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Most Affordable Places to Pursue an MBA Abroad 

Did you know that the top paying jobs in the world include Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Business Operations Manager? These were recently featured in the top 20 Best Paying Jobs 2020, and are some of the hottest jobs for MBA Graduates.

Getting an MBA is all very well, but the questions to ask is, what are the most affordable places to go to for one? You have the top-of-the-line places like Penn (Wharton School) and Stanford etc, but cost is a big deciding factor for many students. \Tuitions fee for an MBA degree at grad schools like Stanford would cost an average of $74,706 per year [approximately ₹57,09,000].

So, here’s a list of global MBA institutes based on affordability. We’ve broken it down by country.


France is a great global ed destination because, if you enrol in a public university, the state waives off two thirds of the fees. On an average, the study cost in France is about €2770 to €3770 per year (approximately ₹2,30,000 to ₹3,30,000).

Study Cost of MBA: Specifically with an MBA, the cost is higher as compared to other degrees. France has a mix of affordable to expensive institutes offering an MBA, starting from €14930 to as high as €89000 (approximately ₹12,33,000; ₹73,49,000).

For our list today, let’s look at the affordable universities/institutes offering MBA in France.

University/Institute Tuition Fee
The American Business School, Paris €14930 (approximately ₹12,33,000)
Paris School of Business €17250 (approximately ₹14,24,000)
Rennes School of Business €20000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹16,51,000)
Audencia Business School €31,500 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹27,00,000)
Emlyon Business School €38,500 for Global MBA (approximately ₹31,79,000)
EDHEC Business School €44,000 for Global MBA (approximately ₹36,33,000)

Living Cost: Estimated at €600 to €800 per month including the cost of food, transport & accommodation [approximately ₹49,000 to ₹66,000].


A non English speaking country where 95 per cent of locals speak English, Netherlands is a welcoming study destination for international students. But the bigger perk is that the tuition fees in Dutch universities are considerably low, falling between €6,000 and €20,000 [approximately ₹4,98,000 to ₹16,60,000].

Study Cost of MBA: Some higher education cost may be subsidised by the government excluding some study programmes such as MBA. However, the tuition fee for MBA degree in Netherlands is fairly affordable – starting from €12,000 with exceptional few universities that charge up to €54,000 (approximately ₹9,91,000 to ₹44,59,000).
Here’s an overview at the cost of studying MBA in Dutch universities/institutes:

University/Institute Tuition Fee
Saxion University of Applied Sciences € 12,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹9,91,000)
The Hague University of Applied Sciences Estimated at €19.990 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹16,50,000)
Hanze University of Applied Sciences €20,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹16,51,000)
Maastricht School of Management €32500 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹26,83,000)
Amsterdam Business School €39,900 for full—time MBA (approximately ₹32,95,000)
Tias School of Business €37500 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹30,96,000)

Living Cost: Estimated at an average of €800€1,100 a month, including accommodation [approximately ₹66,000 to ₹91,000]


One of the countries that come to mind when we talk about affordability is Germany. Tuition fees generally cost as low as €300 to €3000 per year [approximately₹25,000 to ₹2,50,000] in public universities.
Study Cost of MBA: Pursuing MBA in Germany is also comparatively affordable. Apart from the public universities offering free tuition fee, the MBA tuition fee ranges from €19000 to €45000 depending on the type of institutes, programme. Here’s a look at few of the top universities/institutes offering MBA in Germany, i.e.

University/Institute Tuition Fee
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Free Tuition fee except €300 as registration fee (approximately ₹25,000)
Berlin School of Economics & Law Average of 19800 for Berlin MBA (approximately ₹16,35,000)
University of Hamburg Ranges from 19800 to 30000 based on the type of MBA programmes chosen (approximately ₹16,35,000 to ₹24,77,000)
Grenoble Ecole de Management €31450 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹25,97,000)
Munich Business School €32,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹26,42,000)
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management €38,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹31,37,000)
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management €38,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹31,37,000)
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management €39,000 for fulltime MBA (approximately ₹32,20,000)

Living Cost: On average, the living cost is estimated at €850 per month with cost variance per city [approximately ₹70,000]


With an impressive total of all 7 Irish (public) universities globally ranked, Ireland has etched itself a place in the global ed market. Rated among the safest countries in the world with quality education, it has become widely popular among international students. The average cost of study in Ireland is estimated from €9,850 – €55,000 [approximately ₹8,17,000 to ₹45,64,000] depending on the programmers and degree.

