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With the continuous changing world, our work culture is rapidly changing too. We are living in an age where a lot of young experienced workers have the choice to work from home in their pyjamas. This is facilitated by various mediums such as email, video calling and other telecommunication technologies, that eliminate the need for the physical presence of workers at their office space.

The old tried and tested 9-5 working culture is being frowned upon by many young employees for its inflexibility. The long commute to and from work and toxic working environments are also some other factors why the younger workforce generation is leaving behind the traditional working culture and picking up more freelance projects or remote works. Let’s find out, how to make money from home.
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Does working from home really work?

Two questions prominently arise when we talk about remote work or a virtual workspace: productivity and whether these remote workers have the discipline to work on their own terms. Surprisingly, the answer has been a resounding positive for the remote work culture so far.

Studies on the productivity of the office and remote workers by Airtasker show that remote workers are more productive than the traditional office workers. According to Airtasker,remote workers “worked 1.4 more days every month, or 16.8 days every year” than people who worked in the office.

Flexibility of working from home

The charm for these young expert workers is the flexibility and the freedom that allows them to organize their priorities and get their work done on their own terms. The LinkedIn Talent Trends report of 2019 showed that there was a 78% increase in job posts on LinkedIn that mentioned work flexibility. The 2019 State of work report by Buffer also reported that 40% of the response rate considered work flexibility as the biggest benefit of remote work.

The good news about working from home is that it isn’t only the employees that are preferring remote work. Employers are also looking out for more and more remote workers to reduce real estates and other costs associated with running and providing a physical office for its employees. The same report by LinkedIn revealed that Dell saved an average of $12 million a year with its flexible work program due to reduced workspaces. The gradual rise in this percentage of both employers and employees choosing remote work is proof that remote working isn’t just a sudden surge but a trend that is here to stay.

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Advantages of making money from home

With all the numbers supporting the rise of remote work culture, the big question is if working from home is the right option for you.
The jump of employees from 9-5 jobs to working remotely has grown exponentially over the years with an increase from 13% in 2014 to 31% in 2018. The great aspect for these aspiring remote workers is that they can earn as much or even more than they did when they worked from 9 to 5. Sara Sutton, CEO and founder of FlexJobs, said in a statement,“In fact, the average telecommuter earns a higher median salary than an in-office worker.”

The fact that remote workers do not need to commute to work is one of the biggest perks. 45% of the respondents of the same FlexJobs survey agree that work flexibility will bring a drastic improvement in the quality of their life. Another 77% of the respondents stated that having a flexible job would allow them to be healthier, while 86% said they’d be less stressed.

Saving money and time

Airtasker’s study on the productivity of remote workers and office workers also show that remote workers saved an average of $4523.04 and 408 hours per year by not commuting to work. The amount of hours thus saved is equivalent to 17 days which is more than the number of holidays that an office employee can take in a year! Since you do not commute to the office, working from home also reduces your carbon footprint significantly, thus, helping the environment as well!

With the digital world growing everyday and the virtual workplaces replacing the four-walled 9-5 office spaces, this is the right time for you to jump the curve! The need for expert workers is bound to grow in almost all sectors of the work industry,and nothing will be better than being in control of your personal and as well as your work life.

Don’t wait anymore! Get started, and remember that the best way to stay productive while working from home is to take breaks, have set working hours, and keep a to-do list.

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