with domain experts who can guide you through your study abroad journey.

Introducing the TC Global Community App.

The process of becoming an international student can be overwhelming. Finding the right course, country and university, and getting all the paperwork in order can be challenging for students. TC Global simplifies international education and guides you through this entire journey – from search and discovery to applications and departure.

The TC Global Community App connects you to alumni, offer holders and other students like you, where you can exchange information and ideas freely and make informed decisions about your global education.

Community essentially unlocks a powerful peer-to-peer network. You can connect with students from your dream school, have conversations about your decisions, gain valuable advice about your course, the faculty, the living, or know the cheapest places to grab a bite! The idea is for students to learn from each other’s experiences and make informed choices.

Based on your preference and study-abroad journey, you can choose to join a community


Here you can engage with other aspiring global citizens about courses, universities, countries and careers.

Offer Holders

Connect with other students and offer holders and clarify your decisions as you get closer to starting your journey as an international student.

What Can You Do with TC Global’s Community App?

Think of Community as an online platform to gain and share knowledge on just about anything to do with studying abroad.

Here’s what you can do – a quick look:

  • Connect with students – both in India and abroad
  • Share your journey and read about others like you to learn from their experiences
  • Get connected with Relationship Members and domain experts in your field
  • Ask any question related to studying abroad and get instant answers
  • Make an informed decision on your course and university

The Relationship Members will answer questions that will be useful to you and to the other students who are part of the community. In addition, the thousands of students who have got to their dream universities through TC Global will also share their personal journeys. Essentially, you get to pose your questions to people who have faced the same set of doubts and dilemmas as you are facing.

“This is really an amazing way to engage with thousands of other students who are pursuing their international education journey and thinking through the spectrum of questions that have to be addressed in finalising the right program, university and destination for one’s future! In short, this is a focused community where we discuss all things international education and mobility!”
– Shan Chopra, Chief Brand Strategy and Community Partner

How can people use it?

It’s simple, users can simply hop onto the Community tab on their app and start browsing, posting and engaging with other students that have questions and insights. Use it like any other social feed where you can share ideas, questions and thoughts that you’d like to get insights on from like-minded students that are in their international education journey right now!

The Community Advantage

In conversations with their RMs, most applicants share that they are looking to connect with the students/ alumni of the schools they are applying to. It is not easy to do so directly through social media. Your messages can get lost in the crowd, get filtered as spam or it might be perceived as unprofessional. The biggest advantage of using Community is that you have a platform dedicated to discussing global education.

Three cool things you can do with this feature

  • Access a powerful and diverse community of students and professionals who are in their journey to become international students through
  • Share ideas, questions and thoughts in an open forum to gather insights and accelerate learning
  • Connect with others engaging with the same programs, destinations and universities to form new and lasting relationships

How do you use Community?

Here’s a quick, interactive demo that tells you in easy steps how to use the Community feature.
You can see this, or see the steps listed a little below.

Connect with International Students Now

1. It is simple. Just hop onto the Community tab on the TC Global Student app

2. Join any or all of the communities.

3. Browse, post and engage with other students that have questions and insights. Use it like any other social feed where you can share ideas, questions and thoughts that you’d like to get insights on from like-minded students who are in their international education journey right now!

Get Started with Community

Get on board TC Global to access this powerful Community of international students. Get your queries directly answered, get in touch with students and alumni of your dream schools, follow what your community of peers is thinking and begin your process of global networking even before you begin your international education journey. Sign up with TC Global and access the world of international students through your phone!


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