How to Study in the UK as An American?

The UK is home to the world’s most prestigious universities; with the unmatchable higher-education system and the diverse culture, the UK promises a rich learning experience for international students. Thousands of American students meet the study requirements of the UK universities every year, and currently, more than twenty thousand American students are studying in the UK.

So, today let us take a look at the criteria required to learn in the UK as an American.

The perfect balance of world-class education, job opportunities, and history and culture makes the UK the most popular destination for higher education amongst the international student community.

Better the SAT score, better chances of admission.

When it comes to a US applicant, most UK universities give importance to the SAT score. The SAT subject test, AP advanced placement exam score, or the ACT score are essential criteria for getting into a university in the UK. Universities consider an SAT score vital – it’s seen as a good marker of the student’s academic achievements. The SAT score is widely accepted by universities more than any other score. Even if a program doesn’t make it mandatory, the score will be a great addition to your college application, as it will help you qualify for a merit-based scholarship at a few universities.

Once you have a good SAT score, what you can do next is to look for the university criteria as most universities have a different entry requirement. After which, you have to provide all your funding details, proof of funding, and financial stability. Only then will you get your student visa, and the American students won’t need to get health insurance for the British visa.

Specific things to remember

There are a few things that you as an American student should think about before joining a university in the UK. Choosing the right degree is the most important factor of all the other things. Russell Group of universities is considered the best university collective in the UK, just like an IVY league in the US. You can even look at the QS university ranking and the Guardian university ranking to find the top universities to study in the UK.

As you know what you want to study, fudging is the next important thing to think about. Most universities in the UK will offer some limited scholarships for international students. The US government also provides loans for students who wish to study in the UK or other nations. You can check your eligibility for Parent PLUS Loans, Sallie Mae, and a federal student or graduate plus loan. The next important thing to take care of will be your student visa. You can find more details on applying for a student visa below.

Post Brexit situations have been favourable for international students. The UK government is making several moves in favour of international students. You will get to stay in the UK for two more years with a job search visa after completing your course.

How to apply for the British student visa

Tier 3 visa is the essential requirement for an American student to study in the UK. The Tier 4 student visa in the UK is valid for up to the course duration plus one more extra month. The Tier 4 student visa application will cost 348GBP, and the visa application can be filled online in the designated platform, where you can also pay the fee for the visa processing. Once this process is done, you will get an appointment with the application processing center in the US. A personal interview will follow a biometric collection during the application process. It is better to apply for a student’s visa at least three months before the university program starts.

Document exemption for the American students

American students will not be asked to prove their English speaking skills to study in an international university in the UK; an American student won’t have to take up an English language proficiency test or exam to enroll in any university in the UK.

Also, there won’t be any medical test or medical test certificate asked for American students to enter the UK.
There won’t be any need to set up a restricted bank account for American students; restricted bank accounts limit the amount of money you can withdraw every month and will only allow you to access it after you arrive in the UK.

Here’s a great article on the Russell group of universities to help you to decide on some of the universities and courses.

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