8 Best Universities in Canada for Computer Science in 2024

Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for international students to pursue their degrees. While that is indicative of many factors like great international diversity and inclusivity, safety, not to mention lower tuition fee rates, there is one other major factor that compels students to consider it as a prime location for higher studies – High-class education across numerous courses taught by excellent faculty along with the importance placed upon the general and mental well being of students.

It is host to many great and world-class universities, which is not surprising given the amount of effort that goes into making these universities inclusive and safe for students.

This article will cover many such universities that are the best universities in this country for Computer Science for International students and provide them with the resources to make informed decisions about studying Computer Science courses in Canada in 2024.

Why study computer science at universities in Canada?

Studying computer science in Canada offers a gateway to a dynamic tech industry, with robust job prospects and a diverse, inclusive learning environment that fosters innovation and global connections. Here are some reasons why you should consider studying computer science in Canada:

Booming Computing Market: Canada’s computing market is thriving, with revenues reaching €4.0bn in 2023. This growth offers ample opportunities for computer science graduates to find employment and contribute to the industry’s expansion.

  • Strong Software Market: The software market in Canada is projected to reach US$21.07bn in 2023, indicating a high demand for software developers and IT professionals.
  • Continuous Growth: The computing market is expected to grow annually by 0.68% (CAGR 2023-2028), and the software market is anticipated to show an impressive 4.65% annual growth rate during the same period. This consistent growth means long-term job prospects in the field.
  • Lucrative Salaries: The average computer science salary in Canada is $80,678 per year or $41.37 per hour. With experience, you can earn even higher, with most experienced workers making up to $137,309 per year. Even entry-level positions in computer science in Canada start at a competitive salary of $58,500 per year. This makes it an attractive career option for recent graduates.
  • Global Recognition: Canadian universities and colleges are known for their high-quality computer science programs, which are recognized globally. Earning a degree from Canada can open doors to opportunities worldwide.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Canada is known for its diverse and inclusive society. Studying computer science in Canada can expose you to a multicultural environment, fostering cross-cultural skills and global perspectives.
  • Quality of Life: Canada consistently ranks high in terms of quality of life, safety, and healthcare. Choosing to study here provides a safe and comfortable environment for your education.
  • Immigration Opportunities: Canada offers various immigration pathways for international students, making it easier to transition from student life to a professional career in the country.
  • Innovation Ecosystem: Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal have vibrant tech ecosystems with numerous startups and tech companies, offering networking and internship opportunities.

Studying computer science in Canada offers a combination of market demand, high earning potential, quality education, diverse experiences, and a pathway to a promising career in the tech industry.

What are the career opportunities after studying computer science at Canadian Colleges?

There are many career options available to students after completing their course in Computer Science in Canada. It has an excellent rate of employment for International students.

Approximately 60% of international students end up applying for PR according to the Canadian Bureau for International Education and according to statistics, the share of international students who are well-paid is steadily rising, from 0.1% in 2000 to 1.4% in 2018, and is continuing to grow way faster now.

Thus finding a job isn’t going to be much of a hassle for a student studying CS, with it being so much in demand these days. One great advantage of studying here is that you can get your PR way easier than you can in most other countries.

You can easily get a post-graduation work permit if you do your bachelors here and through that, you can apply for an express entry that lets you easily get a  PR. There are many more options you can explore should you choose to and access to that information is available here .

Computer science graduates in Canada have a wide range of job opportunities available to them in various industries. Some of the options they can pursue include:

  • Software Developer/Engineer: Developing and maintaining software applications for businesses, from web and mobile apps to desktop software.
  • Data Scientist/Analyst: Analyzing data to extract valuable insights and help organizations make data-driven decisions.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: Protecting organizations from cyber threats by implementing security measures and strategies.
  • Systems Analyst: Evaluating and improving an organization’s computer systems and processes to enhance efficiency.
  • Network Engineer/Administrator: Managing and maintaining computer networks for businesses and organizations.
  • Database Administrator: Managing and optimizing databases that store crucial information for companies.
  • Cloud Engineer/Architect: Designing, implementing, and maintaining cloud-based solutions and services.
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer: Developing AI and ML models for various applications like natural language processing, image recognition, and more.
  • Game Developer: Creating video games and interactive experiences for gaming companies.
  • IT Project Manager: Overseeing technology projects, ensuring they meet deadlines and budgets.
  • IT Consultant: Providing technology advice and solutions to businesses as an independent consultant or through consulting firms.
  • Research Scientist: Engaging in cutting-edge research in academia or industry labs.

