Highest-Paying Big Data Careers

Data plays a critical role in transforming companies, and it helps the companies predict the trends, identify the right opportunities and stay ahead of all their competitors by getting insights into consumer behaviour or market condition before they actually happen. Big data also plays a very important role in transforming businesses and driving growth throughout the global economy.

Here’s a look at the top highest-paying big data careers and the annual remuneration range of these jobs.

Big data is a field that handles the large data sets that are complex to manage using the normal and existing methods of data analysis. The field of big data deals with unstructured data, structured data, predictive modelling, leveraging machine learning and other data analysis technics to get an insight from a respective data. Organisations use these insights to make decisions and solve key business problems.

Here are the tending career options in the field of big data and the remuneration according to Robert Half’s 2022 salary guide (Robert Half is a global human resource consulting firm based in California)

Database Developer

The primary job of a database developer is to analyse the current database processes to modernise, streamline and eliminate inefficient coding. They are also involved in analysing the database performances and developing new databases, and troubleshooting the existing issues in a database as they arise. The annual remuneration range from $101,000 to $140,750for a database developer, and this is one of the most in-demand jobs in the big data sector.

Database Administrator

Monitoring and optimising the data is the primary duty of the database administrator. They work towards improving the performance of the database by looking at the damaging effects caused by constant access and high traffic in the database. The annual remuneration range from $82,750 to $124,500for a database administrator, and the work will also include ensuring data security.

Technical Recruiter

Technical recruiters are specialised in sourcing and screening talented big data, IT, and other technical professionals. It is the duty of the technical recruiter to look out for the best available resources people to meet the needs of the company. They work closely with the corporations to assess the hiring needs and look out in the job market to find the suitable candidates to fill in the positions. They primarily work in sorting the job applications, interviewing, hiring and onboarding processes. The annual remuneration of a technical recruiter is $48,000 – $60,000.

Big Data Engineer

The big data engineer is the one who creates and manages the company’s big data infrastructure and all kinds of tools. He is the master of handling data, and a big data engineer will be able to get results out of vast amounts of data quickly. The role of a big data engineer is similar to data analyst as they also work towards retrieving, interpreting, analysing and reporting on business data. The annual remuneration range from $115,250 to $168,250 for a big data engineer, as this is one of the most in-demand professions in the big data field.

Data Architect

The main job of the data architect is to use their computer science and design skills to review and analyse the data infrastructure of an organisation and then make the future plan suitable for the organisation with respect to the database and also implement solutions to store and manage data of the organisation and the users. The annual remuneration range from $1127,750 to $176,500 for a data architect, as this is also one of the most in-demand professions in the big data field. They are also masters when it comes to designing the structures of complex data frameworks as well as they are very good at maintaining these databases.

Data analyst

A data analyst works with a large volume of data; they analyse the data and convert them into the forms in which that will help the business evolve and get a better insight into the current market trends. Data analyst jobs are in-demand in health care, retail, technology, finance and many other industries. It is their job to look at the market trend and simplify the data accordingly to get future insight easier. The annual remuneration of a data analyst ranges from$87,500 to $126,250.

We hope the article helped you get an insight into the Big data career opportunities and the annual remunerations. Log on to TC Global’s student portal to know more about courses and programmes.

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