New Technology Trends for 2020

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Technology today is not something standalone that we go and seek – it’s a part of evetything we do. Unsuprisingky, a recent survey done by Accenture, called Technology Vision 2020, found that 52% of respondents viewed technology as an integral component in almost all aspects of their daily lives; 19% of the respondents even went on to admit that they looked at technology as an extension of themselves. We live in a technologically driven world constantly trying to take up the best trends that come in fashion daily.

However, the pace of technological growth today is such that anything that is in trend today may be obsolete tomorrow. So, whether you’re an IT person or merely a tech fan, the thing to do is to stay ahead of the game. Here are some of the new technology trends of 2020 that we believe will shape the future of technology in the years to come.

Artificial Intelligence

AI refers to the technology that lets computers mimic human intelligence with the ability to take faster and more accurate decisions than human beings. A driving force behind all the trends we can expect in technology, AI, albeit being in its nascent stages, already has a big place in our daily lives.

From our Smartphone assistants to our navigation apps among a host of other services, AI services have become an integral part of our lives. It doesn’t just stop there as the impact of AI is set to increase exponentially over the coming years and greatly transform how to live and what decisions we make. Here’s a superb piece on AI that we did recently (it’s about careers in AI)

Internet of Things

An integral part of AI, IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the smart devices that can be connected to the internet and each other. IoT devices all have WiFi features that enable the constant transmission and gathering of data between the devices. This connectivity allows users to remotely access IoT devices through the internet. It is the technology we use to remotely lock our doors and the same technology behind our FitBits that help us track our fitness.

Stats from Statista point to a nearly double increase in the number of devices powered by IoT from 11.2 billion in 2018 to 20 billion devices in 2020 with the figure expected to hit the 41 billion mark by 2025.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are simulated environment technologies that have been used mainly in the entertainment business thus far. However, the technology is tipped to have the highest potential of growth in the coming years as it looks to go beyond the entertainment industry to the Education, Sports, Health, Training, and Marketing industries.

As such, what was once regarded as mere science fiction is set to become an important aspect of our lives in the days to come. The 2019 IDC research on Worldwide Augmented and Virtual Reality spending Guide projects a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 77% from 2019-2023; one of the highest projected growth in the tech industry.

5G (Fifth Generation)

Technological growth and speed have been facilitated greatly by cellular networks. And like its predecessors, the fifth generation of cellular network promises to drive advances in many fields of technology.

With much greater use of the radio spectrum, 5G is set to offer more than just a fast connection. The game-changing aspect 5G brings to the table is its fast connection without the lag that will allow us to experience things real-time virtually for the first time. On top of the obvious perks of being able to download an HD movie within seconds or play video games without delay or glitches, this will also allow the easy gathering and sharing of information in real-time leading to fewer road accidents, more effective search and rescue missions and much more.


Among the trends that we’ve talked about, Cybersecurity is probably the only trend that is as integral to the growth of technology, but one that isn’t necessarily receiving as much attention as the others.

Just as technologies are constantly evolving, the threats that come along are also as new and as complex. Cybersecurity is all about continually combating these threats to allow the growth of other technological trends. Unsurprising thus, the demand for cybersecurity professionals in the market is three times more than the demand for any other jobs in the IT sector.

Worrying though, there is an acute shortage in the number of cybersecurity professionals creating the possibility of a cybercrime epidemic in the years to come. The success of technology (both on a business and personal level) over the years depends on the ability to mitigate the many threats that come the way through cybersecurity and these banks on the capacity to fill the demands in the cybersecurity jobs.

If you are intereetsd in tech, keep your ear to the ground. And keep reding our Insights!

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