Canada’s technology industry is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for skilled computer science professionals. Graduates can find job opportunities not only in traditional tech hubs like Toronto and Vancouver but also in emerging tech cities across the country.

What are the scholarship options for studying computer science in Canadian Universities?

There are many ways that Canadian universities support international students financially and aid them in getting monetary benefits for their studies. One way that is done is through scholarships.
Universities offer wide-ranging scholarships to international students coming to study in their country. Some of these scholarships are –

What are the best universities in Canada for computer science?

Canada is home to the best universities for Computer Sciences and the rankings showcase that. With all the top universities that are included in this list, you can be assured that you will be getting the best courses that computer sciences and IT has to offer from these top universities in the country.

The top 10 universities best for studying Computer Science in this country are

S.No University Name
1 University of Toronto
2 University of British Columbia
3 University of Waterloo
4 McGill University
5 Universite de Montreal
6 University of Alberta
7 Simon Fraser University
8 University of Calgary
9 University of Ottawa
10 Carleton University
`10 Carleton University

University Of Toronto

Source: utoronto.ca

The University of Toronto is a public university in Queen’s Park, Toronto. It was founded in 1827 and is one of the first higher education institutes in Canada. It offers more than 700 undergraduate programs and more than 200 post-graduate programs and is amongst the top 10 public universities in the world. Along with that, it is a leading university for research and receives great funding for the same.

With that kept in mind, this is an ideal institution given the amount of exposure it provides, its great faculty, and its research endowment, not to mention the varied number of courses offered in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Why is it good to study here?

Being a public university, and a top-notch one at that, one of the many benefits is that it will cost less than private universities which is a great plus point. Along with lesser fees, the faculty and departments are extremely well equipped for multiple types of courses and specializations and you can experience many new things and learning opportunities under one roof.

The wide-ranging courses allow you to compose your degree to your own liking and specialize in what you truly want to study and focus on. Additionally, its inclusivity and diversity allow students to thrive and feel at home even so far away from their homes.

Fees & Scholarship options

The fees for an undergraduate program here vary between CAD $60,510 to $62,580 . This may vary depending on the college campus you apply to and the level of your degree. It also has the option of financial aid for international students. They also have scholarships and awards available to them that need to meet certain eligibility criteria for the student to apply.

Eligibility and Duration

As an Indian student applying to the university, there are some eligibility criteria that they would need to meet.

  • It is required for the applicant to pass high school or grade 12 and then there are specific criteria depending on the board (CBSE/ICSE /IB/ State) from which you graduated.
  • Along with that for all computer science courses, you need to have had math up to Grade 12th as well.
  • There are some English requirements as well that the student will need to fulfill. To meet these, there are multiple tests you can take like the IELTS or the TOEFL to fulfill the criteria.

 Courses offered & admission process

There are multiple courses offered by the University

  •  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  •  Data Sciences

To apply, visit the college website, click on Apply, check once again whether you meet all the requirements for your degree, and then start applying by accessing the International Application and paying the application fee of $125 CAD once done.

University of British Columbia

Source – ubc

Located in British Columbia, UBC is an institution that is greatly focused on experiential learning and research and thus strives to give its students a well-rounded education. Its two major campuses are located in Vancouver and Okanagan, Kelowna. It not only works to provide great education but also strives to contribute to a just and sustainable society.

Why is it good to study here?

It is one of the largest and most esteemed public universities in the country and has made its mark all across the world.UBC ranks among the top three universities in its country because of its excellent faculty and staff, teaching modules, diversity and not to mention emphasis on problem-solving and research.

Fees & Scholarship options

A year at the University of British Columbia will cost around CAD $$9,690.18 in fees alone and the rest of the cost will vary depending on which campus you choose to live on and other such factors. But not to worry, there are many scholarships and awards that students can avail such as the International Major Entrance Scholarship, and the Outstanding International Student Award along with co-op programs where the student can work and study simultaneously on campus. You can find all relevant information regarding that here.

