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Quality education, a growing economy and a smorgasbord of cultural experiences have made Ireland a fast favourite among international students.

With its rich history, scenic vistas and warm people, Ireland has always been a popular tourist destination.
However, the country’s economic boom in the 1990s propelled it to the status of a fast-growing international hub. Although affected by the global recession of 2008, the country has bounced back admirably and today, boasts of outperforming most European countries in the metrics of full employment and rising real wage.
The country’s universities have also steadily worked their way into world university rankings, making Ireland the “go-to” destination for those looking for promising educational and career opportunities.

A Globally-Ranked Higher Education System

A 2014 report found that Irish universities were ranked in the top 1% of all research institutes across the world in 18 different disciplines. The fact that all seven of the country’s public universities were featured in the QS Ranking of the “World’s Top 700 Universities” in 2019 proves Ireland’s continued commitment to quality education.
In fact, the government is actively implementing policies and programs to “become the best higher education system in Europe and position Ireland as a Global Innovation Leader.” These steps will ensure that the country’s universities invest in excellent research and development facilities, prioritize the employability of their graduates, and work towards consistently improving the learning environment, with a focus on quality and academic excellence.
Already, Ireland offers noteworthy and innovative courses at many colleges in cities like Limerick, Cork and Dublin.
Ireland also has agreements with numerous countries that have resulted in relaxed student visa requirements, particularly when compared to the UK or other European countries. This has served to make it a more attractive destination for international students.

A Vibrant Student Life Outside of the Classroom

One of the biggest draws of pursuing an education abroad is the opportunity to live in a new country, interact with its people and explore its culture.
Ireland has much to offer those who are looking for an immersive study-abroad experience. The country is a fascinating mix of deep-rooted history and a progressive, future-thinking outlook.
Dublin, the capital, is known as an international student city with rich culture, a lively music scene, and an exciting nightlife. The city has all the cosmopolitanism of London and New York, but at a fraction of the cost. It is also an excellent base for travel, being just a stone’s throw away from continental Europe. Flights from Dublin to Paris, for example, are an hour and a half long, operate all year round, and can cost under £50.
Cities like Cork are also great for students as they are home to excellent universities and are constantly buzzing with activity. In fact, in 2005, Cork was named the European Capital of Culture, joining the likes of Athens, Bruges, Istanbul and Paris.
With unspoilt beaches and coastlines, surreal landscapes, and picturesque villages and towns, Ireland is perfect for those who love to travel. The rolling hills and mountains are also great for camping, hiking and various outdoor activities.

Your Pick of MNC Jobs

Over the years, Ireland has been successful in attracting billions of dollars in foreign investment, and established and growing corporations have been quick to set up their European offices in the country. Companies like Google, HP, IBM, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have made Ireland home, offering a variety of career options for fresh graduates.

Studying in Ireland opens the door to interning — or even working — with these companies. With graduate jobs on the rise and a booming economy to further boost them, the country offers some enticing career opportunities for international students.

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