1 Year Masters in the UK for International Students 2024

If your search for 1 year masters programs UK has led you here, then this is where you will find all the information you need. A one year master’s in UK is, by far, one of the most sought after postgraduate degrees by international students and more so by Indian students.

Whether you are looking to study right after your bachelor’s or taking a break from your job to gain a master’s degree, the United Kingdom’s one year programs that are available across disciplines offer plenty of opportunities and advantages. By covering the curriculum of two academic years in one, these programs are designed for you to increase your qualifications and gain a year in your career track.

So, if you are looking for master’s in UK, this article is for you.

Why study 1 year Masters in UK?

There are a number of reasons why the UK is one of the leading study destinations for higher education. From their top universities, excellent infrastructure, research opportunities and multicultural lifestyle, the UK has always been a hub for international students on the lookout for global prospects.

That said, what are the specific benefits of doing the UK one year masters? Let us take a look.

  • The most important advantage of this model is, as the name suggests, the time taken to gain a masters degree. Compared to the degrees offered by universities in the USA, Canada or Australia, 1 year degrees from the top universities in UK will allow you to stay ahead of your peers. You can either join the workforce a year earlier or pursue another advanced qualification.
  • Another consequence of this model of higher education is the cost involved. You will have to budget for the tuition fee and the cost of living for only one year, as opposed to the usual two year master’s degrees.
  • For professionals who are already established in the industry, these courses are a huge advantage, for you can up-skill in a year rather than having a two-year break in service.
  • It is the ideal choice for students who are clear about their career goals. The curricula of these one year masters degrees in UK are designed in such a way that they specialise right from the beginning. It is immersive and intensive, creating the idea set up to specialise in niche areas of study.
  • According to the provisions of the Graduate Route, you can get a two year work permit in UK after 1 year masters programs.
  • If you are applying to 1 year pg courses in UK from India, you also have the choice of switching streams. Many UK universities have 1 year conversion programs that are meant for students from other disciplines.
  • In addition, one of the biggest advantages of pursuing one-year masters in the UK is the availability of quality education with global recognition. Other benefits of one-year postgraduate degrees aside, one of the key reasons why the United Kingdom is a popular study destination is because of its universities’ academic excellence and all the opportunities made available for research and practical learning.

Types of 1 year MS degrees in UK

Unlike the rest of the western world, the higher education system in the UK has a shorter duration. While the USA and Canada have 4 year undergraduate programmes, England, Wales and Northern Ireland typically have 3 year bachelor’s degrees (Scotland is an exception with 4-year courses). Similarly, it is the UK that has 1 year masters degree programs when compared to the rest of the world. This does not automatically imply that you are learning any less.

One year post grads in UK are designed in such a way that you have one intense year of full-time study wherein you will learn almost all of what you will in a two year course. You will specialise right from day one and end up saving one year in your career path.

Note: Part-time programs take up to two years to complete and are typically not open for international students.

Here are the types of qualifications you can gain from the 1 year degree courses in UK

  • MA: Master of Arts is a degree awarded after completion of postgraduate study in most humanities or social sciences. Examples include literature, linguistics, history and music.
  • MSc: Master of Science is the postgrad degree awarded on completion of higher level of study of any of the sciences and certain social sciences
  • MRes: Master of Research is another of the 1 year pg courses in UK for international students that has been designed to train you to become a researcher. It contains a significantly higher amount of research when compared to MA/ MSc programs and is typically considered a starting step if you are considering a career in research or academia.
  • MPhil: Master of Philosophy is typically a two year programs offered by UK universities for masters. It is an advanced research based degree wherein you focus on a particular topic in detail and write a thesis. However, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge have one year MPhil programs.
  • MSt: It is common to see “Master of Studies” being offered by some UK universities for masters. It is basically an all-encompassing term equivalent to an MA or MSc. It is mostly used in the Oxbridge university circles.
  • Specialised Masters Degrees: Besides these general degrees, there are specific degree titles such as MBA (Master of Business Administration), MPA (Master of Public Administration), MSW (Master of Social Work), LLM (Master of Laws), MEng (Master of Engineering), MEd (Master of Education), MArch (Master of Architecture) and many more.

Top one year masters courses in UK

UK universities for masters provide world renowned education, research opportunities, infrastructure and networking for its students. Here are the top ten universities for 1 year pg courses in UK.