Eligibility and Duration

For you to apply to UBC, you must have

  • completed Grade 12th
  • have a minimum of 85% in your board exams
  • have math and physics knowledge upto Grade 12th
  • have cleared IELTS with at least a 6.5 score grade and TOEFL with an overall score of 90

Courses offered & admission process

It offers many great courses such as

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Integrated Computer Science
  • Business and Computer Science
  • Data Sciences

An applicant can apply for up to two degrees at the two campuses of UBC using the same application. To do the above, you need to go to the website, click Apply to UBC, check your eligibility criteria, and submit the required documents along with your application. The required fee for International students is $125 CAD that you need to pay once the process is done.

University of Waterloo

Source – uwaterloo.ca

This university is known for its stress on experiential learning as well as the importance of social and economic impact that it tries to cultivate in its students. It is a university that heavily focuses on fostering community values and bonds that last a lifetime outside the classroom.It also believes in cultivating and nurturing employer-student relationships and thus is a great university to study at as an international student.

Why is it good to study here?

The University of Waterloo being a public research university is a lot like its contemporaries. It places a lot of emphasis on research and scientific method of figuring things out. Waterloo is said to operate the largest post-secondary co-operative education system in the world. When it was established, it was an institution for just technology and engineering, but it has seen massive growth since then.

Fees & Scholarship options

The year-round tuition fee for a Computer science program will be around CAD $70,000. The university has some great scholarships like the International Student Entrance Scholarship, Merit Scholarship and awards and even has co-op programs. All information about the same can be found here.

Eligibility and Duration

To be eligible to apply, one needs to

  • Complete Grade 12th and have at least 90 % marks in Math, and a minimum of 85% in other courses.
  • Have taken English in 11th and 12th.
  • Fill out an AIF (admission information form) to apply to Computer Sciences.
  • While not mandatory, it’s better if they take either IELTS or TOEFL to meet the English language requirement criteria.

Courses offered & admission process
It offers multiple courses related to Computer Science such as

  • Business Administration and Computer Science double degree
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computing and Financial Management
  • Information Technology Management

The admission process is fairly simple. You go to their website, click on applying to Waterloo, review their eligibility criteria once again, fill out the application form before the deadline and then pay $125 CAD as the application fee.

McGill University

Mcgill University focuses on cultivating innovation and excellence and providing its students with tools and resources to help them succeed in the fields of their choosing. It focuses on providing a firm base for its students and multiple research opportunities that allow for growth and real-life learning experiences.

Mcgill University

Why is it good to study here?

McGill University is another one of Canada’s Top universities to study Computer Science in. Being a Public Research University, it caters to a lot of students and fields of career choices ( over 300 or so) and has the highest average entering grades of any Canadian university. It has a strong but very diverse population. It is seen as a highly competitive and well-renowned university and is continuously ranked among the top universities in the country.

Fees & Scholarship options

The annual fee for an International student studying in Mcgill will be around CAD$10,633.93 per year. There are a number of options available to students in the form of scholarships( like the Entrance Scholarship Program) and awards to help with financial aid.It also has a work study programme, along with government Financial aid and Entrance scholarships that are merit based. You can choose whichever option suits you best from here.

Eligibility and Duration

To be eligible to apply, the student needs to have

  • Completed 12th grade, with a minimum percentage between 75% and 85% consistently throughout the high school years.
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in their curriculum up to grade 12.

Courses offered & admission process

There are many great programs offered by the university such as –

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science and Biology
  • Computer Science and Physics

The admission procedure for the same is fairly simple as well. You go to the website, check for eligibility criteria, fill out the application form and then pay the application fee of about $130 CAD.

Universite De Montreal

The Univerity of Montreal is known for its emphasis on exemplary research opportunities given to its students. It is one of the leading hubs of higher education in Quebec. As a french speaking university, it provides students with the opportunity to learn and study in French which makes it easier for students who want to settle down in Quebec or other french communities.

Source – Universite De Montreal

Why is it good to study here?

Universite de Montreal or The University of Montreal is a French-language public research university that is located in Montreal, Quebec. The university has two affiliated schools – the School of Engineering (Polytechnique Montreal) and the School of Business (HEC Montreal). It is a great university with a diverse range of courses. It has great faculty and a diverse student body, a beautiful campus, and a great range of courses to choose from.

