Fanshawe College: In-Depth Guide for 2024

Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology is a public comprehensive college that provides flexible learning opportunities in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. One of the largest colleges in Ontario offering a wide range of full-time and part-time programmes, this Canadian college sets students up for success beyond the classroom.

Why do 43,000+ students choose Fanshawe each year? Here’s a look

  • These students get to choose from a range of over 220 career-focused quality courses ranging from microcredentials to post-graduate diplomas.
  • Fanshawe College is a proud member of Polytechnics Canada, which is a national association of Canada’s leading technological institutes and colleges whose shared aim is to train highly qualified and skilled workers.
  • As polytechnic graduates, these students are in high demand because of their job-skills-based education that has been specifically designed to meet labour market needs.
  • The college places a lot of importance on experiential learning, through apprenticeships, clinical placements, Co-op opportunities, internships, field experiences, simulated workplaces, industry-sponsored research, case studies, capstone projects and job shadowing. Fanshawe courses become fantastic pathways to either enter the workforce or continue on your global education journey.
  • Out of the 43,000+ students, over 6,500 are international students from over 100 countries. This helps develop cultural sensitivity, accept diversity and grow a global mindset.

Fanshawe College ranking and brief information

Set up in 1967, Fanshawe College grew out of the Ontario Vocational Centre (OVC) that was founded in London, Ontario. The name of the college has its origins in Old English, meaning “a temple in the woods”. Since its establishment as a college, it has been absorbed into the Ontario provincial system of colleges of applied arts and technology.

In the last 50+ years, the college has grown to encompass 15 academic schools, about half a million students coming in each year and an acceptance rate of around 60%. The college also set up its Centre for Research and Innovation in the last decade.

This is the body that links the Fanshawe student and faculty researchers with  industry, business and community partners. The goal of this organisation is to develop research and innovation projects and programs (especially for ​​small and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs]), and serves as the college’s liaison to external funders.

To use their own words, the vision of Fanshawe is “Unlocking Potential” and, in order to work towards it, they have made it their mission to “provide pathways to success, an exceptional learning experience and a global outlook to meet student and employer needs.”

Built on the values of student-centric education, community involvement, wise utilisation of resources, embracing change and engagement with one another, Fanshawe has established itself as one of the leading post-secondary institutions, giving its students a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. It is ranked 91 by Webometrics.

Faculties and Courses

You can access the complete list of programmes here at

The following are the schools under which all Fanshawe courses are offered.

  • Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology
  • Lawrence Kinlin School of Business
  • Norton Wolf School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology
  • School of Applied Science and Technology
  • School of Community Studies
  • School of Contemporary Media
  • School of Design
  • School of Digital and Performing Arts
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Language and Liberal Studies
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public Safety
  • School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • School of Transportation Technology and Apprenticeship

In addition, you also have the Centre for Research and Innovation and the English Language Institute that offers English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for beginners /  international students. Western University and Brescia, Huron and King’s University College accept Fanshawe College’s EAP programme as their entrance standard for proof of English language proficiency.

Within the above-mentioned list of disciplines, you can earn one or more of the following credentials.

S.No Name of the Credential What is it Transfer Options Typical Duration When can you apply
1 Honours Degree An undergrad degree Can join the workforce or proceed to do a master’s level programme 3-4 years After OSSD/ Class XII or equivalent
2 Ontario College Diploma and Advanced Diploma Preparation for entry-level employment or an undergrad degree Can either enter the workforce at the entry level or use it as a pathway for a bachelor’s programme. 2 – 3 years After OSSD/ Class XII or equivalent
3 Ontario College Graduate Certificate Postgraduate diploma courses for specialisation Can enter the workforce at a higher level or transfer to a master’s programme. 8 months – 1 year After bachelor’s degree or postgraduate degree for up-skilling

4 Certificate Programs Short courses to explore an industry or a career direction These credits do not transfer. They are additional professional certifications that can be done either at the introductory or at an up-skilling level. 1 year After OSSD/ Class XII or equivalent
5 Microcredential Short courses for upskilling/ reskilling/ boosting your CV These credits do not transfer. They are meant for boosting your resume and skills. 4 – 6 weeks At any point

Fanshawe Pathways

Over 100 of these programmes also work as pathways wherein you can transfer Fanshawe credits at the bachelor’s or master’s level. Partner universities include