University Rank
1 University of Oxford
5 University of Cambridge
8 Imperial College London
22 University College London (UCL)
30 University of Edinburgh
38 King’s College London
46 London School of Economics
and Political Science
51 University of Manchester
81 University of Bristol
87 University of Glasgow

Source: Times Higher Education Rankings 2024

Popular subjects in 1 year masters programs in UK for international students

In the following section, we will be looking at the best 1 year course in UK for Indian students. While we will be discussing some of the most popular areas of study, it is important to remember that most universities have hundreds of 1 year pg courses in UK. It is very important to allocate some time for research so that you can choose the course that is best suited to your career goals.

Before you proceed, keep these two things in mind.

  • These areas of study are not ranked in any way based on their popularity or industry demand. They are simply some of the most sought after courses.
  • While looking at top universities, it is safe to assume that Oxbridge, King’s College, LSE or the University of Edinburgh are world class in almost all of their departments. So, we will be listing universities other than the top ten, based on the Times and US News’s ranking of UK universities.

The most popular subjects for one year masters in UK are:

  • MBA/ MIM
  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Biotechnology
  • Fashion


A masters in business administration or business management (MiM) are some of the most popular 1 year management courses in UK. Business schools in UK are renowned for their global reputation and legacy, emphasis on innovation and practical learning, and developing experienced graduates who go on to take significant leadership roles. This one-year masters degree will help diversify your skill set as you can combine any niche specialization with a management degree, preparing you for more managerial roles.


  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Project Management
  • Public Health Management
  • Aviation Management
  • Sustainability
  • International business/ marketing
  • Global finance
  • Business Analytics

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
5 University of Warwick
9 University of Nottingham
9 University of Surrey
11 University of Lancaster
12 University of Sheffield

Career Prospects

An UK based employment survey showed that the range of average salary for an MBA graduate is about £50,000 – £70,000 after about 5 years. The top employers include HSBC, IBM, Amazon UK, KPMG and others.

2. Data Science

In the simplest of terms, data science is the study of gathering data, analysing it, drawing relevant conclusions and developing policy decisions based on it. Without data science, governments and corporations will be forced to operate blindly, without any knowledge of market trends or user preferences. With some basic knowledge of programming and statistics, you can gain a degree in data science and be recruited by any industry across the globe.


  • Data analysis
  • Data Science with Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data visualisation and informatics
  • Cloud computing
  • Data mining

With Artificial Intelligence being at the core of everything we do now, it may make sense to explore the AI Masters in the UK, if that’s your area of interest.

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
6 University of Glasgow
7 University of Manchester
8 University of Warwick
9 King’s College London
10 University of Birmingham

Career Prospects

As a data analyst/ data scientist, you can work in a range of areas including finance, academia, scientific research, health, retail, information technology, government and ecommerce. As a junior data scientist, the median salary is around £25,000 to £30,000, rising to £40,000 depending on your experience. With a few years’ experience, it can increase anywhere between £40,000 and £60,000. Lead and chief data scientists can earn upwards of £60,000, in some cases reaching more than £100,000 (Source: www.prospects.ac.uk)

3. Computer Science

In today’s tech driven world, there is no doubt that computer sciences and its allied fields are the best 1 year course in UK for Indian students. Digital technology has become integral to our everyday life and is constantly evolving. Therefore, there is always a growing need for specialists in the field.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Master’s in Cybersecurity
  • Business Intelligence Development
  • Data architecture
  • Network
  • UI/ UX Design
  • Software design

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
6 Lancaster University
7 University of Surrey
8 Queen Mary University of London
12 University of Southampton
14 University of Nottingham

Career Prospects

There is an increasing demand for roles such as Information Security Analyst, Network Administrator, Data Scientist, and Software Developer in the UK. With the industry being as vast as it is, there is a high probability of you being absorbed into the UK workforce.

4. Law

For law students who have completed a 3+2 year LLB or a 4-year integrated LLB, UK’s one year LLM programs are a fantastic choice. For those looking to go into corporate law or human rights, the courses give you multiple opportunities to choose from. It is important to note that a one-year LLM is a specialization degree but not a qualifying degree to practise as a solicitor or a barrister in the UK. Read more about this here


  • European Law
  • Corporate/ Company Law
  • Property law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  •  Environmental Law
  • Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Healthcare law
  • Data Protection Laws

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
7 Queen Mary University London
8 Durham University
12 University of Nottingham
13 University of Leeds
14 Queen’s University, Belfast

Career Prospects

The average salary of a solicitor in London is £66,860 per year. But, besides being a solicitor, you can also be absorbed as a legal advisor across industries.

5. Psychology

With increasing importance placed on mental health needs, a masters in psychology is becoming one of the top choices for 1 year courses in UK for Indian students. With this degree, you will be in the healthcare industry, actively helping people have a better understanding of their lives. While most specialisations are one year programs, most clinical psychology programs take two years to complete in the UK.


