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The emerging world of business analytics is a lucrative niche within which there is much competition for top jobs. As such it is of the utmost importance to build a good CV or resume to impress your employers and get you hired. A lot can be inferred about a person from their resume and you need to make sure that your resume reflects you as well. In the field of business analytics, one would want to focus on efficiency, and your resume should reflect the same.

Strong opening

Hiring managers receive large stacks of resumes and CVs, especially for attractive positions such as those in business analytics. One would not blame managers for skimming or speedreading through a resume in order to save time and make the process more efficient. Hence you need to make sure that you have a strong opening paragraph. Ideally, the paragraph should be a quick summary of all the salient points listed in your resume. Furthermore, the first sentence needs to pop out and be original while still reflecting the solemnity of the resume. Finally, the entire first section should be memorable and should warrant a second look for the hiring manager to come back to it at a later point.

Example: Business analyst with about 4 years of experience aiding XXXXsupermarket chain through the design of customer service protocols and machines. Notably, my assistance reduced refunds by a factor of 8% and increased overall revenue for the chain by 18% in the year 2021. I have an overall work experience of 8 years and have completed a diploma in business analytics from XXXX university.

Reverse chronological order

In a highly turbulent and ever-changing field like the field of business analytics, new innovations and changes happen on a daily basis. This is why the employer’s focus will be on recent work experience. Therefore, one needs to inculcate the use of the reverse chronological order when including past work experience and internships. Think of it as a simple ‘sort by relevant’ search. The reverse chronological order is an excellent feature for those skimming through the document as well. Listing experience from the most recent will accentuate any new learning or roles that you have had over your years of experience and will further enhance your profile in the eyes of the recruitment team. Finally, it’s a confident look to be listing your growth from the most recent towards the older work you have done.



  • Business Analyst, Neovita(2021-present)Handled the operations of a B2B instant food establishment. Very well-versed in selling to corporate entities and handling various design requirements for the same. Learned how to optimise the management of the sales team in order to land more contracts. During my time with Neovita we have landed 3 large scale contracts with two hospitals and a supermarket.
  • Business Analyst, TMC papers (2019-2021)Handled B2B operations at a paper distributor and wholesaler. Learnt many elements of design and specialised in it during my time there. Sales went up by 12% after my design interventions were successfully included in the company catalogue.
  • Assistant Chef, Nangma Sushi (2017-2019)Worked as an assistant to the main chef to supplement my education. During this time, I learned how to hone my skills as a business analyst by working in a heated environment. It helped me learn the various intricacies of workplace interaction along with helping me develop a thick skin.

Focus on achievements

In order to make your resume pop to your potential employers, you must focus on your various achievements. There are many ways of ensuring this but the main thing to keep in mind is that you need to sound like a person. Too many people write resumes with a robotic drawl and are quickly weeded out by board recruiters. You need to make a statement by being human. For example, instead of saying you worked in ‘customer service optimization’, you could instead state that you worked to ‘Improve the customer service portal and made the chatbot able to deliver versatile answers to frequently asked queries. Through this, we were able to retain revenue by letting go of 15% of our customer service representatives.

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