  • 1. Athabasca University, 
  • 2. Atlantic Technological University (Ireland), 
  • 3. Brescia University College, 
  • 4. Brest Business School (France), 
  • 5. Brock university, 
  • 6. Capilano University, 
  • 7. Cesar Ritz Colleges (Switzerland), 
  • 8. CESINE Centro Universitario (Spain), 
  • 9. Culinary Arts Academy (Switzerland), 
  • 10. Dalhousie University, 
  • 11. Davenport University (U.S.A), 
  • 12. Griffith University (Australia), 
  • 13. Humber College, 
  • 14. Huron College, 
  • 15.IMI – International Culinary Institute (Switzerland), 
  • 16. JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland), 
  • 17. King’s College, 
  • 18. Lakehead University, 
  • 19. Laurentian University, 
  • 20. Manchester Metropolitan University (U.K.), 
  • 21. McMaster University, 
  • 22. Munster Technological University (Ireland), 
  • 23. Niagara University, 
  • 24. Ontario Tech University, 
  • 25. Robert Gordon University (Scotland), 
  • 26. Ryerson University, 
  • 27. Seneca College, 
  • 28. South East Technological University (Ireland), 
  • 29. Western University and 
  • 30. York University

Here’s what a student has to say about Fanshawe’s pathway programmes.

Miyada Himmat
Pathway: Fanshawe Chemical Laboratory Technology – Science Laboratory → Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Biotechnology at IT Sligo in Ireland (entry to fourth and final year).

“… It [has] opened up my world to more possibilities with respect to career opportunities. Plus, there is the added bonus of being in Ireland! Fanshawe has a lot to offer students with respect to pursuing a meaningful career in whatever path one chooses. It is important to work on developing a social network with individuals within the career you are interested in pursuing, it is just as important as maintaining good grades in your program. Professors and advisors are a great resource to have for advice on how to develop a well-rounded social network and education during your time at Fanshawe. Do not be afraid to ask them any questions you may have [about different pathway opportunities].”

Source: Fanshawe Pathway Spotlight

How is Campus life at Fanshawe College Canada?

To experience the entirety of college life in Canada, one has to find the balance between academic rigour and socialising. As one of the more renowned colleges in Canada, there is no surprise that the academic side of things requires your complete involvement. Time management is the key to balance your assignments, research projects, lectures while also enjoying the campus for all its perks. Let us take a look at the 8 campuses and some of the facilities to enrich your campus life.

1. London Campus

Source: Fanshawe London

Location: Oxford Street Campus 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd. London, ON N5Y 5R6

  • A campus that is about 100 acres in size
  • Home to over 20,000 full-time students
  • Located about 15 minutes from London downtown
  • Over 180 full-time courses are taught here
  • The building that houses the  School of Transportation Technology & Apprenticeship is walking distance from the main campus.
  • It also includes the Norton Wolf School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology which is an 80,000-square-foot, $10-million hangar located at the London International Airport – just minutes from the main campus.

2. London Downtown Campus

Source: Fanshawe London Downtown

Location: 130 Dundas Street London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 1G2

  • Located in the centre of London’s arts, cultural, and digital media hub
  • Has about 25 courses in the fields of animation, culinary management, information technology, event management, UX Design, food, beverages and nutrition
  • Access real-life work environments such as The Good Foundation Inc. Theatre, The Chef’s Table restaurant and cafe and MOCAP studio
  • This campus also has a teaching restaurant and cafe, campus bookstore and multiple learning labs and collaborative work spaces

3. London South Campus

Source: Fanshawe London South

Location: 1060 Wellington Road, London, ON

  • Fanshawe’s latest campus that opened in Fall 2019
  • This campus of the college offers programmes in areas of Agri-Business Management, Business and Information Systems Architecture, Health Care Administration Management and Information Technology Architecture
  • Also has the fundamental student services and access to London public transport

4. St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus

Source: Fanshawe St Thomas

Location: 120 Bill Martyn Parkway St. Thomas ON N5R 6A7

  • Home to 300 full-time and 1,000 part-time students
  • Close-knit, friendly environment with small class sizes between 20 to 40 students
  • Offers technical and health and human service programmes such as Mechanical Engineering Technician or Child and Youth Care

5. Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus

Source: Fanshawe Simcoe

Location: 634 Ireland Road Simcoe ON N3Y 4K8

  • A small campus with about 200 FT students
  • Nestled in the heart of a community known for its agricultural practices
  • Offers courses on eco-tourism, adventure expeditions, agri-business management, social service worker, supply chain management

6. Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

Source: Fanshawe Woodstock

Location: 369 Finkle Street Woodstock ON N4V 1A3

  • Small classes with modern facilities situated on 50 acres of beautifully landscaped land
  • Courses in fields of business, computers, health care, management, manufacturing and academic upgrading

7. Huron/Bruce Regional Sites

Source: Fanshawe Huron/Bruce

Location: Clinton site – 169 Beech Street Clinton ON N0M 1L0  |  Kincardine site – UBC Local 2222 Training Centre 385 Queen Street Kincardine, Ontario, Canada, N2Z 2R4

  • Located on the banks of Lake Huron
  • Offers  full-time, part-time and dual-credit programmes in Early Childhood Education, Carpentry, Business Fundamentals and Personal Support Work

8. Fanshawe Toronto@ILAC

Source: ILAC

Location: 655 Bay Street, 6th Floor Toronto ON M5G 2K4

Fanshawe has developed a partnership with ILAC International College allowing international students to access Fanshawe’s brand of education in downtown Toronto. The programmes here are in the fields of Addiction and Mental Health, Developmental Services Work, Gerontology, Hospitality & Tourism Operation Management (Co-op) and Palliative Care.

Student Services at Fanshawe

Source: Fanshawe International

  • Academic Support in the form of academic advisors, peer tutoring, apprentice learning supports, library learning commons and Office of Ombuds. The college also has career, entrepreneurial, employment and co-op support services.
  • Campus Accomodation: First year students at the London Campus are guaranteed residence for the first year. The college has three traditional residences on campus, as well as townhouse units. It also provides off-campus housing services to help you find suitable accommodation.
  • Athletics: One of the best athletics programmes in Ontario, the Fanshawe Falcons have a number of varsity teams and fitness programmes that run throughout the year.
  • Campus Services: Accessibility for people with disabilities, counselling services, health and wellness services, food services and the campus store.
  • Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) and student clubs
  • FANCard that works as your student id, bus pass, meal plan, library card and much more.

Disclaimer: This video reflects details and rankings from 2023

What are the most popular courses at Fanshawe College?

We look at them in detail here…

1. Graduate Certificate in Business Management

Irrespective of what your undergraduate degree is, if you want to set foot into the wide array of management careers, then this is a course to consider. This popular Ontario College Graduate Certificate course gives you an insight into the practical aspects of business management.

What is this course

Designed only for international students, this programme will teach you the principles of general management, leadership, human resource management, finance, sales and marketing. It takes on an experiential learning approach, with case study analyses and working on community consultancy projects. It will also teach you the values of ethical business management and the foundation of organisational structures and project management.

Why is this course good at this college?

  • Most of the applicants to this course come after having spent a few years in the industry. This is a great resource for professional networking and learning from other’s experiences.
  • Your peers are professionals from various disciplines, allowing for a well-rounded education.
  • It employs a dynamic case-based methodology of teaching.
  • Teaches problem solving and interpersonal skills in a professional environment.

Eligibility and Duration

  • A two- or three-year college diploma, or a degree from a recognised institution or five years of work experience the field of management
  • Minimum English language proficiency scores: TOEFL iBT – 88 / IELTS Academic – 6.5 / PTE – 59 / Duolingo – 115
  • Canadian student visa

Duration: 60 weeks
Location: London South Campus


Total Cost of the programme is CA $34,735.60.

2. Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The future of technology is now in the field of AI and Ml. Machine learning is the process of using mathematical models of data to help a computer learn without direct instruction so that it can continue learning and improving on its own, based on experience, making it “intelligent”.

What is this course?

Focusing on deep learning neural networks, this course will teach you how to build, manage and administer systems that analyse big data and convert it into an autonomous task. It includes Python programming, JavaScript, databases and data science.

Why is this course good at this college?

  • It is open only to international students
  • You will learn how to employ and deploy cutting-edge technologies in areas such as healthcare, bioscience, manufacturing, financial services and supply chain sectors.
  • You will also learn the application of AI and Ml in project management
  • It includes mandatory paid co-op work in the final semester.

