Best Subjects to Study to Get Global Jobs


Studying abroad is a great way of starting your global ed journey. Question is, if getting a job in your chosen destination is your primary aim, then how do you know which subjects will up your chances of landing such a job? What are the right subjects to study?

It’s all in the planning.

You need to plan your journey well, and for that it’s important to know what subjects – traditional as well as newer ones – are more in demand. Here’s a list of best subjects to opt for with the aim of carving a great career abroad.

1. Engineering & Technology

Engineering has always been in demand due to its emphasis on logical thinking and problem-solving skills. You must remember that the core engineering subjects like mechanical, electrical, chemicaland civilare never out of favour.

The other in-demand subjects in technology fields are:

  • Information TechnologyThe field relates to development, maintenance, and use of computer software. Computers are used for the purpose of storing, retrieving, sending and manipulating data for timely and efficient delivery of products or services.

    Some popular jobs in this field are:

    • Computer Programmers
    • Database Administrators
    • Computer and Information Systems Managers (IT managers)
    • Web Developers
    • Network and Computer Systems Administrators.
  • Computer ScienceThis is the study of computer technology – of both hardware and software. It covers the core areas of computer theory, hardware and software systems, and scientific computing.

    Some example profile are:

    • Software Developer
    • Computer Hardware Engineer
    • Computer System Analyst
    • Information Security Analyst.
  • Biomedical EngineeringIt’s a multidisciplinary STEM field that relates to application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology, for using the same for healthcare development. Bioengineers are known to work with medical professionals to develop systems, equipment and instruments to make the clinical process more advanced and helpful.

    The major job titles for this field are:

    • Biomaterials Developer
    • Manufacturing Engineer
    • Biomedical Scientist or Medical Technology Developer
  • Data AnalyticsThefield relates to analyzing raw data and drawing information and conclusion from it. Such information is used by businesses to optimize their overall efficiency.

    Important profiles in this sector are:

    • Data Analyst
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Business Analysts or MIS Executive
  • Data ScienceThe field of engineering that uses scientific techniques, algorithms and systems to derive information and insights from raw or finished data is called Data Science. It pertains to data mining and big data.

    The important jobs are:

    • Data Scientist
    • Data Architect
    • Business Intelligence Manager
    • Data Administrator in this field
  • Artificial IntelligenceThis is the field of computer science associated with developing intelligent computer systems. Artificial Intelligence is entering almost every aspect of our lives due to its importance in doing things faster and even performing some human tasks with ease and accuracy.

    The major job profiles in this sector are:

    • AI Data Analyst
    • Business Intelligence Developer
    • Research Scientist
    • Big Data Engineer, to name a few.

Due to the rapid developments taking place globally, the stream of engineering and technology has assumed even great importance today creating more job opportunities.

2.Healthcare & Pharmacy

Due to advances in the healthcare technology, people are living longer leading to an increase in the ageing and overall world population. This has led to a boost in the healthcare sector leading to a dearth and demand for healthcare providers, who include, medical practitioners, nurses, and related healthcare providers. These professionals work in tandem delivering a variety of services across the sector ranging from community healthcare services to hospital-based treatments.

Fields like

  • Healthcare ManagementIt’s the field of administration and management of healthcare systems.  A healthcare manager looks after the day-to-day operations of the healthcare facility.

    Job profiles include:

    • Hospital Administrator
    • Hospital Chief Financial Office
    • Health Care Actuary
    • Director of Nursing.
  • NursingWell known to all, this is the field of medicine, which involves caring for people. Nurses are known to apply their judgment to correlate objective information with subjective experience to treat a patient. The major job profiles in this area are Registered Nurse, Intensive care unit registered nurses, Travel nurses and Licensed practical nurse.
  • Occupational TherapyIt’s the branch of health care that helps people deal with physical, sensory, or cognitive problems are in great demand internationally.

    Jobs include:

    • Occupational Therapist
    • Speech and Language Therapist
    • OT nurse, OT technician or Consultant

3. Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology

These are two of the most popular fields globally.