  • Biological Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Individual Differences
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Psychological research methods and analysis
  • Social psychology
  • Sports Psychology

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
7 Cardiff University
8 University of Bristol
9 University of Kent
10 University of Birmingham
11 University of Exeter

Career Prospects

Graduates can find placements in diverse industries such as

  • Mental health services
  • Education, teaching and research,
  • Information, Digital Technology and Data
  • Advertising
  • Marketing,
  • Media and Entertainment,
  • Financial and Professional Services

The median average salary of master’s graduates 15 months after graduating from some of the top universities is around £35,000.

6. Architecture

A discipline that  brings together the principles of technology, design, sustainability and social theory, architecture is also one of the top choices for 1 year postgraduate programs in UK.


Besides the general MArch/ MSc, you can choose one year specialisations in any of the following fields

  • Urban Planning
  • Commercial Architecture
  • Landscape Design
  • Sustainable Architecture / Green Design
  • Computational Methods
  • Architectural History and Theory
  • Architectural Technology
  • Bio-integrated design

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
1 Manchester School of Architecture
2 Cardiff University
4 Loughborough University
5 Ulster University
10 UWE Bristol

Career Prospects

The average salary of a chartered architect in the UK is around £54,000. You can also find roles such as Architectural Technologist, Building control surveyor, CAD technician, Fire risk assessor, Interior and spatial designer or a town planner.

7. Engineering

For Indian students, engineering is a top choice for those wishing to pursue a career in STEM. So, it is natural that this demand extends while making higher education choices in the UK. With world renowned degrees and research opportunities, you get to have a masters in engineering a year earlier when compared to the US or other countries.

Note: An MEng is an integrated bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering that you can apply for right after your 12th standard. One year masters degrees are typically awarded an MSc degree.


  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
11 University of Southampton
12 University of Birmingham
13 Queen Mary University of London
14 Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland
15 University of Surrey

Career Prospects

There is a shortage of qualified engineers in the UK, especially in the fields of design, civil, technical and aeronautical engineering. There is also a perceivable trend where demand for green engineering specialists has increased by over 55% in the last five years.

8. Nursing

In the post pandemic world that we live in today, there is a severe shortage of healthcare workers, especially in the field of nursing. Supported by UK’s renowned healthcare system, the NHS, universities are able to provide real time practical experience, creating an ideal learning environment for nursing students in the UK.


Popular specialisations include nursing practices focussing on

  • Adult
  • Children
  • Mental Health
  • Geriatric
  • Learning disability
  • OB/ Gyn
  • Nurse Anaesthetist
  • Clinical Nurse

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
1 King’s College
2 University of Southampton
3 University of Manchester
4 University of Edinburgh
5 University of Nottingham

Career Prospects

There is a critical shortage of nurses and careers in the UK, which is why over 94% of nursing graduates find employment within 6 months of graduation. With the expansion of NHS education and training, UK is looking to train over 20,000 additional nurses per year.

9. Biotechnology

From healthcare to sustainability, the study of biotechnology plays a significant role in varied disciplines in today’s world. Biotechnology is the underlying study that results in advancements in the field of animal husbandry, genetics, agriculture, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, food production and many more. Deeply rooted in STEM, it is one of the best 1 year courses in UK for Indian students.


  • Environmental
  • Medical and Health
  • Industrial biotech
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Drug research
  • Biomedical engineering

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
6 Newcastle University
7 University of Manchester
8 University of Nottingham
9 University of Bristol
10 University of Birmingham

Career Prospects

The starting salary generally falls between £19,000 and £24,000. For experienced biotechnologists, the salary is between £25,000 and £50,000. Typical employers include biotechnology and genetic engineering firms, food and drink manufacturers, conservation companies, government or private research institutes, the NHS and private hospitals, drug companies, private clinical research companies (genetics, disease detection, therapy, etc.) and universities.

10. Fashion

With London being one of the fashion capitals of the world with its own brands such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Stella McCartney, it is a great choice to pursue your one year masters degree specialising in any of the fields of the fashion industry. It also attracts designers from far and wide, allowing its students to gain knowledge from the experience of experts in the field.


There are a huge number of specialisations that can broadly be classified into the following areas:

  • Creative/ design element,
  • Production/ manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Journalism

Top Universities

UK Ranking University
1 Royal College of Art London
2 University of the Arts
3 Glasgow School of Art
4 Loughborough University
5 Edinburgh University

Career Prospects

With most universities offering an optional placement year, there is no dearth of job opportunities prospects in the fashion industry in the UK. Ranging from production to social media, there is a growing demand, especially in the field of sustainable fashion.