Eligibility and Duration

  • A 2 / 3 year college diploma or an Ontario College Advanced Diploma or degree or equivalent in Computer Science or a related field with software development education.
  • Minimum English language proficiency scores: TOEFL iBT – 88 / IELTS Academic – 6.5 / PTE – 59 / Duolingo – 115

Duration: 45 weeks
Location: London


Total cost of the programme is CA $25,272.37.

3. Graduate Certificate in Advanced Filmmaking

Develop your technical, theoretical and creative knowledge as you find your footing in Hollywood or any of the other filmwoods out there, with this course.

What is this course

A postgraduate diploma programme, this course spans across the entire film making process from pre-production to post-production. Some of the courses include sound production, writing for media, cinematography and editing.

Why is this course good at this college?

  • Industry trained and connected faculty
  • One-on-one mentorships with faculty through each stage of production.
  • You will learn how to identify and develop stories and scripts for narrative and documentary films and other media, for both general and specific audiences

Eligibility and Duration

  • A college diploma / advanced diploma / degree in Film Studies or any aspect of film production or any related field.
  • Recommended courses include Visual Arts, Media Arts or Communications Technology.
  • Minimum English language proficiency scores: TOEFL iBT – 88 / IELTS Academic – 6.5 / PTE – 59 / Duolingo – 115

Duration: 37 weeks (3 semesters)
Location: London


The total cost of the programme for international students is $33,978.80.

4. Advanced Diploma in Aviation Technology - Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics

For those fascinated by aircrafts since childhood, this course is for you. Designed in collaboration with industry partners, this course is the path to become a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer.

What is this course?

Be it in the mechanical systems used in all kinds of aircrafts (general aviation, corporate, transport category as well as helicopters) or the avionics (electronics applied to aviation), they are in need of regular maintenance and service for smooth functioning and safety. This course teaches you that. It gives you the knowledge and the skills to build a career in aircraft maintenance and/or  avionics maintenance. This also includes a thorough understanding of an aircraft’s communication, navigation, and data systems.

Why is this course good at this college?

  • Approved by Transport Canada, the governmental department of transportation.
  • Students who successfully meet the Transport Canada requirements will achieve 18 months of approved basic training credit towards the 48 months experience required to obtain a Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) licence, ‘M’ Category.
  • Co-op opportunities at the London airport

Eligibility and Duration

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) / Grade XII CBSE or CISCE equivalent
  • Required courses that you will have to take in your Grade XII are English and Maths
  • Minimum English language proficiency scores: TOEFL iBT – 79 / IELTS Academic – 6.0 / PTE – 53 / Duolingo – 105
  • The Pre-Technology program is the preferred designated preparatory program for admission to the Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics (Co-op)program.

Duration: 3 years
Location: London airport


The total cost of the programme is CA $60,901.14

5. Advanced Diploma in Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapists are specialised healthcare practitioners who are trained in cardiopulmonary medicine and critical care. If you are looking for a specialised field in healthcare, without becoming a full-fledged doctor or a nurse, this is the course to consider.

What is this course

It is an Advanced Diploma programme where you will learn the anatomy of the cardio-pulmonary systems,  chemistry, theory, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and more. On completion, you will be able to perform diagnostic tests such as pulmonary function, cardiac stress and sleep behaviour.

Why is this course good at this college?

  • Approved by the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO), the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CRST) and the National Alliance of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies (NARTRB), and is accredited nationally through Accreditation Canada.
  • New clinical labs, state-of-the-art technology and expert faculty
  • Gain hands-on experience in a clinical internship in the third year,
  • You will be eligible to write national certification exams and apply for a licence with the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario or other regions of Canada.

Eligibility and Duration

  • OSSD/ Grade XII with English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You must have scored a minimum of 70% or a Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees College Certificate with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum English language proficiency scores: TOEFL iBT – 92 / IELTS Academic – 7.0 / PTE – 65
  • The following are post admission requirements
  • Possession of a Standard First Aid course certificate and a Basic Rescuer course certificate
  • Evidence of Good Health
  • Police Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening, including a check of the Pardoned Sexual Offenders Database
  • Placement Agreement

Duration: 100 weeks (3 years)
Location: London


Total cost of the programme is CA $47,066.18.

What are the Fanshawe College fees for Indian Students?

In order to give you a general idea for financial planning, the annual tuition fees at Fanshawe ranges from CA $7,000 to about CA $61,000, depending on the nature of the course and the credential.

