Civil Engineering: Your Ticket to Australia

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Faced with a severe skill shortage, Australia is actively working to woo civil engineers to its shores.

The Indian obsession with engineering as a path to a well-paying and secure career is well known. In the last ten years, the number of engineering colleges in the country has more than doubled, churning out 1.5 million engineering graduates every year. This supply of engineers far outstrips the demand, leaving many unemployed. Studies suggest that the worst-hit discipline is Civil Engineering, which has a placement rate of 38%.

But while India has a glut of civil engineers, Australia is in dire need of them.

The country is looking to invest in bigger and better infrastructure projects to address the needs of its growing global population. These projects require a significant number of civil engineers; a number that cannot be met locally alone. This growing demand for civil engineers in Australia, therefore, means enviable employment opportunities for engineering graduates everywhere.

Australia Calling

While other countries are also facing a similar skill shortage, Australia is among the few that has attempted to address the issue by relaxing visa restrictions and implementing more flexible immigration policies for skilled workers.

According to the Visa Bureau of Australia, civil engineering is an in-demand occupation. It is even included in the government’s Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), thereby justifying a flexible immigration approach for graduates and experienced engineers.

While visa requirements vary regionally across the country, the visas of civil engineers are authorized relatively quickly. Engineers are also more likely to get employer sponsorship.

For those looking at pursuing their engineering degree outside India, Australia is a practical option. Studying at an Australian University will not only offer you better job opportunities in the country, it will also put you on the fast track to residency and immigration.

Money Talks

The average Australian earns AU$73, 076 so you can pay back your education loan and still have enough to live comfortably. Bonuses are also quite common and can often be as high as AU$12,000, while profit-sharing ranges from AU$298 to AU $10,000.

Established companies like GHD Group, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc, Aecom Corporation, SMEC Australia Pty Ltd, Arup PTY Ltd and WSP Global Incorporated offer civil engineers a salary that ranges between AU$69K and AU$99K per annum (with SMEC Australia offering the highest salary).

On the other hand, civil engineers in India not only have to contend with an extremely competitive market and limited jobs, they also have to suffer through poor wages. Critics argue that the profession is no longer a viable option for those looking for a secure career.

However, the opportunities, pay and perks offered by Australia make civil engineering a valid career choice.

Always Sunny in the Land Down Under

Australia offers a quality of life that has always attracted migrants from the UK, the US and Asia. Its warm weather and vast, exotic landscapes hold great appeal to a diverse group of foreigners. The country was ranked second in the world for ‘Quality of Living’ in the 2011 HDI survey. Data shows that this index is only set to increase in the coming years.

With the opportunities for growth — personal and professional — that Australia offers, it is little wonder that it is fast becoming the go-to choice for civil engineers across the world.

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