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Ireland is home to some of the top universities in the world, like Trinity College, Dublin which ranks 131st in the World University Rankings.

Also, several of the world’s leading global organizations like Google, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, HP, etc., have their main offices in Ireland for their European operations.

Added to this is the fact that international students get a post-study work permit of two years in Ireland and can also get a Permanent Residency Permit in two years, which makes Ireland a very popular destination for global ed. There are also excellent job opportunities for students from all the fields.

Today we look at some of the most popular courses in Ireland:

  • Data AnalyticsAccording to Glassdoor, Data Analysts earn an average salary of €50,000. It is one of the most popular courses in Ireland. It involves a slew of skills including the investigation of data sets to derive conclusions that are employed by enterprises to bring about expert business decisions, accurate trend forecasting, and authentication of research. Graduates usually work as technical support specialists or data mining specialists. Good universities for data science courses in Ireland include:
    • Trinity College Dublin
    • University College Dublin
    • University College Cork
  • Cyber SecurityThe Top 5 global companies for cyber security are located in Ireland. Ireland is an innovative technology hub, and for a graduate the starting salary averages €42,000. Students study processes and controls that are designed to protect systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks, which include forensics examinations of multiple operating systems, file types, cloud, and mobile operating systems.
    • Technological University Dublin (Blanchardstown)
    • Dublin City University
    • University of Limerick
  • MedicineMedical degrees from Ireland are accepted worldwide. Thus, many international students choose to study medicine in Ireland. The degree is for 5 years, and benefits from the huge investments the government supports in the medical field. Some of the best medical universities in Ireland include:
    • Trinity College Dublin
    • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
    • University College Dublin
  • Business AnalyticsThis course is a blend of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Computer Programming. Ireland is the largest region in the world that has a thriving market for business analysts, only second to the USA. 14 institutions in Ireland offer up to 32 graduate degrees in Business Analytics, which is part of the Critical Skills Occupations List. The top universities offering this course are:
    • University College Dublin
    • National University of Ireland
    • University of Limerick
  • ManagementMBA is amongst the most popular choices for international students. Ireland offers specialization in HRM, Finance, Marketing, and Sales. The Full-time management degree is for one year and it is extremely time-efficient. Students get the opportunity to work or intern at companies as a part of their coursework which enhances their CV. Top universities providing management degrees in Ireland are:
    • University College Cork
    • Dublin Institute of Technology
    • University of Limerick

Hope this helps you narrow down the areas of study in Ireland. You can always log on to our student portal to know more and start your global ed journey – no matter what your field of interest.

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