Studying in Singapore – All You Need to Know

Global Ed

If you’re thinking about global ed, you want to look at various global destinations. before making up your mind.

Many countries are upping their global ed game, particularly in the post-pandemic world. The UK and the UAE have loosened up their immigration policies in an attempt to welcome more international students.

Another country that you must look into before deciding on your destination is Singapore. Here are some good reasons to consider Singapore for your global ed journey.

Opportunities and Options

Singapore is certainly a top Asian contender when it comes to higher education. The National University of Singapore (NUS)and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU)have been in the top fifty list when it comes to world university rankings. Moreover, Singapore has also opened its borders to foreign universities to set up local campuses. If any course in STEM, law, management, animation or design sounds like your cup of tea, then Singapore needs to be on your list. In addition to the pioneering courses and world-class universities, many universities in Singapore, both public and private, are offering scholarships to foreign applicants. It is also something you need to dig into, if you are considering the ‘Land of the Lions’.

It is not just about the institutions of higher education. It is a financial and economic hub of the South Asian region. The country has one of the highest GPD per capita incomes in the world and takes the thirty-second place in the world happiness index. If you are a student, especially from India or any of the South Asian countries, travelling to Singapore is no hassle for you.

Policy on Passes

We also know that your choice depends on way more than just the course or the university. Immigration policies and employment opportunities also factor into the decision. So here are some basics:

  • First, visas in Singapore are called passes. It is issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).
  • To apply for a Student’s Pass, you must be selected for a full-time course in any university located in Singapore. Part-time courses or weekend programs do not qualify.
  • An Acceptance letter from a university is typically valid for two weeks. You will have to start your Pass process within that time.
  • All Student Pass applications go through Student s Pass OnLine Application & Registration+ (SOLAR+) system. The processing time is typically ten working days. A fee of 30 Singapore Dollars is charged with each application.
  • Once you get your pass, Singapore allows you to work part-time up to 16 hours a week. This restriction is removed during holidays. However, you need to verify if your university is on the approved list published by the Ministry of Manpower. Only international students enrolled in the list of approved universities have the option of working part-time.
  • Dependents (spouse and children) of full-time graduate students can be sponsored by the university and can get a Social Visit Pass.
  • After completion of the degree, an international student can apply for a one-year Visit Pass if they are seeking employment opportunities in Singapore. This can be done online.
  • Once employed, your organisation can apply for your Employment Pass, or you can apply for an S-Pass, if you are a skilled technician.
  • If you are applying for a full-time diploma or an undergraduate course, then you must factor in the Tuition Grant Scheme while making your decision. As an international student, you are allowed to apply for a tuition grant, as long as it is approved by the Ministry of Employment. While this helps you with your tuition fees, you will be contractually obligated to work for a Singaporean organisation for a minimum of three years before you can even think of relocating.
Making Your Mark, Globally

Education in Singapore will give you a taste of a global, youthful and diverse community of students, motivated by the idea of success. It can facilitate an ideal ground for an international exchange of ideas and social interactions.  Student life is vibrant, infrastructure is top-rate, politics is stable, and their academia is challenging –– all these factors make Singapore a first-rate destination for global ed. The speed at which this country has grown, when it comes to economy, industry, and research makes it a global-ed opportunity worth grabbing.

See if you want to grab it too!

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