Courses in Hospitality & Tourism Adapt as the Hospitality Sector Picks Up

Future of Industry

The hospitality industry is shaking off the lingering effects of the pandemic and arising in new avatars to serve the needs of a post-pandemic world. With lockdowns being lifted it is natural that more people want a change of scenery. Keeping that in mind, the industry is turning itself to assuage travellers over safety and entice them with comfort, well-being, and of course food.

How hospitality education is adapting

In order to keep up with the changing demands of the industry, universities that provide hospitality education are also adapting their course curricula to ensure their students develop skills that the industry requires.

Today, we look at some institutions that are worth considering if you are thinking about a career in hospitality.

Take, for instance, a look at Cesar Ritz Colleges in Switzerland. Their undergraduate program lays emphasis on international businesses in hotel and tourism management. Their master’s program is on entrepreneurship with a specific focus on the hospitality sector. The point is that, in the process of completing a hospitality course, you will also graduate with entrepreneurial skills that can be scaled and applied anywhere of your choosing. It also doesn’t hurt that the college holds the seventh spot in the world.

The Glion Institute of Higher Education (London and Switzerland) is another example of how universities are adapting themselves. Their master’s program combines Real Estate, Finance, and Hotel Development, in addition to the traditional hospitality management subjects. What is even more important is that they work closely with the industry and often partner with them for their courses.

The fact of the matter is that universities are tying up more and more with industry partners and constantly modernising their courses to keep up with the trends. Even well-established universities such as Le Cordon Bleu, set up in 1895 emphasise innovation and creativity. Rated top ten in the world for their cuisines, this culinary school has grown to be one of the largest networks of culinary schools with more than 35 institutes, because they have kept up with the trends of the industry.

It is also worth noting how hospitality schools in Switzerland and Australia are booming, emerging as leaders in the field. The Hotel Institute in Montreaux, Switzerland, the Swiss Hotel Management School, The International College of Hotel Management in Adelaide, Australia,  LCB, and Blue Mountains Australia are some such schools with exceptionally well-designed programs for hotel and tourism management.

Industry insights

Here is the direction we expect the industry to take in the next few years:

  • Essentialism: Travel guilt is a very real thing. This generation of travellers do not want ostentatious displays of wealth or colossal waste from their hospitality partners. Unique, essential experiences will be the way ahead.
  • Bleisure Travel: With work-from-home and hybrid modes of work taking over most industries, the nature of travel is also changing. Work and travel do not have watertight compartments anymore. People want to combine business and leisure, giving rise to the age of bleisure travel.
  • Solo Travel: More people are embracing the joys of solo travel (the sentence does sound ironic!). People have embraced the importance of taking breaks and in doing so, the barriers between staff and travellers are coming down. The hospitality industry is turning slightly more informal, with the decors becoming more homely.
  • Travel for Well-being: Preventative medicine, self-care, and well-being are some of the main reasons people travel these days. Yoga, healthy eating, spa services, naturopathic treatment plans, ayurvedic centres, and the wellness industry, in general, is transforming into a trillion-dollar market. The Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland is very much a part of this trend, offering specialised programs in vegetarian culinary arts. With more people jumping on the vegetarian/ vegan bandwagon, these kinds of specialised courses will help you carve a niche for yourself.
  • Sustainability: Going green is no longer just a buzzword. The millennial and Gen Z crowd are increasingly choosing green travel and eco-friendly spaces of stay. Ethical environmental considerations will invite more customers and have the small added benefit of saving the world.
  • Virtual Tours: The AI VR digital revolution has also pervaded the hospitality industry. Organisations that do not join the trend see themselves being left behind. Universities are also offering multi-disciplinary courses that combine technology with hospitality. People want to see virtual tours, and AR features that are a lot more immersive than a traditional tourist pamphlet.
  • The hospitality industry is on the rise again, like a phoenix from its ashes. With new developments come new exciting opportunities waiting for you!

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Future of Industry


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