  • Biomedical Science – this degree integrates the field of biology and medicine to conduct researches for diagnosing and treating human and animal health related issues. The study relates to researching biochemical and physiological functions, anatomical and histological structures, epidemiology, and pharmacology.The major job profiles are:
    • Clinical Laboratory Technologist
    • Biomedical Scientist and Epidemiologist
  • Biotechnology  study of use of living organisms. Biotechnological products are used in various sectors like agriculture, food sciences and has huge future potential due to the growing desire to be innovative in everything including scientific research.Job profiles in this sector are:
    • Microbiologist
    • Biochemist
    • Agricultural and Food scientist
    • Biomedical Engineer.

The life sciences domain continues to be one of the top areas of study with a promising future.

4. Energy & Sustainable Infrastructure

Energy conservation and infrastructure are an essential component of economic growth for nations. As such, the demand for oil, gas and petroleumhas been on the increase globally, making renewable energy technologies a hot topic.

Students can opt for Earth science background subjects as given below for the huge demand it generates.

  • Mining Engineeringrelates to applying science, technology and mechanical principles for the extraction of minerals from earth surfaces in the best possible way. The primary job profile is that of a Mining Engineer.
  • Oil & Petroleum Engineeringthe study related to the production of hydrocarbons. Petroleum Engineers are the most in demand in this segment.
  • Geologists – Geology refers to the study of earth science and earth processes and the understanding of its composition in a comprehensive manner. Geologists study the environment, and also energy, water, earth’s minerals etc

5. Finance

Financehas a main role in the economic growth and is considered the backbone of every organisation. Apart from the skills in core domain, degree in Finance gives lot of global employment opportunities in areas like

  • Risk Managementrelates to analysing organization’s capital and earnings. Risk Managers have an important role to play in understand the financial stability and risk in a business domain.
  • FinTechthis is the field of technology and innovation for delivery of financial services. The major job profile is that of Financial Analysts.

6. Hospitality & Tourism

Till before COVID, this was a sector that was witnessing immense growth. Things have changed post the virus, but we are still covering it here – because we hope that eventually the sector will bounce back. Travel is an all-time favourite, and new places are emerging as tourist hot-spots – like Australia & New Zealand apart from traditional destinations like Switzerland and France.

Jobs in this sector include

  • Hotel Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Event & Conference Manager
  • Tour Operator

7. Agricultural Science and Food Technology

Increasing global population has led major issues in food including production of food.

  • Agricultural ScienceThis is amultidisciplinary field of biology that spans natural, economic and social sciences for the purpose of practicing and understanding agriculture. It’s being seen as a viable career option, especially in countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand. Most in demand are Agricultural Scientists who can specialise in areas like agronomy, biochemistry, zoology, genetics, soil science, etc.
  • Food TechnologyIt’s a branch of applied sciences that relates to understanding the techniques of production, processing, practising, management and distribution of food products.

    Primary jobs are in the sector are:

    • Food Technologist
    • Nutritional Therapist
    • Quality Manager
    • Scientific Laboratory Technician etc.

The advanced technologies and hectic lifestyle have led to demand for food science and technology worldwide, due to the ever-increasing food demands. Career prospects within the food industry like R&D, Marketing etc have great demand overseas.

8. Media and Communications

The study of this sector gives students a deep insight of media-related industries. The study helps to evaluate how media works and influences the global environment.

The jobs you can get post this degree are:

  • Announcers
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Public Relation Managers or Specialists
  • Editors

Digital media is the need of the hour creating many viable job opportunities abroad in countries like UK, Singapore, USA, Canada.

9. Human Resources

Cultural diversity at the workplace has increased the challenges of organisations worldwide. This has necessitated the global demand for a good Human Resources department in an organisation. Human Resources (HR) managers work towards planning, managing and co-ordinating the administrative functionality in an organisation. HR as a career path will be one successful areas for students wanting employment opportunities abroad.

Job profiles include:

  • Administrative Manager
  • HR Manager
  • HR Executive etc.

That’s quite the long-list of subjects that should give you an idea of what you can do, depending on your skills and area of interest. At TC Global we believe that the world is borderless and the constraints are only in our minds. Today, we live in a world where access to education and travel had become far easier (yes, despite COVID – we believe this is temporary). If you need to get further clarity on how to get a global education and what’s the right course for you – do reach out to us!


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