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What Canada’s labour shortage and ageing population mean for immigrants looking for a fresh start.

In a global climate of increasingly restrictive immigration policies, Canada’s move to open its doors to students and professionals has led to an influx of immigrants into the country.

In 2018, 82% of Canada’s population increase was attributed to international immigrants. In fact, between April and July of the same year, the country welcomed a record number of immigrants, the second-largest in a three-month period since 1971!

Ageing Population, Young Opportunities

Canada’s relaxed immigration policy is a response to the growing crisis the country faces with its aging and declining population, and acute labour and skills shortages.

Thanks to this policy, young students and professionals from around the world have been making their way to Canada. While the country has received immigrants from Africa, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, its largest source has been Asia. According to Business Today, the number of permanent residents from India in Canada rose by 50%, making Indians the largest proportion of immigrants.

The effects of this immigration policy are already visible in states like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, whose decreasing population rates have now been offset with an influx of immigrants. Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia too have seen a rise in non-permanent residents.

Room for a Million More

Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s immigration minister, submitted a report in 2018 which stated government plans to admit as many as one million new permanent residents between 2019 and 2021.

The doors to Canada, therefore, are likely to remain open at least till 2021, particularly under the country’s Multi-Year Immigration Plan.

Career Pathways

Canada’s labour and skills shortage translates into immense opportunities for working professionals. While there is a demand for individuals from different fields, experienced STEM professionals top the list, as do those with managerial experience.

For those with specialised talents and prior work experience, the road to residency is made easier with government policies like Global Talent Scheme (or GTS). GTS offers support to recruiters and companies who are looking to hire employees with highly-specialised skills from abroad. Some of the sectors that GTS applies to are ICT, computing, engineering, digital media and game design.

What’s more, the average salary for an entry-level Indian immigrant is $34, 613$!

Bridge to a Better Life

Beginning a career in a new country can be extremely daunting. However, the Canadian government has measures in place that will help you find your feet.

Canada offers “bridge training” programs that examine your qualifications and retrain you to meet the country’s requirements. Writing about this policy, the State of Ontario says: “[t]hese programs are designed to ‘bridge’ your international training, education and experience with what you need to practice in Ontario.”

There are also a number of training grants available to help you climb the corporate ladder once you are employed.

The future looks bright for those who want to move to — or settle in — Canada. While the country offers tremendous professional growth, it also boasts of large open spaces, beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities and one of the best universal health-care systems in the world.

It could be the perfect place to launch your career, start a family, or settle down. You would certainly be welcomed with open arms.

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