A Career in Communication: Understanding the Expanding Role

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In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost all industries. Also, it’s changed the role and functions of some—the field of Communication is one of them.

The pandemic and its accruing contingencies have emphasized and even expanded the services that communication professionals and service providers offer. While, talented specialists of the field remain in demand, the sector has diversified, generating varied opportunities.

Pandemic and Communication Industry

Careers in the field of Communication have grown exponentially in the last few decades. Prompted by globalization, the sector has played an integral role in world economy. Traditionally, the Communications Service Providers (CSP) offered a range of broadcast and bilateral communication services. However, overtime the CSPs have started offering a combination of information and media services, besides, content, and entertainment services.

During the pandemic, as lockdowns became ever-present and work-from home became the new norm, the need for businesses to enhance their communication and media functions became indispensable. During the pandemic the reliance of consumers, employers as well as employees on communication and media professionals only increased. Post-pandemic, this dependence, and responsibilities of such professionals are expected to redouble as governments and businesses would seek their support to communicate effectively and check the spread of misinformation.

As this industry gains renewed importance, it is essential to look at some of the job opportunities for aspirants with a degree in Communication.

Advertising and Marketing

Given the vital role of communication in companies, there is a range of job opportunities for students equipped with a degree on the subject. Communication professionals often choose the line of advertising and marketing, using their skills to gain public attention for products or services of different businesses, government departments or Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs).

They are often entrusted with the responsibilities of planning promotional campaigns, meeting client’s needs, conducting market research along with creatively communicating with the consumers. Post-pandemic, restricted movement of consumers has called for Communication professionals to innovate advertising and marketing strategies to gain their attention.

Human Resources

All businesses rely heavily on their human resources department for the well-being and development of their employees as well as the smooth functioning of the organization. A Communication graduate can effectively use his or her training to make sure that the correct information is dispensed in the right way throughout the organization. They can be involved in recruiting new people, motivating them or spreading awareness about professional development programs.

Moreover, listening to the employer and employees’ grievances as well as taking appropriate steps to redress them are also among their responsibilities. This function however, has assumed new importance since the beginning of the pandemic, as new uncertainties and glitches have arisen. In this situation the ability to convey right messages and retain or attract new talent is a significant duty of those employed in the human resources department. Besides, the job requires interacting across hierarchies with different personalities types, for which training in Communication can be of help.

Public Relations

Maintaining consistent and effective communication with consumers, colleagues or the general public on behalf of governments, businesses or an NGO are also functions that a Communication graduate can execute.

Handling such interactionis often called managing public relations. In this case communication can be in the form of press releases, advertisements, social media posts, speeches, presentations, media campaigns and events. This job may also entail supporting brand or personal images and interacting with the media or public on client’s behalf to convey different messages to varied audiences with the purpose of achieving particular goals. Such functions have become important not only for businesses but also for public figures, like politicians or film and television personalities who have a lot riding on their public image.

Media Platforms

Students of Communication qualify for a number of media jobs. The goal of all media platforms is to inform or entertain the clients, for which communication skills come in handy. Jobs with television and film production houses, print media such as newspapers and magazines, radio and digital platforms, including social media, are common fields of employment for those with degrees in Communication.

Considering the competitive nature of media jobs, those aspiring to join this sector require to be efficient communicators capable of disseminating information through engaging and fitting means. Media managers with the responsibility of particularly handling different social media platforms for their clients have become a popular and well-paid job in the last decade.

Interpreters, Translators and Technical Writers

Vacancies for interpreters and translators have increased substantially in the last few years. A result of expansion of different businesses or government functions across the globe, this field is expected to grow further. This job involves ensuring clarity in communication when information is converted into another language. It does not only require language proficiency and decoding skills but also cultural sensitivity.

Such professionals offer written translations, verbal or sign language interpretation in real time. Interpreters and translators should be fluent in at least two languages as well as posses good communication skills to juggle between the languages conveniently. Technical writers, who write on complex subjects often posses Communication degrees to help them simplify intricate topics and subjects for public consumption.


The field of Communication has shown a fast-paced and technologically driven growth from its inception. While it faces challenges and a sudden surge in its functions, it is one of the few sectors, which would adapt effortlessly and remain lucrative, given the dynamic nature of the field. However, general skills and qualities like creativity, resourcefulness, precision and adaptability are bound to enhance the employability of students with degrees in Communication.

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