Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Right

Global Employability

With over 174 million registered members and 55 million registered companies from across 200 countries, LinkedIn is where organizations are looking for people, especially today when digital interviews are the new normal.

According to the statistics released by LinkedIn, recruiters are 60% more engaged with LinkedIn recruiting tools. This trust is backed by the findings that hiring done through LinkedIn are 2x more likely to be high demand hiring above average hire.

The question then is – how do you get your LinkedIn profile right?

First, the Basic Makeover

There are various ways you can improve your LinkedIn profile so that you stand out of the crowd. To begin with, let’s first look at the basic information you must get right for potential managers to notice your profile.

1. The name

What’s in a name? Well, everything! Always use a professional name for your LinkedIn profile instead of using an alias or even a pet-name (it happens). This also means that you should avoid adding numerical like phone numbers, DOB etc. Let your name stand out.

2. The profile photo

Yes, a good profile photo matters. This is what you need to keep in mind:

  • It should be your best headshot – chest up or shoulders up
  • Should be a high resolution, i.e., non-pixelated
  • Your expression should be a pleasant one, making you look amiable and approachable.
  • Stay away from vacation photos

3. The headline

The trick of getting headline right is that you should choose a line that describes you (or your skill), instead of simply stating a job title. Instead of jamming your headline with keyword job titles, you can choose one meaningful headline. The headline should be simple, conversational and to the point that it is enough to initiate contact from those who need to reach out to you.

For example, if you are a fresh graduate looking for opportunities, here’s what your headline can look like- A Digital Artist Seeking Entry-Level Opportunity.

4. The complete profile

Pay attention to the details (because others will too). Complete all sections of your profile. This includes:

  • Location: This will help you show up in searches
  • Industry: Choose the one industry from your experiences (in case of multiple)
  • Contact information: Mention your email address clearly, to initiate contact

5. The sample works

Seeing is believing. So, make sure that you upload the sample images of your work so that it will be easier for people to shortlist you. This will also give people a brief idea of your experiences, your skills and your potential.

Leveraging LinkedIn features

Ensuring that your basic information is filled, it’s time to maximise on your profile through the features provided by LinkedIn.

1. Get the summary right

The profile summary section is one of the most underused sections in the platform, and that is a mistake many make. This section is the most personal section on the platform and one must make the best use of this. Here’s how:

  • Turn it into a conversational summary by telling your story
  • List down your unique background, perspective or personality that will make you stand out
  • Don’t just list down skills, talk about how through the skill you impacted  an organisation’s success
  • Draft, draft, draft until it is perfect

2. Focus on the relevant skills

You need to cut through the clutter by being on point- one being, listing only skills that are relevant to the job you are seeking, or the job/s you have listed. Ensure that the skills listed substantiate your headline and profile summary.

3. Use the right keywords

One way to show up on search is by using the right keyword. You can insert the keyword throughout the profile, i.e., in headline, summary, skills and even experiences. Start your keyword with this basic list-

  • Your niche
  • Cities or regions
  • Degree or field of study
  • Industry-specific skills
  • Services offered
  • Products Sold
  • General industry keywords

4. Get more recommendations

Just as product reviews are important for a product purchase, so is recommendation in getting you hired. Request you colleagues to give you recommendations which are testimonials about working with you. Reach out to specific contacts who know your potential so that you can have a good recommendation.

Work towards receiving at least five to seven recommendations.

5. Networking is key

Whether you are looking for new avenues or are fresh out of college, networking can play a role in landing the right opportunity. And LinkedIn provides a superb platform to expand your network – by recommending contacts that are relevant to your profile. Once new connections are built, you can engage with the profile by way of commenting and messaging.

Also, remember that your LinkedIn profile will be the first impression (digital) you create on someone, before you meet them. And you never get a second chance to create first impression. So take the time to get this right.

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