Funded by the Fanshawe College Foundation and other external organisations, you have a number of scholarship and bursary options to aid you. A scholarship is awarded based on academic merit while a bursary is often given on demonstration of financial need. Here are the types of scholarships offered at Fanshawe.

  • Athletic Awards and Bursaries
  • Entrance Scholarships
  • External Scholarships
  • International Scholarships
  • Pathways Scholarships

These scholarships have a separate application process and require planning to submit your application before deadline.

What are the career opportunities after graduating from Fanshawe College?

With its polytechnic style of education, you will get a lot of practical experience during your programme. Fanshawe college has

  • Apprenticeships
  • Clinical placements
  • Co-op opportunities
  • Internships
  • Field experiences
  • Simulated workplaces
  • Industry-sponsored research
  • Case studies
  • Capstone projects and
  • Job shadowing

so that you have a realistic idea of industry requirements even before you graduate. The college also has a number of support services.

Fanshawe Career Services

  • Jobseekers – an online portal for current students and alumni that lists full-time, part-time and seasonal positions
  • InSPIRE – a mentoring project that will connect you with a mentor in the industry to help you shape your career or build career development plans
  • Career Exploration Consulting from the college
  • Rising Leaders – a programme to prepare students for leadership roles in the college and beyond.
  • Workshops
  • LEAP junction – Fanshawe’s entrepreneurship incubator

Some in-demand job roles in Canada

According to Global News Canada and Immigration Canada, these are some of the in-demand jobs. The numbers in brackets show estimated median annual salary.

  • Registered Nurses (CA $76,050)
  • Software Developer (CA $68,000 to $155,000)
  • Sales managers (CA $102,375)
  • Cloud Architects (CA $102,375)
  • Civil, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineers (CA $66,000 to $131,000)
  • Healthcare professionals ($68,000 to $94,000)
  • Digital marketing specialists (CA $62,000 to $122,000)
  • HR roles (CA $75,000 to $156,000)

Top industries in the province: According to the provincial government’s website, Manufacturing (especially automobile), agriculture, forestry, mining and the services industry (76.9% of the province’s economy) are some of the biggest industries.

Cities with the most opportunities in Ontario: Toronto, Ottawa, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo and Hamilton.

Work permit and Immigration

Let us now discuss the immigration legalities.

To study in Fanshawe College, you must have a valid study permit. The college is on the government’s DLI (Designated Learning Institution) list, making the student visa process fairly straightforward.

As an applicant from India, with an offer letter from Fanshawe, you can apply for your permit through the Student Direct Stream (SDS) which processes study permits faster than the regular process. From January 1, 2024, any student applying through SDS must have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CA $20,635, in addition to travel and tuition costs.

Having completed your course, you must apply for a PWGP (post-graduation work permit).

You are given up to 180 days after graduation to apply for your permit. The length of your permit is typically equal to the length of your course. It can range anywhere from 8 months to three years.

After having gained one year of professional experience under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code of 0, A, or B, you can apply for the PR (Permanent Residence) programme.

What are the General Admission Requirements?

At the undergraduate/ diploma level:

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. This includes ISE, CBSE or International baccalaureate.

There are options for Academic upgrading. If you do not have the minimum credits or have not taken a required course, then you can choose this at the London campus. It is typically 1 – 3 semesters long, after which you will be qualified to apply for a college level course.

For postgraduate diplomas:

An undergraduate degree or diploma is required.

English language requirements:

While IELTS and TOEFL are the major tests that are accepted, you can also take the PTE, Cambridge assessments or the Duolingo test. However, not all courses accept the Duolingo test.

A valid Canadian student visa is required for an international student to pursue any kind of education at Fanshawe.

How to apply to Fanshawe College?

Here is the application process.

  • 1. Research thoroughly and select a programme and the right credential for you. Keep track of the dates.
  • 2. Put together your proof of academic standing, with an ICAS or WES evaluation if required.
  • 3. Go through the programme pages carefully to ensure you have not missed out any of the additional requirements such as portfolios, essays or questionnaires.
  • 4. Review the fee payment schedule
  • 5. Fill in the application form and submit through Fanshawe College’s Virtual Application System (VAS). An application fee of CA $100 must be paid.
  • 6. Keep track of scholarship applications, their requirements and deadlines.
  • 7. On receiving a letter of acceptance, pay the first fee instalment and then begin the application process for your student visa.
  • Or, you can choose the easy way out.

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