Eligibility Criteria for UK one year masters

These are the common admission requirements to get into 1 year masters programs in UK for international students.

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree from a recognised university. The cut off marks for different courses in different universities is bound to vary.
  • However, if you are applying to a conversion programme, your bachelor’s degree can be in any field.
  • Most UK universities are test optional. Depending on the course and the faculty, you might have to take their own entrance test, however, standardised tests such as GRE or GMAT are not required, unless specifically mandated by a department.
  • If you are applying for 1 year pg courses in UK from India, you will have to submit a proof of English language proficiency in the form of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or any of the other accepted tests.
  • Some courses such as the MBA or MArch might require you to have relevant work experience before applying for 1 year MS in UK.

Admission Process

To apply for 1 year masters programs in UK, you can follow this application process:

  • The preferred intake for UK universities for masters is in September. While some universities may offer a January/ winter intake, your choices will be limited. So, to have access to the full range of choices, it is better to plan for the September intake.
  • Keeping in mind the September entry, you have to begin planning at least a year and a half in advance. Most universities close applications for international students by March. Besides, it is advantageous for you to apply at the earliest since your application will be assessed sooner.
  • Do your research and choose your options for courses and universities carefully.
  • Once you have them selected, pour over their admissions criteria and have all the necessary documentation in place.
  • The following are the list of documents typically required for UK admissions
    • Transcripts of all academic qualifications in the required formats
    • Updated resume
    • Statement of Purpose/ Personal essay
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Standardised test scores, if required
    • IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE or other English test cards
    • Proof of work experience (if required)
    • Proof of funds
    • Passport

Cost of studying of 1 year Masters in UK

In this section, we answer the question “How much does it cost to do one year courses in UK for international students?”. It is important to note that the figures shown in the table below are the average cost and approximation to give you a general idea. The actual costs can vary depending on your selection of courses, the universities and the city that you will be living in.

Cost  Amount in Pounds 
(Approx figures per year)
Tuition (Range) £25,000 – £48,000
Cost of Living
Rent (On Campus) £4,000 – £7,000
Rent (Off campus, shared living) London – £9,000
Rest of UK – £6,700
Food £1,800 – £2,200
Transport £1,000
Health Insurance £470
Utilities £650 – £800
Average Total Living Expenses £14,400 – £16,800

Frequently asked questions

Can I do a 1 year pg course in UK from India?

Yes. You can apply for one year courses in UK for international students with Indian qualifications. After your bachelor’s degree from a recognised university in India, you can apply for one year masters in UK. Post Covid, many UK universities also offer online degrees which means you can gain a masters degree or other certifications from UK universities while living in India.

Is UK 1 year masters worth it?

Yes, absolutely. You get to save time and a year’s worth of the cost of studying and living expenses. From a job standpoint, your future organisation or prospective employer does not distinguish 1 year vs 2 year masters in UK. They will only see if you have the required skill sets for the job.

Is one year masters from UK valid in India?

The answer is both yes and no. Let us explain. From a job standpoint working for a corporate organisation or a private employer, yes, it is absolutely valid. However, when it comes to certain professions which have quasi-governmental regulatory/ licensing bodies, there can be a slight snag. These regulatory agencies recognise only two year master’s degrees. For example, to practise as a clinical psychologist in India, you must be registered with the RCI. RCI only recognises two year master’s programs. The same is the case with architecture and a few other professions that are regulated. One year masters from UK are not valid in India if you want to sign up for a PhD in India after a one year masters in UK.

1 year vs 2 year masters in UK – Which is better?

The choice of 1 year vs 2 year masters in UK depends almost entirely on your career path. If you are already an established professional or want to join the workforce quickly, one year masters programs in UK is the more logical choice. If you are looking at a career in research or aiming for a PhD, the two year courses are a better fit.

Can I get a scholarship for a one year masters in UK?

Yes, absolutely. Each UK university has its own set of scholarships and awards for international students. Besides those, you can also apply for the British Council GREAT scholarships, Chevening scholarships, the Charles Wallace Trust scholarships and many other options that are open for 1 year masters programs in UK for international students.

Can I work after a 1 year pg course in UK?

Yes, you can. According to the UK’s Graduate Route, you can upgrade your Tier 4 student visa to a graduate visa on completion of any of the 1 year degree courses UK. This allows you to stay in the UK for a period of 2 years and work/ look for work.

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