Fees & Scholarship options

The year-round fee for studying here amounts to CAD $10,858.28, bearing in mind the program you choose to apply to, your study cycle, and living expenses. The University of Montreal offers many scholarship programs like the UdeM Exemption Scholarship, work- study options, employment opportunities on campus as well as financial aid all of which you can find here.

Eligibility and Duration

To be eligible for Masters’s and Ph.D. studies at the University of Montreal, you should

  • Have completed a Bachelor’s Degree doing a Master’s and a Masters’s Degree for the Ph.D. program.
  • Have a grade point average of 3 out of 4.3 for a Master’s Level Program.
  • Know adequate French and fulfill the English language requirements for both graduate and post-graduate programs
  • An understanding that should you choose to do a thesis, a professor would guide and help you complete your thesis.

Courses offered & admission process
There are a multitude of courses offered that include

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematical and Computational Finance
  • Information Sciences
  • Information Technology Law,
  • Video game studies
  • Applied Computing

To apply, the student needs to visit the website of the university, create a profile, complete the application and submit the supporting documents along with an application fee. The application fee can range from $12 to $112 CAD depending on the criteria mentioned above.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the top teaching and research institutions in the country. It focuses on providing ample opportunities for students to excel in their fields. It also enables them to have a well rounded education that prepares them for life after university.

Source – wikipedia.org

Why is it good to study here?

It was founded in 1908 and was deemed a “Comprehensive academic and research University”. This basically means that it offers numerous professional and academic programs that are focused on great academic and research opportunities. This makes the University of Alberta a very popular choice, especially for students who are interested in going into either academia or research, or both.

With its numerous programs and great academic rigor this is a popular university choice for a lot of students.

Fees & Scholarship options

The approximate fee for doing a degree in Computer Science begins at CAD $33,968.40, bearing in mind additional costs like personal expenses, whether you choose to live on campus or off campus, and many other criteria that differ from student to student.

The University of Alberta offers many scholarship opportunities to International students like the International Admission Scholarship and many more. There are also awards offered by the University to help with financial aid. You can find more information on the same here.

Eligibility and Duration

To be eligible to apply to a course in Computer Sciences as an Indian student, one needs to:

  • Have completed grade 12th with at least 5 subjects, one of them being Mathematics, and have gotten an overall average of 75% marks.
  • Have completed IELTS with at least 6.5 as the total score or done TOEFL with 90 as the overall score.

Courses offered & admission process

It offers many interesting course choices for those who want to pursue Computer Science. They include

  • Computer Engineering
  • Business Technology Management
  • Computing Science and Mathematics

To apply, you need to visit their website, complete your application and submit the documents required. Once that is done you need to pay an application fee of about $125 CAD as the last step in the process.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is a university that focuses on research, knowledge development, and innovation. It aspires to make real change in the world and inspire students to enhance the social, economic, and cultural well-being of communities all over the world.

Source – sfu.ca

Why is it good to study here?

Simon Fraser, a public research university is located in British Columbia with three main campuses. SFU is known for its dedication to research and the many centers it hosts for the same. It is also known for its efforts in cultivating the importance of sports among its students and is part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which happens to be the world’s largest sports association.

Fees & Scholarship options

As an international student studying here, one would be required to pay approximately CAD $50,000 for four terms. Keep in mind this is a rough estimate and the costs would differ depending on the program chosen, the degree and residence choices and meal plans. But, the university offers many scholarships like the Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship, awards,bursaries, work study programs and great student loan plans as well that you can check out here.

Eligibility and Duration

You have two main pathways to apply to this university and each has its own set of eligibility requirements. You can either have direct admission or through a program by Simon Fraser International College.

In the case of direct admission, you need to

  • Have completed grade 12th, have Maths as one of your subjects, and scored at least 50% on the same.
  • Fulfill the English language requirement by taking IELTS or TOEFL and scoring 6.5 or 88 on either one respectively.

For the second pathway – applying through the International College, you need to

  • Have completed grade 12th
  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Have at least a 2.5 CGPA
  • Have Maths as one of your subjects in the 12th Grade.

Courses offered & admission process

There are many interesting courses available at Simon Fraser that you can study, such as:

  • Information Systems in Business Administration and Computing Science
  • Computer and Electronics design
  • Computer Engineering,
  • Computing Science
  • Computing Science and Linguistics

The application process is simple. You choose the pathway you want to take to be a student at Simon Fraser, apply online, submit your application and a fee of $81 CAD, and then wait for your offer letter.