Study Cost for MBA: Known as ‘The Celtic Tiger’ with the highest economic growth rate in the EU, Ireland offers a unique learning environment. What can be better than learning MBA first-hand in this fast-growing economy? With preference for institutes/universities offering affordable MBA degrees, you can start from here-

University/Institute Tuition Fee
Griffith College Dublin Estimated at €14,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹11,51,000)
Dublin Business School Estimated at €12500 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹9,86,000)
University of Limerick Estimated at €14,621 for executive MBA (approximately ₹12,02,000)
University College Dublin €34,500 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹28,36,000)
Trinity College Dublin Estimated at €34,700 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹28,52,000)

Living Cost: Estimated between €7,000 and €12,000 per year including accommodation [approximately ₹5,80,000 to ₹10,00,000]


China (mainland) is also an attractive study destination with over 492,185 international students from 196 countries/areas in the country. China’s affordable study cost and being home to over 40 globally ranked universities are among the various other reasons for this rising popularity. Studying in China would cost as low as US$2000 per year [approximately ₹1,50,000].

Study Cost for MBA: With the fastest growing major economy in the world, exploring the MBA degree in China will be a great decision. The tuition fee for MBA in China ranges from RMB 188,000 to RMB 438,000 (approximately ₹20,13,000 to ₹46,90,00).

Which are the ones universities offering MBA at a more affordable tuition fee.

University/Institute Tuition Fee
Zhejiang University RMB120,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹12,85,000)
Peking University RMB188,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹20,13,000)
Tsinghua University RMB198,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹21,20,000)
Shanghai JiaoTong University RMB308,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹32,98,000)
Peking University (BIMBA) Starts from RMB368,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹39,40,000)

Living Cost:
Average of US$740 – US$830 per month for places like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou [approximately ₹56,000 – ₹62,000]. Average of US$250 for other cities [approximately ₹19,000]


Studying in the postcard-perfect landscaped country is as attractive as its affordable cost of education. Hosting some of the highest ranked universities like the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland continues to be a hotspot for global ed seekers. Tuitions fees in Switzerland are set as low as CHF500 and CHF2,000 per semester [approximately ₹39,000 to ₹1,56,000].

Study Cost for MBA: The cost of study for MBA compared to other degrees in Switzerland is found to be on the higher end, ranging from CHF 28’500 to as high as CHF 70’000. Let’s take a look at universities/institutes offering MBA at an affordable rate.

University/Institute Tuition Fee
Swiss Business School Estimated at CHF 28’500 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹22,14,000)
IFM University Estimated at CHF 33500 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹26,02,000)
Business and Hotel Management School Estimated at CHF 37’500 for full-time MBA (dual) degree (approximately ₹29,13,000)
Geneva Business School Estimated at CHF 38’850 for full-time (executive) MBA (approximately ₹30,18,000)
University of Geneva Estimated at CHF 38’850 for full-time (executive) MBA (approximately ₹30,18,000)
Sustainability Management School, Switzerland Starts from CHF 39’545 onward depending on the MBA specialisation (approximately ₹30,72,00)
University of St. Gallen Estimated at CHF 45’000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹34,95,000)

Living Cost: Relatively high cost compared to its counterparts, it is estimated at CHF1850 per month including accommodation. [approximately ₹1,45,000]


Favored by international students (and tourists) for its immigrant-friendly atmosphere, Canada is a booming global ed destination. Not only does it have a great quality of life, it is also an affordable place to study. The approximate study cost at Canada is estimated at CAD 1,800 – CAD 18,000 per year [about ₹96,000 – ₹9,58,000].

Study Cost for MBA: Offering an attractive post-study-work opportunity, Canada is indeed an ideal option for those looking at a global ed with the lens of career prospects. For a professional degree like an MBA Canada is one place to start with.
Here’s a quick list of few of the affordable universities for an MBA degree.

University/Institute Tuition Fee
Concordia University $41,300 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹22,29,000)
University of Northern British Columbia Estimated at $40,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹21,59,000)
St. Mary’s University $42,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹22,67,000)
University of Saskatchewan $47,883 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹24,85,000)
HEC Montreal Estimated at $49,000 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹26,45,000)
Brock University $61,995 for full-time MBA (approximately ₹33,46,000)

Living Cost: Estimated at around CAD 12,000 per year [approximately ₹6,38,00] including accommodation.
Apart from the countries listed above, you can also look at Norway, Finland, Hong Kong (SAR), and Denmark, which are great options as well.
Taking up an MBA today prepares you well to join the competitive business world of today. From Finance Manager to Information Technology Manager, there are varied job opportunities that await you. Investing in yourself and your education is the best investment you will make.
Start your MBA journey today. AT TC Global, we bring you insights into different industries, trends, education and businesses. Stay tuned to get updates and all information relevant to you.

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