Highest Paying Organizations For Data Scientists

Data science is a rapidly growing field that offers top-notch remuneration andcareer opportunitiesacross many different industries. Bureau of Labor Statistics United States has predicted a 22% growth in this sector in the next eight years, and this will create thousands of career opportunities in this sector. Data science jobs are one of those highly respected jobs and the most in-demand jobs of the present time.

So in today’s article, let’s look at the top ten highest paying companies for data scientists and the remuneration offered by these companies.

Today for all our needs, we look up to technology and owing to the increasing influence of technology in our daily lives, the demand for data scientist professionals has increased like never before. From the entry-level to the senior level, all data scientist jobs are now in demand, and this is one field of study that can offer viable career opportunities.

Here is a list of the top ten highest remunerating companies for a data scientist :

  • Oracle
  • Pinterest
  • Lyft
  • Uber
  • Walmart
  • Nvidia
  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • Dropbox
  • Genentech


This American multinational computer technology corporation is the second-largest software company in the world by the revenue and market capitalisation. The headquarters of this company is in Austin, Texas, and Oracle is famous for software like Java and Solaris.
Oracle offers an average remuneration of $141,154 to its data scientists, and working in this multinational company comes with many other benefits like life insurance, health savings, flexible spending account and disability insurance. The company also provides data scientists with paid vacation, and the company is very much known for its work culture and environment.


Pinterest is a social sharing website whichallows individuals and businesses to pin images for their friends and visitors to view. This is one of the most used and famous ways to share visual content, and today many businesses use Pinterest to promote their content. The company uses its data scientist’s help to reach reliable conclusions on what the people are looking for and what kind of content is in demand. Data scientists at Pinterest receive an average remuneration of $168,763 per year, and the company also provides benefits like health insurance, paternity and maternity leaves.


Lyft is an online service provider which helps people to book rides and car transport services in the United States. Lyft uses a mobile application to make the rider connect with the driver, and the highlight of the company is the safety it offers along with the friendly transportation options. This company was introduced in 2012, and now it has more than 200 data scientists working in it. Lyft offers a minimum remuneration of $130,530 to the data scientists and also offers a maximum remuneration of $207,352. It also provides other benefits like dental and medical insurance and 18 weeks of paid parental leaves.


Uber is another online service provider which functions in different parts of the world. Like Lyft, Uber also works with mobile apps to connect riders with the driver. This transportation company was founded in 2009, and they are the first to figure out the navigational routes for their drivers and also to calculate the fare using the distance.Data scientists at Uber earn an average remuneration of $148,125 with other benefits like flexible working hours and special discounts for employees all around the world.


Walmart is one of the world’s leading retailers. The company sells groceries and general merchandise, and the company is operating around 5,400 stores in the US. The company provides an annual remuneration of $117,827 for its data scientists and depending on your experience, you can earn a maximum of $216,967 with extra benefits, which include counselling sessions and many insurances and educational support.


Nvidia is a popular artificial intelligence computing company that operates through graphics and computing networking segments. They are really famous in the gaming industry and very popular among gaming computers and laptops. A data scientist in Nvidia will earn an average remuneration of $183,078 annually with extra benefits of stock plan purchases, free apartments, cars, mobile health clinics and insurance.


Airbnb is an American company that provides an online marketplace for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals and tourism activities. They are more famous for providing home stays and shared accommodation than hotels. More than two million hosts and travellers choose to create Airbnb accounts to list their properties for rental purposes. The company uses the help of data scientists to improve their service and see what the customers are looking for with respect to time. They provide remuneration of $ 197,800 for their data scientists with added benefits of insurance, vacation, stipend and educational allowances.


The streaming giant Netflix is also on the list of highest-paid companies for data scientists. Launched in 1997, this American company provides a remuneration of$195,162 for their data scientists. With the help of data scientists, the company is able to identify the taste of the customer and what is trending in a particular country or region. This helps the company improve their services and come up with a more realistic picture of the taste of the customers.


This is a cloud storage service provider that lets users save and store files of all kinds online. This is one of the oldest and most popular cloud storage platforms that have more users than Microsoft’s one drive and google drive. The company provides an annual remuneration of $161,185 to its data science employees with added benefits of insurance coverages, tech talks, paid holidays, allowances and volunteer time off.


Genentech is a popular biotechnology company that works towards discovering, developing, manufacturing and commercialising medicines to treat patients. They are famous for developing medicines for immunology, metabolism tissue repair and monoclonal antibodies. They use the help of data scientists to look at the market needs and improve their services and performances. They provide remuneration of $163,581 annually for their data scientists with added benefits of insurance, access to fitness centres, childcare and nursing rooms, career labs and financial aids.

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