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary offers students many great educational and research opportunities that allow its students to become exemplary citizens of the world. It fosters a sense of community, a sense of bonding that believes in being pioneers and innovators and truly making this world a better place.

Source – .ucalgary.ca

Why is it good to study here?

This university started out as a part of the University of Alberta and then separated a few years later to form the University of Calgary. It’s one of Canada’s topmost research universities and has a sponsored research revenue of $380.4 million. This makes it a great place to be if your interest lies in research and you already have specific projects and interests in mind that you are keen to explore.

Fees & Scholarship options

It costs around CAD $2,802.51 per term for an Indian student. The costs may differ depending on your program, your living choices ( on or off campus), your meal plan, etc.
The university offers a lot of options to help with the financing, such as scholarships and awards like the International Entrance Awards that you can find here.

Eligibility and Duration

To be eligible to apply, one needs to:

  • Have completed Grade 12th with English and Mathematics, and two options out of Biology, Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • Fulfill the English language requirement. The applicant needs to score either a 6.5 and above grade in IELTS or 86 in TOEFL.

Courses offered & admission process

This university offers a great variety of courses such as

  • Computer Science
  • Bioinformatics
  • Business Technology Management

To apply, you need to visit the website, make your eID, complete the application, and pay $145 CAD as the application fee.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa promotes hands-on learning, providing experience to students in terms of research opportunities and even fostering a sense of belonging in the campus community. Along with that, the university promotes having a global perspective and being inclusive and the importance of diversity.

Source: University of Ottawa

Why is it good to study here?

The University of Ottawa is located in a great student city with many amenities that makes it extremely attractive for a student studying abroad as an area to explore and study. The city is consistently ranked among the top student cities in the country in terms of quality of life. Along with that, the university has a great campus, and research facilities, not to mention the numerous programs offered for both graduate and undergraduate degrees that make it a good choice for students.

Fees & Scholarship options

The year-round fee for a non-Canadian resident ranges from CAD $17,329.05, depending on the number of courses the student is enrolled in, the degree, living expenses, etc.
The university offers scholarships and awards (like the Dean’s Merit Scholarship ) as well as financial aid to those in need. You can find more information about that here.

Eligibility and Duration

To complete eligibility requirements, the student needs to:

  • Have completed high school (grade 12) and have Maths ( preferably calculus), Physics, Chemistry, and English as their subjects
  • Have a combined average of at least 75%.
  • Fulfill English language requirements, the applicant must show that they have studied in an English medium school for a minimum of 3 years (grades 10,11, and 12).

Also – since courses are offered in both French and English, if the student wants to study courses taught in French, they need to give a test to showcase their fluency. The information on the same is here.

Courses offered & admission process

There are many courses offered that are extremely interesting options to study such as-

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science.

When applying, you need to complete the online application through OUAC by completing form 105, submitting the documents, and paying a fee of $156 to the OUAC portal.

Carleton University

Located in the Nation’s Capital, Carleton University focuses on striving for excellence in the fields of innovation, teaching, and research. They encourage hands-on experience and promote student support resources that allow students to feel at home.

Source – Carleton University

Why is it good to study here?

Carleton University is known for striving for innovative areas of research, teaching, and learning. Their drive motivates the culture and importance of education and excellence in all areas of life and study. Along with that, the university encourages hands-on experience, has a great support system for students, provides numerous courses in diverse areas of interest, and is located in a great student city in the country.

Fees & Scholarship options

The student would need to pay about $15,307.62 – $28,707.62 approximately. There are additional costs that one would incur for personal expenses, residence, meal plan, etc. all of which you can explore here.
The university offers many scholarships and awards that the student can apply for like the Entrance Scholarship, which can be found here.

Eligibility and Duration

The student should:

  • Have completed high school and have had math and English as their subjects
  • Have an overall grade between 67% to 85%.

Courses offered & admission process

The courses offered are diverse and numerous. They include:

  • Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  • Computer and Internet Security,
  • Computer game development

To apply, you could do so either through Carleton 360 and pay 100$ CAD as fees or apply through form 105 of the OUAC and select this university as one of your choices.

How to apply to computer science courses in Canada?

If you are looking to apply to Computer Science courses in Canada, then the easiest to do so is to sign up with  TC Global.

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